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Bare Feet and Beer

Imhiriel - 16 May 07 - 2:38 PM

Ch. 1: Chapter One

The vision of Faramir undressing himself is a rather good beginning, to my mind Laugh out loud!

But what I think I liked best about this piece is how casual and laconic Aragorn is in relating to his Steward, melting even Faramir's slight awkwardness to this unaccustomed informality. (running rough-shod over it - "resistance is futile" - might be another way to describe it Wink...)

saw a tall, rangy man with a pitcher in his hand lounging at ease in the chair in front of the desk.

He filled it from the pitcher and parked both on the edge of the desk.

Aragorn held out his hand and waggled his fingers.

These are just three examples of how you used just exactly the most apt words to describe something.

"I'd give it a mercy killing but it already smells dead."


"Faramir, how do you think I spent my time while waiting for this?" he gestured broadly to take in all of Gondor and his kingship.

"Fighting the enemy, my lord. Mostly alone, from the tales I hear."

"And advising kings..."

Oh, yes! It wouldn't do to forget that he received the best education there probably was in Middle-earth, and then put it to good use and gained experience in the long decades since then.

"This is the time of Men. I seek a partner in the rebuilding. Will you join me?" He held out his hand over the desk.

Faramir stared at the hand held out to him. He gripped it. The name came easily to him now. "Aragorn, yes!"


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Bare Feet and Beer

Gwynnyd - 16 May 07 - 4:00 PM

Ch. 1: Chapter One

Blush  Grin

Thank you! 


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Bare Feet and Beer

Zoe - 05 Feb 08 - 7:36 PM

Ch. 1: Chapter One

I personally felt that you kept Aragron and Faramir wonderfully in character and their relationships perfectly right.Wink

I 've read many fanfictions where Aragorn and Faramir are close friends right after the War ends. In your story, it is brought to my attention that Aragron and Faramir couldn't have possibley met before the War and their relationship write after it would be more political and formal. rather than close friends.

I also agree completely with imhiriel about everything in that coment!

Finally, thank you for sharing this 

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