Our Journey: 3. Conversation

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3. Conversation

I looked for him from the high tower or Ecthelion every day after he left for his own country to rule. When he came back, for his uncle's body, I was glad that he had come. I had made my decision, and approved of by my father. Èomer was being welcomed by Elessar and Arwen when I walked into the throne from of Minas Tirith. There was a huge feast and I always glanced towards the King of Rohan, too shy to talk. By the time I had finished wallowing in my shyness, he paled.

"My lord?" I asked, rather concerned. "Are you well?"

"No, I'm quite alright," he replied, colour coming back to his face. "I was deep in thought and memory."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes lady," he reassured me. "You need not worry. Tell me how you have fared since I left."

"I have decided to agree to your proposal," I said quickly. "It took much thought, and much talk with my brothers about you. I even researched your country's history, all that the Minas Tirith library could tell me. What of you?"

"I am glad of this news," he smiled with a sort of relief. "You have made a very grand decision, and with your father's consent, I hope to bring you to Rohan for my uncle's funeral so I show you Rohan. It has been very hard organising my country from nothing."

"When you build a house," I said remembering a quote from years gone by. "You must make a strong foundation, and the rest is easier; as the masons say."

"Very well said," he nodded. "With limited livestock, and damaged crops organising food, I needed to go all around Rohan, ordering the grain houses to be opened for seed that are only for this sole purpose. Then distributed all that to farms that had nothing but dust in their fields."

"Consider that grain doubled by my land," I said, quoting what my father had said that I should say. "We need to start ruling a country now or come winter, we will all suffer. There is much to be done if Rohan is to prosper like it used to before the wars."

We started talking about politics of our countries and of warfare and tactics. He told me of their horses that run free that they trained themselves trusting enough to harness and ride for almost anyone. I pondered the fact that they were so loyal to their riders, and he descibed the ways they get the horses to trust someone using the horse's language, instead of cruelty. I told him about the swans that dwell at the Anduin delta and how I found a new species of swan, travelling northward from the south. They weren't the white ones from the delta; they were a magnificent black, with red beaks. He was most impressed with that. We talked nearly every day from then. And within three months, we were wed.

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