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Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite?

docmon - 11 Dec 05 - 7:41 PM

General Comment

terrific story! I fully enjoyed this very different sort of story. Full of action and mystery, I must admit, I had no idea whodunnit till it was revealed. There were suspicions everywhere and you threw enough around that it could have been anyone. The unusual cast of characters made it even more entertaining: pleasant and charming Orcs, a bald Goldberry, and a fierce and fearsome Elandrine! Goss was the best, though, and you fully deserved your award for best original character. Well done!

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Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite?

Greywing - 06 Feb 07 - 7:35 AM

General Comment

Priceless! Hotel Doom, indeed! Loved it.

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Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite?

thelauderdale - 21 Jan 10 - 5:46 PM

Ch. 2: The Inspector of Corpses has his say

Reading this story, which was written quite a long while ago and has a wonderful title and which, somehow, I have never gotten around to reading.  Now on chapter 2, have come to the exceedingly disturbing mode of death for our dearly departed and so cannot find the story entirely funny, which was how I had been approaching it, but the summary DID warn me if I'd only paid attention.  Anyway, I'm definitely hooked.

If you don't know of them already, you might enjoy the Thraxas series by Martin Scott.  (Film noir-style detective in the fantasy city of Turai.)

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Who Knackered Aragorn's Catamite?

docmon - 01 Dec 05 - 3:13 PM

Ch. 6: The Steward's Dark Secret

I just wanted to say I'm enjoying this story so much. It's quite different than the usual tale and so quite refreshing. Each chapter unfolds more of the mystery, building the suspense to a slow boil. I can't wait to get to the next chapter tonight!

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