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The Ties of Family

Kateydidnt - 24 Oct 08 - 1:01 AM

General Comment

Excellent story! I'm not sure how I missed this one previously, but I somehow did. 

Just one question--I remember in one of your stories (I think it was An Acceptable Sacrifice) it is mentioned that while Sam was Frodo's personal heir, Fosco was the heir to his titles and honors--which not only included Baggins Family Head, but also the lands granted Frodo for maintenance in Gondor and Arnor. Is there any story where Fosco realizes he has this inheritance or visits those lands?

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The Ties of Family

Larner - 26 Oct 08 - 2:17 AM

General Comment

Thanks so, Kateydidn't.  It's always satisfying when folks read older tales.

I've not written a tale yet in which Fosco visits the lands given to Frodo, although there will be some more touching on the subject later in "The Tenant from Staddle."  He realizes he's the Baggins in several stories, starting with "Stricken from the Book," which is in the Moments in Time Collection on most of the archives and is posted singly here on HASA; and I have Frodo talking to him about being Lord Baggins in "Go Out in Joy," which, however, is AU.  Gads--I'll have to read it again to see if I do!  He does go to Gondor in "The Ties of Family," as you just read, of course; it is likely he might have visited some of the lands there during that trip.

Anyway, thank you again!

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