A liaison in the Great Greenwood: 12. Chapter 12

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12. Chapter 12

The Woodland Halls

"Ada, Adlanniel, I have been searching for you both this past hour. Nobody could tell me where you had both gone to." Legolas worried, as he came upon the pair in the entrance hall of the palace.
"Apologies iôn, we had merely gone for a leisurely stroll in the forest." His father replied.
Legolas nodded then, thankful that neither had run into any danger. The prince opened his hand to his love then, and when she placed hers within his he pulled her into an embrace.
"Ada...." He began, still holding Adlanniel in his arms.
"May I have your permission to take Adlanniel to the great oak? The ancient tree that you used to climb with me when I was but an elfling?"
"Wish to relive childhood memories do you?" Thranduil smiled, feeling content at his son's rather cheerful demeanour.
"Indeed, I wish to show my lady the beautiful view of Arda." He replied, lovingly looking down at her.
"Very well..." Thranduil permissed, Legolas and Adlanniel looking to him surprised at his allowance.
"But the lady and I have just returned from our own stroll through the forest as I had said. I think it wise for you to let her rest before venturing out again..."
"It is quite allright..." Adlanniel began, smiling at the king's concern for her well-being. "I am very fine."
Thranduil smiled and nodded at this. "I trust that neither of you will run into any trouble then....or mischief." He looked directly at Adlanniel, giving a slight teasing grin which made the young elleth blush.
"However this time, you are both to go out armed accordingly." The king then added sternly, crossing his arms seriously as he did so.
"Of course Ada." Legolas replied, bowing in obeisance.
"Come now my love, It is not far from here." He had turned to Adlanniel then, taking her by the hands and pulling her along before she had the chance to reply. She had looked back to Thranduil then, but he had begun to turn away.

"Idhrenion..." Thranduil began as he turned to the auburn haired captain of the guard.
"Yes, your grace?"
"Take a few of your men and follow them. Do not linger too close however, for they will catch your trail. Just....don't let them get into any trouble." The king's expression had turned to one of parental concern.
"You do not trust them?" Idhrenion then asked, grinning slightly, remembering the last 'outing' he had escorted the young prince on.
"Do you think it wrong for me to worry about them?" Thranduil asked, still concern written in his voice.
"Of course not, my lord. But Legolas has grown into a fine and fierce warrior, the best in this realm. There are not many creatures in this forest that could cause them harm, and even if they were to encounter one the prince would do a quick job of it I can assure you of that. If it is their desire for each other that you are concerned about, I do not think that there is anything that any of us can do to sway them. Some way or another they will find a way to be together. They are youthful...."
"As are you, young Idhrenion." Thranduil added. "I trust you to understand how the mind of a youth works better than I. I too was youthful once and got up to no good but Legolas and Adlanniel....they are like two animals constantly on heat."
Idhrenion could not help but chuckle at this, his violet eyes gleaming with amusement as he did.
"Indeed, your grace, they are. But I am sure it is just a faze and will taper off with time....perhaps when they beget children of their own?"
Thranduil, amused himself at the truth of the matter replied, "Perhaps, when they experience the hardships of childbearing. Regardless, I would like for you to patrol the road with a party of your guards. You do not have to follow them, but make sure there are no dangers to hinder them."
Idhrenion nodded and bowed. "As you wish, my lord." And with that he made his leave.

