A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 6. Chapter 6

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6. Chapter 6

The Woodland Halls

The doors of the dining halls creaked open, Adlanniel and Legolas giving a polite bow to the king as they entered. Thranduil motioned for them to be seated and they sat opposite to each other as was customary. Legolas and Adlanniel looked at each other, a little unnerved that Thranduil casually continued to sip at his wine, not uttering a single word to either of them.
Legolas cleared his throat. "Ada...about today..."
"Today? Was there something interesting about today?" Thranduil cut in casually, barely looking up from his glass as he swirled the wine delicately around it.
Legolas frowned slightly, glancing back to Adlanniel who continued to appear a little daunted by the Elvenking's cool demeanor.
"Ada, don't play the fool."
"Are you, young prince, calling me a fool?" Thranduil looked up at Legolas with raised eyebrows, his voice almost chilling.
"No, that is not what I meant..."
"I would hope not, iôn." Thranduil took a long sip of his wine, his focus still fixated on Legolas as he did. Thranduil very well knew what his son had meant, but decided it would be more interesting to torture the couple a little more.
Before Legolas could say any more, the servants entered and placed a delicious feast before them.
No words were exchanged as they began eating, only the soft sounds of the harp and flute could be heard from the musicians playing in the corner of the room. Adlanniel could feel the tension and frustration coming from the prince as they ate. She knew that Thranduil too could indeed sense it, though chose to ignore it. She let out a deep sigh, unable to fathom the notions between fathers and sons, especially at this time. She placed her glass onto the table abruptly with a loud clang, and the two He-Elves looked to her surprised, even the musicians stopped their melody.
"Why do you have to behave like a pouting brat Legolas?" She questioned, frustrated at the tense mood that he was emanating and his father's cold ability to completely ignore it.
"And you, my great king, is it wise to ignore your heir who wishes only to clarify what has happened this day?"
Thranduil grinned at her and rose his glass to her almost ironically.
"I applaud you for your bravery, Lady Adlanniel..." His gaze suddenly burning into hers, sending a chill down her spine.
"For speaking in such a manner to your hosts. However, it is warranted, I will not deny you that. I only thought that it would be more wise not to speak about both of your defiances towards myself and our culture today, considering that what has been done has been done and there is nothing to benefit dwelling on it further."
Adlanniel lowered her head in remorse for her little outburst, for what the Elvenking said was true. Even the frustration that had dwelt within Legolas dissipated as his father's point held strong meaning.
"Now eat and drink plenty, my dear Elflings." Thranduil then smiled warmly to soften the mood.
"Don't let what has been arduously prepared for us go to waste."
Legolas allowed a grin to cross over his face then as he relaxed his dimenour and smiled across to his beloved.
"Waste not, want not." He added.
Thranduil rose his glass again in agreement. "Indeed."

Elvish - English translations 
iôn = son

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