Dwalin's Treasure: 7. Passion to Domestication

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7. Passion to Domestication

Talliya rode out the waves of pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so wonderful; her own hand did little to prepare her for the actual thing. Before she could fully regain her composure, she felt a rough thumb rub at her sensitive little nub and a thick finger enter her. Instinctively, she tightened her muscle against the invasion. A warm mouth took hold of her nipple and sucked hard, causing her a momentary laps; a second finger entered her, thrusting in and out in rhythm that her hips naturally followed. The half-dwarf could feel the pleasure build again and she sighed and moaned in wanton abandon.

Dwalin continued his oral exploration of her body, suckling first one breast and then the other. He worked his was up, licking and nipping at the soft flesh on Talliya's throat, relishing the way she responded. His own desire strained in its confines. As he claimed her lips hungrily, he freed his member and removed his fingers from her body.

Talliya did not know when Dwalin had undid his trousers; but as she felt demanding lips crush hers in a kiss that sucked the very breath from her, she felt a indescribable stretching of her untried body, pain building as Dwalin entered her. There was a sudden sharp pain when he at last thrust to the hilt and she felt unnaturally full. She cried out in surprise, breaking the kiss. She panted and willed her body to relax as the dwarf held still for a moment, gently trailing kisses along her jaw. Then, he began to move; her discomfort eased and nature took over. Talliya began to thrust up to meet him, taking his hardened member deeper. She found a sudden need; she just could not seem to get enough in her and she began to thrust harder.

The dwarf answered her passion with his own desire. Feelings like never before rushed through him. Nothing else mattered anymore. All he needed lay beneath him, surrounding him, loving him. The pace quickened to a frantic level as he felt her inner walls tighten around him and milk his shaft dry. He understood now what was missing from his life…the love of another.

"My treasure," he whispered as they shared euphoria.

Talliya was exhausted but satisfied and content like never before. Nothing her mother wrote prepared her for such an intense connection. She heard Dwalin's soft words and merely sighed as the dwarf settled next to her, drawing her close to him. For the first time, Talliya knew what it was to be special, cherished, beautiful.


Talliya stood at the wash basin, rinsing a cloth. The water had been cool enough to soother her tender lady parts. The coupling had been intense and her virgin body suffered for it. In the dim light, she barely see the water turn pink as she rinsed the cloth. She would change it quickly before Dwalin awoke.

"You should have told me."

"What?" Talliya asked, willing her racing heart to stop. Dwalin's rough voice startled her and she spun, grabbing a towel to cover her torso. She thought he still slept.

"Should have told me it was your first," the dwarf answered. He propped the pillows and leaned against the headboard. Even in the early dawn's light, he could see her cheeks color.

"You would've stopped," the half-dwarf whispered as she turned away, suddenly feeling ashamed at her obvious lack of experience.

"Would've been more careful," Dwalin stated, concern coloring his deep voice. "You bleeding?"

"No—yes; but just what would be deemed normal, I suppose." With the towel still clung to her chest, Talliya turned to face the dwarf. "I'll get changed and see to breakfast," she said with a weak smile.

Dwalin, never one to be prudish, moved from the bed and intercepted her. He stood before her as naked as the day he was born. With surprising tenderness, he took the towel from her hands, affording him a view of her most pleasing breasts. He cupped one and kneaded it gently while keeping his eyes locked with hers.

"After last night, there's no need for modesty. I think we've moved beyond that." He leaned in and kissed her soundly. "Last night was most enjoyable for me," he said as he pulled away. He watched her carefully as she responded.

"And for me." A bashful blush colored her cheeks and she peeked at him through thick lashes.

Dwalin smiled and gave her rump a good smack. "Now go fix breakfast; I'm starved!" he teased.

Talliya let out a little squeak and scurried from the room. She felt overwhelmed by the events of the night before. She had no idea what it all meant, but she knew her heart was lost. She only hoped that Dwalin felt the same and come spring would stay.


Talliya and Dwalin spent the winter as constant companions. By day, they worked together on the repairs to the barn. They spent evenings in quiet conversation or comfortable silence, the dwarf smoking his pipe while Talliya stitched. They kept their own council and schedule as sleep went, each retiring when they felt ready though they now always shared a bed. Sometimes they merely slept, snuggled together listening to the raging winter winds. Other nights they gave in to sudden flares of passion and made love. The half-dwarf soon became more confident with intimacy and let desire lead her. Dwarves, it seemed, were not romantics as Talliya had heard tell of human men although they were attentive lovers. Their lovemaking was a combination of domination and pleasurable submission. Foreplay almost did not exist for when the urge surfaced, Talliya and Dwalin gave in regardless of location!

The lovers, if that was what they were, spoke no words of love or commitment. Talliya carefully kept her hopes and dreams secret lest she drive Dwalin away. Yet, as the winter passed into the dawn of spring, the dwarf said nothing more about leaving. When the snow finally began to melt and the cold winds no longer smelled of winter, Dwalin assessed the damage the winter caused on the homestead, sharing those thoughts with the half-dwarf. Hope began to blossom in Talliya's heart just as the blossoms on the trees began to pop.

"The plow shear should go to the blacksmith soon to be sharpened. It will be better than doing it with a wetting stone," Dwalin said between mouthfuls of biscuits and gravy one early spring morning.

"I know; I let it go too long." A blush colored her cheeks. "Da would not be pleased."

Dwalin gave a snort. He had learned much about her father over the past few months and answered her carefully worded questions about the Dwarven culture in general. Dwalin had even been willing to teach her a few words in Khuzdul—though some were curses inadvertently she overheard!

"We could use some more nails also," the half-dwarf continued.

Dwalin wiped his mouth and pushed away from the table. "The weather is good and the road fairly dry. I'll take the plough today and pick up nails. Will also stop by the mill and check on the wheel."

"Oh, I just finished a new skirt for the Miller's wife! Would you take it…please?"

Dwalin frowned but agreed. He would do anything for his 'treasure' although he never told her that. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. The cool spring breeze snuck in as the dwarf left sending a chill up Talliya's spine.


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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