The Prince's Daughter-5: 14. Elladan's Delay

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14. Elladan's Delay

Elladan rushed to Éomer's rooms.  He had to talk to the young king before supper!  He was supposed to have already told the man about Arwen's plan, but he had been sidetracked by Imrahil's sons.  Now it was already late in the afternoon.  He knocked on Éomer's door.  No response.  He knocked again, harder.

Gamling poked his head into the hall from a few doors down.  "My Lord, may I help you?" he asked the son of Elrond.

"I need to speak with your King if he is available.  It is rather important so if he is not here might you know where to find him?"

The tall captain could see the urgency in the elf-lord's grey eyes.  Coming into the hall looking rather disheveled, Gamling buttoned his shirt as he approached.  "I thought him to be in his rooms.  Perhaps he is on the balcony; I will check."  Gamling returned to his own room and opened the door to the adjoining sitting room while Elladan waited in the hall.  Éomer was not there, nor was he on the balcony.  Seeing the bedroom door closed, the Captain knocked on it gently.

"Éomer?" he called through the door.  He heard rustling but then nothing.  He hated leaving the twin standing in the hall and he really wanted to get back to Aglaril so he knocked harder.  "Sire!" he called, knowing that should do the trick.

"Go away old man!  I am in no mood!" the king snapped.

"Be that as it may, one of Queen Arwen's brother's wishes to speak with you.  He said it was important."

"I do not wish to speak to him!" Éomer barked.  Then in a defeated tone he added, "I am weary and really not in the mood deal with him right now.  Please, apologize and make my excuse."

Gamling was troubled.  Something was wrong and somehow it involved the elf-lord.  Still, he would do as his king asked.  Returning to the door, Gamling opened it and addressed the tall elf.  "I fear my Lord is resting and a bit ill from the journey.  Could I be of some assistance?"

"No… thank you.  It is a matter I need to discuss with Éomer King.  I hope he will recover quickly and I will speak with him at supper." 

Elladan nodded to the captain and left, more than a little distressed.  Gamling, pushing his desire for his beloved down, returned to the King's bed chamber.  He was the closest thing Éomer had to family so throwing all decorum to the wind he entered.  He sat at the foot of the bed.  Éomer lifted the arm he had slung over his eyes to look at his mentor. 

"I am sleeping," he said numbly.

"You are troubled," Gamling replied.

"I do not wish to talk about it."

"Yet you must; for you must attend supper tonight and, regardless of what troubles you, make your sister believe you are happy.  Now tell me what could possibly have happened since we arrived to make you so distraught."

Éomer sat and leaned against the headboard, looking at Gamling with sad eyes.  Taking a deep breath, he shared what he had overheard.  Gamling's heart hurt for the younger man and he did not know what to do save to push Elrohir from the nearest cliff. 

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