A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 13. Chapter 13

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13. Chapter 13

The Woodland Halls

Tensions ran high as Adlanniel and the others in her company ran into the great reception hall. It came as no surprise that more than several other Elves as well as the Elvenking himself had already gathered near the throne.
Hunters, scouts, emissaries and high ranking warriors were amongst the group in deep discussion with the king. There was an air of haste amongst their discussion, and a concerned urgency weighed the air.
The group had barely made their way halfway up the hall when the group of Elves surrounding the king made their exit hurriedly.

"Ada?" Legolas called out urgently, when the great king had not paid heed to their entrance.
Thranduil turned to them then, his face full of deep thought.
"Ada.....There is smoke on the horizon...." Legolas began, knowing full well that his father already had such knowledge.
"I am aware of it." Thranduil replied as he crossed his arms behind his back, pacing slowly across the marble floor, thoughts still riddling his ancient mind.
"I could sense a great peril coming from the south shortly after Lady Adlanniel and yourself made off into the forest. The guards in the watch tower were soon to spot the smoke on the horizon coming from the villages of the Woodsmen. Something grave and dire has befallen them. I can not help but believe that Orcs are involved. I can smell their foul stench from here."
Legolas and the others looked on to the king in surprise for they had not been able to pick up such a scent. It was apparent that the Elvenking was truly adept in his abilities. Being one of the oldest Elves still living in Arda, even more ancient than the wise Lord Elrond, it would have been expected.
"If those foul beasts are truly involved, where do you think they have hailed from? Hithaeglir?" Legolas asked concerned.
"I am sure, if they had hailed from there..." Thranduil began as he turned to look out one of the large gaping windows. "We would have either received word from the skin-changers in Hithaeglir or from Lady Adlanniel's kin in Imladris that Orcs were moving south. No, these Orcs hail from Mordor...."
"How can you be so sure?" Legolas questioned his father's resolve on the matter. Thranduil frowned at this, unappreciative of his son's doubt.
"I am certain, iôn. Tôl auth."
A gasp of shock and disbelief came from the group before him. Thranduil then turned to the Captain of the guard.
"Idhrenion, increase the patrol along our southern borders. Nothing and no one is to enter or leave this realm without my absolute permission. Is that understood?"
The young Captain bowed in obeisance.
"Yes, heruamin." And with that the Captain and his guards went in haste, making their leave of the young prince and his lady.
As he turned to face them, Thranduil softened his expression, giving them a smile of reassurance as he did so.
"Worry not for now, my dear children. We will know for certain how dire the situation is once the scouts return from their investigation into the matter. Though we can not be too cautious nor let our guard down lest we are taken unprepared."
Legolas nodded in agreement at his father's words.
"Shall I join the patrol with Idhrenion and the others Ada?" He then asked, hopeful at the prospect of being able to partake in some real action.
"No, not this time. You must remain within these walls protected. It is your duty now, as future husband, to protect your future wife and thus the prospect of your future family." Thranduil knew that he had to use his son's love as an excuse to make him stay within the protection of the Woodland Halls. For Legolas, much like he had been himself, was free spirited and relished in the prospect of adventure and the chance to hone his fighting skills. The young prince, though a little disappointed at his father's decision, knew that his father had a point; Legolas would lay down his life for the elleth that he loved and thus her protection was priority above all else.
"Very well, Ada." Legolas replied.
"No harm will become of my love whilst I still draw breath." He said, planting a small kiss on Adlanniel's soft cheek as he did so. Thranduil smiled warmly at his son's sign of affection towards the lovely elleth.
"Now all we can do is wait..." Thranduil began as he turned to stroll back to his carven throne.
"Go and do what you will, just stay out of trouble."

