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Hands of the King

Agape4Gondor - 07 May 07 - 9:12 PM

Ch. 60: Time

Anglachel - if I posted all the comments I want to make about this chapter - the post would be as long as your chapter!

So much happening - very glad you took them all off to Edoras - I do believe, what with Thengel's having lived and raised some of his children in Minas Tirith, that there would be a bond between the two families!

As for Grima - *shivers*

The mearas were wonderful! Thengel's journey was beautifully written, and the attack had me on the edge of my seat! LOVED the council of the three women!!! Mithrandir must have been stunned - though he hid it well with his pipe preparations!

So - I'm not leaving the edge of my seat, I wait!

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Hands of the King

fercryinoutloud - 13 May 07 - 9:45 AM

Ch. 60: Time

Fergus here,

I finally read your latest chapter, Time. Wow.

The plot, the action, the dialogue, all spot on. I'm left amazed at your ability to juggle so many tiny details, setting something up a dozen chapters before then letting it unfold in unexpected ways. Yes, I'm talking about Grima. In just a few pages, you gathered all your previous writing and showed us how the events of LotR are present 40 years before.

Morwen's reaction to Thengel's death was against type, shocking and perfect.

Finduilas' bargain with Ecthelion appears to be paying dividends. I hope this means a change in the Steward's ways. You've hinted as much before.

You also juggle the parallels of Finduilas and Tuor in good and subtle ways. After reading Children of Hurin last month, I'm anticipating (and dreading) how much more you will parallel Turin and Denethor.

Are you going to publish a new chapter tomorow? Please?

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Hands of the King

Anglachel - 13 May 07 - 11:30 AM

Ch. 60: Time

Hi Agape,

I'm trying not to respond to comments until all readers have a chance to post.

In this chapter, it's all about time and timing.

When I looked at the various timelines and genealogical chronologies, I realized that Thengel dies in the same year as the attack on Umbar, and I decided to put his death first, leading off the year. As you will see in the next chapter, it has caused things to happen out of order. This mistake will lead to others.

This is the last visit to Edoras in HotK, but far from the last of the politics between the kingdoms. Theoden's choice after Denethor's request will have decades of consequences.

The council with Ecthelion at the close of the story will also have consequences. Big ones. Bad ones.

Thanks for the comments!

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Hands of the King

Anglachel - 13 May 07 - 11:42 AM

Ch. 60: Time

Hi Fergus,

Glad you finally got time to read "Time."

Heh-heh, yeah, me and my details. ;-) One of my goals here with Grima is to show how he could become the person we see in LotR, and not just have him be the creepy letch and general bad-apple he's too often portrayed as being. Someone in LotR (Gandalf?) says that one of Eowyn's motivations has been hearing words denigrating Edoras and the House of Eorl, implying Grima said these things. I think Grima was thinking these things as well, and was hurt by them, using *his* disappointment as a weapon.

As for Morwen, she never struck me as a typical woman in any way. She comes back into the story several times.

The bargain with Ecthelion is playing out in unexpected ways. Maiaberiel will not take this lying down, is all I can say.

No dragons for Denethor. He could have dealt with dragons.

I am doing my best to have the next chapter ready tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments!

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