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The Sword of Elendil

RS - 08 Jun 10 - 4:43 PM

Ch. 30: The Heir of Elendil

So the saga ends.  I'm just so sad .

Never a dull moment--Pure anger, turmoil, confusion, realizations... just a whirwind of emotions...leading to  the last chapter---calm, tranquil, acceptance.

just breaks my heart;  there is so much intensity and determination for this unrequited love that it hurts .

I love Aragorn's conversation w/Ivorwen. I love her!

Your Aragorn  really grew on me that it makes it so much harder to know that he would lead a hard, lonlely life to reach his destiny.

"You carry your love in your eyes.."  Great explanation of the "light in his eyes "!

".. mirth would arise at times like a spring from the rock." -- My favorite description of Aragorn, which you happened to convey so successfully!

Truly enjoyed this story and one of my faves!  Hope you have another one up your sleaves!

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The Sword of Elendil

Casso - 09 Jun 10 - 2:32 PM

Ch. 30: The Heir of Elendil

Oh dear, The end has come. 

I (among many others I'm sure) have eagerly awaited each chapter,jumped up and down with joy every time I received notification that another  chapter was there to read and then read it several times.

I almost didn't want to read this chapter. It means its over.

Ditto all RS's comments.  Go Ivorwen, what a great lady.

Your Aragorn, Halbarad and all the other characters are now, officially, my favorite versions.  When I think of any of them they will appear to me  as you have shown them. 

I love the idea of Aragorn and Halbarad hitting the high seas.

Perhaps there will be more?


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The Sword of Elendil

Larner - 18 Oct 10 - 10:06 AM

Ch. 30: The Heir of Elendil

A most auspicious ending.  Thanks for the enjoyable read.

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