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Hands of the King

Aiwendiel - 13 Apr 08 - 8:49 AM

Ch. 79: Queen

Oh you are too cruel and so kind! Here I have been waiting like Denethor and Finduilas for the slightest sign of hope, and now just when I am at my busiest in the pale place that is my "real life" you post the rest of the story, and I must put everything else aside to read. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this chapter into the light. Everything about it: the black chair's voice, the envoy from Umbar, the ominous last of the tea, the mariner's grumpy protection and the surprise visitor was perfect. Your Finduilas is the most regal of the lot. Your writing is supreme. I've got to take a break to get some actual work done but I intend to hurry back to this secret garden. 

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Hands of the King

Larner - 22 Apr 08 - 4:42 PM

Ch. 79: Queen

It has been one of my conceits that wherever he went, Aragorn left some cleansed of the psychological ties to Mordor, ready when Mordor was finally fallen to seek to return their folk to the Light once more.  I like that one of the Faithful is Steward in Umbar, and that he came to offer Finduilas his fealty and thanks for what she and Denethor saw sent to that land in the wake of the destruction there.

And Aragorn's visit!  Ah, I'm glad he made it, even if he would not stay longer.  At least she is reassured before she herself goes on--it's merely three more years or so she has left within the Bounds of Arda.

And the powers conspire to support her while it's still possible.  Three of the Maiar wish to care for her and her family, and two former Maiar seek to watch, one apparently desiring her for what she represents to him.  Sauron is a wretch, and we see Grima still developing fully into the Worm we love to disparage.  He made his bed with Saruman--but to lie in it was in the end grievous even to him.

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