A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 4. Chapter 4

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4. Chapter 4

The Woodland Halls

Thranduil did not turn as he heard the patter of footsteps approach the great oaken doors, and the creak of them as they were opened.
He sighed as he composed himself calmly, his displeasure with the young couple had abated somewhat. He understood the desires and the thrills that those of youth sought for themselves, how they tested boundaries and broke rules to delight in the pleasures of excitement and life. He too had been young once, though of an age ago, and he understood clearly where his sons brashness came from. Where Adlanniel had inherited her sense of adventure however, he could only guess all to well...

"How delightful of you both to have finally joined us. I was about to consider sending the entire army out after you, considering your status in this kingdom and that neither of you returned with the party I had set you out with..." Thranduil began as he turned to face them, his expression severe and almost cold. The satire in his voice bit into Legolas and Adlanniel like the fangs of a viper; They stung and burned with ironic venom.
"Ada..." Legolas started as he stepped forward to give explanation, but his father held up his hand to silence him.
"Do not try to feed me excuses Legolas. You both disobeyed my orders. Orders that I had set forward for your safety!" Thranduil crossed his arms and glowered at his son.
"And both of you were scarcely armed! What were you both aiming for? To become troll fodder or ambushed by orcs or goblins?"
"Ada, even YOU know that would have been highly unlikely..." Legolas cut in.
"But a possibility nonetheless!" Thranduil shot back, his irritation being aroused again by his son's contention.
"Despite peace, you know still what lurks in that forest do you not? Or has your lust blinded you? The both of you?" Thranduil's steely glare shot over to Adlanniel, and she felt as if her blood froze over in her veins.
"For I do not dare to imagine what the two of you underwent when you found yourselves departed of company. But it is blatantly obvious! Look at the both of you..." He motioned to the broken twigs and leaves in the couple's hair, and their clothes that were disheveled and rumpled.
"For you to disobey me is one thing, but to have broken a sacred rite; a rite that should have been reserved for your wedding night...it's inexplicable! And I am sure this time was not the first!"

Legolas gazed at his father in an embarrassed surprise, for he knew that the rest of the party would not have said a word of what had undergone in the forest. Adlanniel lowered her eyes in shame, and at seeing this Legolas took hold of her hand in reassurance. She knew what the Elvenking spoke of was true; despite them being betrothed to each other, she and Legolas had broken the sacred rite of consummation. Despite her and her fiancee's young age in Elven years, they should have known better to let any form of lust overtake them. But the thoughts rushed throughout their minds. Was it lust that over took them; the desire to feel such sensual pleasure within each others being? Or was it love, the pure heartfelt passion they both held for each other? Could it have been a mixture of both?
"Ada, please... Whatever offenses we have committed we take full responsibility for; no one else is to blame but ourselves. But, ada, you know the love that we hold for each other is pure and true. You know I have loved Adlanniel since she was an Elfling, and she has loved me since thus. Is it such a horrible offense to show each other the love that we feel? The love the burns throughout our veins like a wild fire?
Thranduil sighed then, and his expression softened.

"You speak with such fondness and passion Legolas; one of your most beautiful qualities. However this is beside the point. Though I accept your remorse, these traditions and rites we have in place are there for a reason..."
"Surely, ada, you have broken some of them?" Legolas insisted, taking advantage of his father's now apparent softness. Thranduil gave his son a slight scowl then, unappreciative of having the tables turned upon himself, but he knew that he was not innocent from his son's accusation. Thranduil sighed then, and clasped his hands together.
"Indeed I have, when I too was young and even more brash than yourselves..."
Legolas could not help but give a victorious grin at catching his father out. But Thranduil, seeing his son's glowing expression, turned his soft expression back into a serious and warningful stare.
"And thus be why I warn you now not to make the same mistakes that I did; for someday you may suffer the consequences of your actions. If you both so must give in to your desires, then do so within the protection of these walls." Thranduil turned and walked back to his throne, seating himself reagally before the two who's heads were now lowered once more.
"Now go bathe, the both of you. I will not have either of you walking my halls looking like trolls and smelling like men!"
Adlanniel could not help but let out a little chuckle at Thranduil's words. So sassily had they been spoken, yet so natural for the the great Elvenking.

'Thank you, my lord.' Said Adlanniel as she and Legolas turned to make their leave. Her expression, soft, delicate and kind as she looked up to the throne, quenched Thranduil's anger, filling him with warmth and yet sadness. As he looked down upon her, he understood how his son could hold such intense love for her; something that the Elvenking himself had once felt for the love of his life....a love that was now long lost. Not wishing for feelings of loss to take hold, he turned away from her gaze.
Adlanniel knew then that something had affected the king when she had looked up to him, something deep within the memories in his heart had stirred. But what it could be....could she ever understand?

Elvish - English translations
Ada = Father

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