The Miller Daughter-4: 1. The New Girl

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1. The New Girl

Title: The Miller's Daughter:  A Little Aside

Series: Sons of Rohan

Sequel to: An aside to the end of the Captain's Daughter

Author: Gwaelinn

Beta:  Curiouswombat

Genre: FPH

Characters: Hesgar(OMC)/OFC

Rating: PG

Timeline: Late Third Age 3019-20                                                   

Setting: The West-Mark

Warnings: AU

Author's Notes:  While this takes place in Tolkien's world, the character's in this story are all mine (except those mentioned from canon)  This story is the result of my reader's liking Hesgar in the Captain's Daughter and feeling bad for him because he didn't get the girl—This is for you Massanie!  Here is the link to who I view as my Hesgar:


Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and locations are the sole property of Professor Tolkien's Estate save those (and there are several here) I have added from my own imagining.  This is written only for pleasure and I gain no profit for my efforts.

Please send feedback, reviews, comments, and thoughts!  They are 'most welcome'!

Chapter 1 Interest

Hesgar moved to a small table at the back of the tavern.  It had been a long, albeit uneventful, patrol.  Still, he was not really in the mood for socializing, however he did not want to be alone.  Over the past few months, he had watched Erkenbrand's relationship with Éalwyn begin to grow.  He was happy for them, truly, but he wondered why he could not find a special someone.  It was not that the young Rider lacked for company-- none of the Riders did and as a result, they had developed quite the reputation!  No, he really was not interested in a tumble; he had had enough of those!  He was so absorbed in his own thoughts that he did not realize someone had approached.

"Barkeep says you could use this."  A delicate hand placed a tankard of ale before Hesgar.  The startled Rider looked up into the most beautiful cornflower blue eyes he had ever seen.   The girl blushed and gave a small nod before turning and vanishing through the crowd before Hesgar could utter a word.  The man shifted and stretched to try and catch a glimpse of the lovely girl.  He had not seen her at the Warrior's Den before and she looked quite young.  As a rule, women had to be past their majority to work there; the Landlord was quite strict about it.  He even preferred the girls be a bit older, with more experience so to speak.  Yet, here was the exception to the rule.  Hesgar wondered why that was.  Through the mix of riders and wenches, the young man caught sight of the girl, busying herself behind the bar, coming and going from the kitchen.

"You look like a hound sniffing after a rabbit!"  Fréarid dropped to the bench across from his friend.  For the second time that evening, the Rider had been caught unawares!  Fréarid chucked and tried to follow his companion's gaze. 

Hesgar took a swig of ale and leaned back against the wall.  "Who is the new girl?" he asked, trying to sound casual.  "The one over behind the bar?"

Fréarid turned and caught sight of a small young woman with honey blonde hair, young face, and a rather pleasing, curvy figure.  He laughed.  "You really know how to pick 'em!"  Hesgar eyed his friend, waiting for her story.  Fréarid hailed a serving wench. 

The woman returned with the tankard and, placing her hands on the table, leaned forward towards Hesgar, nearly spilling out of her top, her ample "attributes" visible.  "And what, pray tell, may I get you?" she asked in a smooth voice.  Hesgar focused on his ale.

"Do not bother…he is not interested," Fréarid replied.  The woman seemed a bit put out as she sauntered from the table.  "You know, you really need a bit of action," he said to Hesgar.  "You are starting to get gloomy and as such, are no fun!  Come on.  You can have your pick of any of them and from what I hear, several are most…creative!"  The blond wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Hesgar looked at his friend, clearly not amused.  "What do you know of the girl?" he asked again, searching the room for the woman in question.  He was disappointed to find her gone.

Fréarid sighed.  "Lilium?  She is the Miller's daughter.  Of course, her Da hates members of the éored.  She came around last week looking for work.  Guess with the destruction of so many farms, there has been little business for her Da; her Ma is dead and there two little ones at home.  She keeps to the kitchens mostly.  Does not speak much and certainly is not interested in the more pleasurable work available--if you know what I mean.  Let her be; she is not worth the hassle her Da will give ya and whispers say she's not yet of age."  The Second downed his ale and stood.  "Ah well, 'tis getting late; Ceothryth does not mind me comin' for a tankard, but best not get home too late.  Perk up my friend, have a roll in the hay, live a little."  With that, the man strode from the tavern.

Hesgar continued to scan the room for any sign of the Miller's daughter. The place was nearly empty when he finally spied her again, cleaning the tables.    Her honey blonde hair had begun to slip from the ponytail and soft wisps framed her youthful face.  The hard work and warm room caused her brow to sweat and she wiped at it with the back of her hand.  She loaded a tray with mugs and tankards and struggled to lift it.  As it began to wobble dangerously, Hesgar moved swiftly to steady it.  She looked up at him in surprise.

"Allow me," he said softly as he took the laden tray.

Her eyes grew wide as he easily shouldered the load.  "That is not necessary, sir," she said, looking slightly flustered.  "Please, 'tis not right you bein' a Rider and all."   Hesgar ignored her argument and headed to the kitchen. 

As they entered, the Landlord called to the girl, "We best get you home child.  'Tis getting' very late and you Da will have my head if he thinks you are doing more than just cleanin' up!  I will finish closin' up later."

The tall Rider set down the tray and spoke up.  "I would be happy to see her home for you…if you do not object, miss," he quickly added looking at Lilium.

Her uncertainty showed and the tavern keeper spoke up.  "It would help me greatly, Lilium and I will vouch for Hesgar, here; he's is a good man.  He will see ya home safe."

"Alright then," Lilium said with a shy blush.  "Da will be getting worried if I linger."  She wiped her hands on a rag.  As she made to grab her cloak she found Hesgar holding it up for her.  Again she blushed.  The young man then opened the back door and the two stepped out into the cool spring night.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

Story Information

Author: Gwaelinn

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 04/11/12

Original Post: 04/11/12

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