The Forest Paths: Greenwood the Great
"You seem to be spending a lot of time with my father recently..." Legolas began casually as they walked along the Elven path. However Adlanniel could catch the slight suspicion in the prince's voice.
"I enjoy your father's company from time to time Legolas." She defended. "He has many interesting tales to tell and is very wise in his counsel. He is also a good listener."
Legolas raised his eyebrows at her last remark and scoffed a little in disbelief. "A good listener? Really?" He asked almost sarcastically, but his voice had a slight jealous tinge to it which Adlanniel could sense clearly. She frowned at him then, unappreciative of his doubt to her claim. "Surprisingly enough, yes!" She said hotly.
"Perhaps if you tried talking to your father from time to time instead of being a pompous brat then you would realise it too!" Legolas stopped in his tracks at that moment, a heat of jealousy flaming in his heart that she, his dear love, would defend his father over himself. For her to call him a pompous brat as well seriously wounded his pride.
"Then I guess I am not mistaken that you enjoy spending time with him a little too much?" He shot at her.
"What are you implying Legolas?" Adlanniel questioned, both now angered and shocked at his accusations.
"Perhaps you enjoy it more than you should!" He said bitterly through gritted teeth.
"The king and I get along well! That is all! Is it such a crime for me to seek the company of others that are not yourself? Am I not allowed to learn from his wisdom and knowledge of the world? What is wrong with you?" By then she was quite flustered, tears of anger were burning in her eyes at his attack upon her honour. Legolas, realising this, bowed his head shamefully.
"I am sorry..." He apologised. "I let my jealousy overcome me. I do not mean to be so 'territorial'." He said, straining to think of a proper word to describe his behaviour. He moved to wipe the tears from her face but she pushed his hand aside, glaring at him still. He looked at her, shocked, for she never remained angry after a sincere apology.
"Don't you ever DARE question my honour again!" She spat at him. He could not understand why she was being so defensive but he did not try to fathom as to why.
"My lady, please...." Legolas pleaded as he slumped down on his knees before her. "I did not mean to cause you hurt. I love my father and I love you! I did not mean to question either's honour. Please forgive me...."
With this Adlanniel's expression softened. She herself did not know why she had become so heated and defensive, but there was something burning inside of her....some type of longing for something that she did know of...
Legolas stood and cupped her face in his hands. "I love you beyond measure." And with saying that he leant down to take her mouth into a deep, sultry kiss. His tongue flicked lavishly against hers and he pulled her body closer to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and after a few moments of locking lips she pulled away from their delicious kiss to embrace him instead.
"You better show me to this oak tree..." She began after a few moments, her head still resting on his strong chest.
Legolas smiled down at her then. "Of course, my love."

When they reached the giant oak, Adlanniel could not help but stare up at it's stupendous splendour and height. It was so tall it pushed its way out past the canopy of its neighbours and up to the sky above. It was like a giant amongst men.
"As I had said earlier, father used to take me up here when I was small. We would sit up in the branches for hours to take in the view, or father would read whilst I slept in his lap."
Adlanniel smiled warmly at this fond memory Legolas was telling her, and she became eager to attempt scaling the soaring tree. Legolas allowed her to go before himself, so that he may be able to catch her if she were to fall. However, she was just as lithe and nimble as himself and had no troubles ascending the branches to the top. She stopped to stand in a large fork whose base was wide enough for them both to stand together. Her emerald eyes became wide with amazement and awe at the view she could now behold. The great forest spread out before them like a boundless ocean of many green hues. To the west she could see Hithaeglir towering to the sky, soft white clouds whisping over their peaks. Just over their summits was her own realm of origin; Imladris.
"Look, over there to the north east." Legolas pointed to a high peak in the distance, towering on its own as the land stretched out before it.
"Erebor." Adlanniel exclaimed as she stared in wonder at the lonely peak.
"Yes." Legolas confirmed, embracing her from behind.
"The Longbeard dwarves, the Durin's folk, still mine there. Why they do not properly establish themselves, I cannot guess. Dwarves are just slow."
Adlanniel could not help but giggle at his slight insult.
"And beyond Erebor are the Iron Hills...and more dwarves." He continued. "And if you look to the south east..." He began as he turned Adlanniel around carefully. "You can perhaps catch a glimpse of the Sea of Rhûn. Though alas the clouds are too thick there to see it right now. It is beautiful though Adlanniel, like a shimmering mirror when seen on a clear day."
"I can imagine..." She replied softly as she leant herself gently against him, resting her head on his shoulder. She took in the entire view, it relaxing her soul to be in a place so peaceful and serene. Legolas wrapped his arms gently around her waist and soon began to gently stroke her stomach with affection. "I look forward to the time when I can put a child in there." He said suddenly, yet fondly. Adlanniel was taken aback a little as he did not often speak about having children despite their long years together.
"As do I..." She replied, reaching her arm back to gently stroke his face. "Hopefully it will be soon..."
"Very soon." He added quickly. "Perhaps we can make one tonight?" He purred then as he reached down to gently stroke the cleft of her womanhood underneath the layer of her leggings. She moaned softly at his touch and wondered if he was serious in his remark.
"But we are not yet married..."
"Yes, we are." He cut in, pushing his fingers through her folds to tease at her wet pearl. She let out a gasp of pleasure as her body began to loosen against his.
"We have consummated our love. According to Eldar law we are technically wed."
"But without ceremony..." She breathed, his fingers sliding down to her entrance, their tips teasing her desires.
"Which will come before you start showing." He replied as he began to gently kiss her neck.
"Are you serious, cund vuin that you wish for me to be with child?"
"Yes. I wish to have many children with you. Like the great Fëanor of old whose wife bore him seven."
"THAT many?" Adlanniel asked surprised, almost laughing at the enormity of the number.
"Why not? We Eldar do not have enough children in my opinion."
Adlanniel began to become more limp against her lovers body as his teasing began to intensify her pleasure. She thought she was to reach her zenith when she suddenly caught the sight of something rather disturbing in the distance.
"Stop." She breathed heavily as she stayed his hand.
"What is it?" Legolas asked a little surprised.
"Look, over there to the south." She pointed. "Black billowing smoke."
Legolas did not have to peer, for his Elven eyes allowed him to see the smoke clearly from where they stood. The smoke streamed fiercely up into the air like a serpent, piercing the sky with its foulness.
"That area is where the woodsmen dwell..." Legolas said, concern riddled in his voice. He took a deep waft of air into his lungs, and was able to distinguish a most horrifying smell. Adlanniel too was able to catch the stench.
"Burning flesh...." She said, a horrified look in her eyes.
"What in the name of the Valar is going on? I can see fire also."
"As can I. I sense a great evil has descended upon there." Legolas confirmed as he peered to try to see the extent of the fires. There were many, and they were burning fiercely.
"We must return and tell my father immediately."
"Of cour..." But before Adlanniel had the chance to reply, Legolas flew down the tree. Rolling her eyes she groaned in exasperation, hastily tying up the ties of her leggings that Legolas had lovingly untied. 
When she reached the base of the giant trunk Legolas was waiting impatiently for her. He took her by the hand before she had the time to react and pulled her along the forest path with great haste.