As the couple made their way down the grand hall, Legolas pulled Adlanniel aside to one of the colossal columns away from prying eyes, pulling her into a tight and arousing embrace as he did.
"Perhaps now..." He purred. "I can plant my seed into your garden?"
Adlanniel blushed a little and giggled. "Your father told us to stay out of trouble..."
"Doing a little gardening is not any trouble..." He smirked, pushing his hips into her buttocks.
"And what do you hope to grow?"
"Our child, of course!" He laughed, nuzzling her cheek with his lips.
"As I said, you would not begin to show until after our actual ceremony. So, no one has to have knowledge of it. Please allow me to put my child into you. I yearn to be a father..."
"Very well." Adlanniel agreed, turning her head to look up at him adoringly.
"But what of your father's warning? That a war is coming...Would now be the best time to bring a child into this world if war were to come?"
Legolas stopped and thought for a moment before sighing dolefully. "You are right...." He began. "I got ahead of myself..."
"Never worry, my love." Adlanniel reassured as she turned to stroke his cheek. "As you and your father said, I will be safe behind these walls. So will our child..."
Legolas smiled, almost excitedly, like a small child who receives a new shiny plaything.
"Come to my chambers, tithin cugu. We will create life together."

They had barely entered the intricately carven doors of Legolas's bed chambers when he pushed Adlanniel hard up against the wall, forcing his tongue into her mouth, lifting her thighs high up around his waist, using his nimble fingers to pull up the layers of her dress and tear down her under garments. Hastily pulling down his own he pushed his member into her being, thrusting hard from the beginning, not giving Adlanniel a chance to collect her thoughts.
"Legolas...!" She gasped as he thrust deeper into her. The force of his thrust sent a bitter-sweet pain through her loins. Without responding he ripped open her dress like a savage animal wanting to get at its prey, her fleshy breasts open to him in all their sumptuous glory. Letting it drop from her slender figure he took her over to his bed and lay her upon the edge where he leant down to take one of her rose nipples into his mouth. She let out a loud moan of ecstasy as he sucked lavishly upon her bosom, continuing to push himself into her as he did so. After a few moments of his lavish sucking he stood to undress himself completely, allowing his garments to drop carelessly to the floor.
Leaning back down to her he gently turned her onto her stomach, opening her legs with his free hand as he did.
"Legolas?" She questioned nervously, having never been turned onto her stomach before.
"Trust me..." He said softly into her ear as he positioned himself between her thighs. Entering her from behind he was able to push his hard member even deeper into her, giving him better a better chance to plant his seed deep within her womb. Slowly and more gently he began to thrust into her again, the angle his member now was inside of her rubbed against her inner sweet spot, sending spasms of pleasure through out her body, making her cry out in ecstasy.

Her womb closed in tightly around him, increasing his own ecstatic sensations, and his own moans of pleasure became unified with hers. He grasped her supple buttocks to pull himself deeper into her, quickly pulling her hair from her back so that he could leave feathery kisses upon her shoulders. She grasped the pillow closest to her as she felt the limit of her ecstasy come ever so near to reaching its zenith.
Legolas reached up to take her hand that held the pillow and together they used their strength to push against each other.
"Pathro nin!" Adlanniel begged when she could no longer hold her orgasm within.
With one loud gasp he filled her with his liquid fire, it burning within her womb, Legolas moaning as his member stiffened within her to release more of his seed.
He went limp against her body then yet embraced her gently. He rested his head between her shoulders, their breathing still heavy from excretion, and they lay there for a long moment contemplating the events that had occurred that day and whether or not his seed had impregnated the young elleth. If it had, would their child be able to live in a safe and peaceful world?
Their energy continued throughout the rest of the day and into the night, neither reappearing for supper in the dining hall; making love till their energy was spent was all they chose to do for their love and lust for each other had engulfed them.

As they lay in slumber during the late hours of the night, a commotion echoed through the halls to their chamber, awakening the pair suddenly. The voices and shouts they could hear sounded urgent and concerned. What was happening?

Elvish - English translations 
iôn - Son
Hithaeglir - Misty Mountains
Ada - Father
Arda - the world
Elleth - Elven maiden (female)
Tôl auth - War is coming
Heruamin - My lord
Tithin cugu - Little dove
Pathro nin! - Fill me!

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