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Hands of the King

Agape4Gondor - 04 Feb 06 - 3:40 PM

Ch. 43: North

Bravo!  An excellent chapter!  I am mesmerized by the machinations that you have devised.  Thorongil and Denethor's conversations are incredible.

My heart wept.  You know the part I speak of.  The tool Denethor is using...  Finduilas' strength and courage... all beautifully written.

I am at a loss.  I sit here - dazed.

Thank you for continuing this,


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Hands of the King

Raihon - 24 Feb 06 - 7:09 AM

Ch. 43: North

This was a particularly gratifying chapter for two reasons.

First, I finally understand that Ecthelion's fatalism is a result of religious beliefs. That revealation was very helpful in looking back and understanding his actions, both the inexplicable (wanting to destroy the bridge) and despicable ("I am obviously graced so my depravity must be, too").

Second, I was getting impatient in the first half with Thorongil being such a...well, dork. I assume that this is part of his character development, but it felt like he was a little too fumbling before, considering his life experiences up to that point. Now I'm happy to see that he is learning to play politics as an actor rather than as a pawn. 

Finally, a grammatical issue: "You are wrong about the Orc. They have already chosen..." - the "they" refers to the Powers, not the Orc, right? Maybe change to "The Powers have already chosen"? 

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Hands of the King

Lyllyn - 27 Feb 06 - 11:39 PM

Ch. 43: North

Delightful, twisty and intriguing. It's sad that I've caught up on my reading, because now I have to wait for the next chapter.

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Hands of the King

Larner - 06 Apr 08 - 11:30 PM

Ch. 43: North

Am rereading once again and looking forward to catching up once more.  Too long I've left off on this tale.

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