It took only but a few minutes for them to see the silhouette of several figures coming along the mossy path before them. It was difficult to make out who they were due the shadows the trees were casting across the way. Legolas readied his bow in their direction, moving sideways to put himself before his love to protect her at any cost. She hovered her hand above the hilt of her short-sword.
Suddenly Legolas lowered his bow and muttered something angrily under his breath.
"Idhrenion! What are you all doing here? Did my father send you to watch over us, despite giving assurance that he would not?"
Idhrenion gave a nervous smile.
"No, no, of course not Legolas. We are merely doing our regular patrol."
"Conveniently timed for when we set out..." Legolas hissed bitterly. Adlanniel, seeing her prince was now flustered at his father's attempt to have them secretly watched over, gently placed a hand upon his shoulder to calm him.
"Come now Legolas, you know for well that this is the time that the guard often do their patrols. You go with them most of the time do you not?"
Legolas sighed then, for he knew her to be true. He bowed his head to his friend Idhrenion. "My apologies, I do not mean to be so biting. I just wish my father would trust me."
"He does." Idhrenion reassured as he put his hand on Legolas's other strong shoulder.
"He just does not trust your mischievousness." He grinned in jest. Legolas, still holding his bow, swung an aim at the captain's head. Idhrenion spun out of the way before it could connect, laughing with amusement as he did so.
Legolas frowned then, not appreciative that he had been the butt of yet another teasing comment.
"We saw billowing black smoke on the horizon, to the south..." Legolas then began seriously. "And we could smell burning flesh. I worry that something foul has befallen the woodsmen."
"Indeed..." Idhrenion agreed. "We could smell something unusual in the air...but being down here was hard to distinguish it. We must make haste and inform the king. Though I have a feeling that he may already know."
Legolas nodded in agreement. Without a moments hesitation they continued on their way to inform the Elvenking of the dire news.

Elvish - English translations 
iôn - Son
Hithaeglir - Misty Mountains
Cund vuin - beloved prince
Ada - Father
Arda - the world
Elleth - Elven maiden (female)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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