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Father, Captain, and King

jenni-digdigil - 16 Feb 06 - 4:00 AM

Ch. 1: Father, Captain, and King

"Ai!  When two stubborn heads collide, sparks will fly!" That is what I thought when I first began to read this lovely story.  This is a thought-provoking gem of a tale that contains some wonderful detail such as the beech tree and its symbolism for father and son.  It is suspenseful when the reader wonders why Legolas is so silent at first and then what his choice was.  There is a chilling aspect when we realize that everything changes when the person to be harmed is a loved one.  This clearly demonstrates the choice between selfishness and selflessness that luckily most of us will never be forced to make.  This story successfully arouses our sympathy for all brave soldiers.  My favourite line was a stunning one:  "I would rather you forget your family and live than remember us and die".  I think I shall always remember this story.

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Father, Captain, and King

Jay of Lasgalen - 21 Jan 09 - 2:56 AM

Ch. 1: Father, Captain, and King

I'm quite sure I read this when it was first posted, but had forgotten it.  I love the way you show Legolas' inner conflict, and the slow, understanding way Thranduil draws him out. 

Thranduil's admission that he would sacrifice a patrol for his sons' lives or give his own in exchange was just what Legolas needed to hear, both as confirmation of his decision and also as an affirmation of his father's love.

Thank goodness for the random story selection!

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