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For Eyes to See as Can

docmon - 25 Nov 05 - 8:22 PM

General Comment

Beautifully written story.  You have captured Sam's voice perfectly. Sometimes you also found ways to parallel Sam's experience to Frodo's, nicely done. Particularly at the end of Ch. 3, when he said: "Too many secrets, too much trying to protect others - it just scoops the insides right out of you. And my heart feels so hollow..." Perfectly Sam, but also so much of Frodo.

When Sam said he wished they had fought a dragon because it would've been easier, it was quite touching. In a few simple words you showed how much they suffered and lost.

Perhaps my favorite line came from Frodo's 'speech' to Mr. Palladin, trying to explain what Pippin went through. When talking about Sam, he said, "He held my hope for me when I was too weak to carry it for myself." You captured their relationship, their situation at the end, completely. I don't think I've read it written just so.

An absolutely precious story.


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For Eyes to See as Can

Larner - 04 Mar 06 - 5:24 PM

General Comment

I know you made this comment in November, but am still learning how to use this site.

Thank you so much for your praise of the story, and your appreciation for specific parts you found most poignant.  Sam must have found a great deal of grief once Frodo was gone; that he would see parallels between his experience and that of his master seemed logical. 

I rejoice this story touched as many as it appears to have.  It was my first story, and is still one of my favorites.

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For Eyes to See as Can

docmon - 25 Nov 05 - 8:14 PM

Ch. 2: Grieving

I love the way this first chapter ends - the way it's set up, talking about Bilbo getting Frodo to write out his troubles, then Sam doing the same. Great parallel.

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For Eyes to See as Can

Kichi - 01 Mar 07 - 6:38 PM

Ch. 2: Grieving

awesome story so far! I love it!

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