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The Sword of Elendil

oshun - 04 Jul 06 - 9:51 PM

Ch. 7: The Hidden Fortress

Great chapter--I love the way you handle Aragorn and Halbarad--nice and easy, comfortable and close. Halbarad is great giving his advice on what to expect/how to handle Bree. And Halbarad's version of the tale Beren and Lúthien reached a whole new level of hilarious. How dare the cheeky guy play with the heroic pair in such a scandalous way--the Loathly Lady! Fair Lúthien as a slobbering troll! Aragorn's response was priceless--fortunately he has a sense of humor.

Sorry to neglect here all the serious parts of the chapter. Just a quick note that you seamlessly move the plot forward, while imprinting on the reader further aspects of the development of the relationship between Halbarad and Aragorn. 


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The Sword of Elendil

RS - 06 Jul 06 - 10:23 AM

Ch. 7: The Hidden Fortress

I'm rolling on the floor here!  Halbarad's or should I say the Poet's,  take on this revered story is Priceless!  And I'm sure his forebearers don't mind! Surely they would not begrudge them a hot meal and a bed!

Laughter, hardship, and spirituality all mixed in this wonderful chapter!

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The Sword of Elendil

Dwimordene - 29 Apr 07 - 12:23 PM

Ch. 7: The Hidden Fortress

Our mortality is never out of mind. But my grandfather's body was never found, and my father sleeps in an unmarked grave in the mountains. Where will I rest?

I love the anxious poignancy of this line, so appropriate to a Ranger. To rest as a metaphor for death also evokes the restlessness of someone without a home, the uncertainty of finding any rest as a Ranger, until death. But even death as a final rest may not answer to the desire for a home - bodies are buried far away, or are lost to the Wild.

 Love it!


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The Sword of Elendil

Larner - 17 Oct 10 - 9:07 PM

Ch. 7: The Hidden Fortress

Apparently Halbarad's tale has been edited out?  Pity!

But Aragorn begins to learn what he must, and I think he will feel at home soon enough.

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