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Arwen in the Afternoon

Alassante - 30 Jun 08 - 9:22 AM

Ch. 2: Author's Notes

Since this is now been reviewed here, I thought I would leave a copy of my MEFA review here so you had it with the story. I keep thinking of the old joke between my friends and I 'you're going to hell for this' ROTFLMAO But I'm sure you'll have lots of company (including me! lol) and we'll all have a roaring good time.

Although I was warned I wasn't expecting that! lol Gandalf's Apprentice's story has an interesting twist on the thoughts of LaCE and how men and elves behave. Those naughty elves - who knew? The style of writing was wonderful and it was a very enjoyable story to read. I like seeing a fiction with Gilraen and Halbarad in it as well. Gilraen is so often ignored in the fandom in general. Poor Aragorn though - all that pressure to get married then his little minx of a woman er elf exhausts him and his friend. A future King and leader of the Dunedain's work is never done!

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Arwen in the Afternoon

Gandalfs apprentice - 02 Jul 08 - 10:56 AM

Ch. 2: Author's Notes

Hi Alassante: Many thanks for your perceptive comments on "Arwen in the Afternoon." It is a story that proved difficult to get right and it went through several different versions. This one finally achieves the balance of romance, humor and angst that I was after for Aragorn, Arwen and Halbarad.

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Arwen in the Afternoon

ziggy - 31 May 10 - 5:48 AM

Ch. 2: Author's Notes

It makes so much more sense to me that elves should regard sex in this way, rather than the rigid and puritanical LaCE. Immortality must get a little dull.Well, in my smutty little mind anyway. And a happy ending too!

I like the way Gilrean is portrayed, and her relationship with the other characters- especially liked her frantic signalling to Arwen to keep quiet. 

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