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Hands of the King

Agape4Gondor - 17 Jan 07 - 7:41 PM

Ch. 56: Patrimony

Incredible chapter, Anglachel. Probably your best ever... one of the best I've read.

Denethor's reflection here - 'All his efforts were nothing, for he could not prevent harm from worming its way into this house in a packet of herbs' - was heartstopping!

Then you get right into some very good matrimonial shenanigans! The line - 'Until he shared her bed, he had not noticed its privation' was heartrending!

Beregar comes of age with a wallop! Calling Ecthelion 'the old man' and his defiance of Denethor were superb!

Thorongil was, surprisingly, funny. I loved the sword practice and the cost of a whore!

Denethor's fathering moments - 'all the fears and dangers of life struck Denethor's heart more keenly when he imagined them happening to his son' - tore through me. And the part about power!!!

The confrontation between him and the snake was perfect... I wrote a big WOW right across that paragraph. But I fear for him. Snakes strike quickly and without warning.

As I said, incredible chapter. Cannot wait for more!

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Hands of the King

Anglachel - 17 Jan 07 - 9:57 PM

Ch. 56: Patrimony

Hi Agape,

What a nice surprise! I turned off my email to concentrate on coding and I get your comment when I turn it back on. Smile

Aren't Mr. Grumpy and Prince Valiant a hoot? They could do an impressive stand-up routine. It breaks my heart, though, because I know what's going to happen in not too many chapters.

In this chapter, Denethor has to face things beyond his ability to control and he doesn't like it. Not the threat of poison, nor the growing independence of the Archivist. Not even his Hound will come to heel. And, most painfully, knowing that he cannot keep the world away from his little bear. He will be a very, very good father to Boromir.

As for Beruthiel, you're right - she has been driven under her rock, not defanged. Keep an eye on Brandir. Denethor has put him in an impossible position.

Thanks for the comments!

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Hands of the King

Larner - 14 Apr 08 - 9:13 AM

Ch. 56: Patrimony

Between the three of them they handle the Steward very well indeed!  Heh!  Ecthelion is such a dissolute fool, but he DOES keep his bargains!

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