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Mithrandir Meets His Match

Imhiriel - 19 Apr 07 - 4:01 AM

Ch. 1: Mithrandir Meets His Match

This is a delightful story! I very much enjoyed the interaction between those two, and I think you captured them very well, despite the light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek tone.

I'm not sure I "needed" the twist at the end - I thought Ioreth being Ioreth was fine without needing any further layers, but on the other hand, it's an intriguing idea, and had me wondering just which Maia it might be who is looking after a weary Gandalf.

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Mithrandir Meets His Match

wordweaver - 20 Apr 07 - 1:25 PM

Ch. 1: Mithrandir Meets His Match

I'm glad you enjoyed it!  After Gandalf's impatience and bossiness toward Ioreth in L.O.T.R., I thought she deserved a chance to turn the tables a bit.

You mentioned being unsure if you liked the idea of Ioreth as an undercover Maia.  She could also simply be a shrewd woman who's kept her ears open.  She's been attending to the febrile Faramir, who knew the name Olorin in connection with Mithrandir.  Who knows what he might have murmured in his delirium?

The point was to throw Gandalf off-guard, and keep him (and the readers) guessing.  Otherwise, she would have had to slap him in short order!

Cheers, Wordweaver

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