Road to Redemption: 48. Chapter 46

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48. Chapter 46

Legolas spent the evening in Gildor's company. The young prince felt a bit uncomfortable and Gildor kept things light. When dinner was announced, the older elf ushered Legolas to the head table. He pulled a chair out and indicated the prince should sit; Gildor then sat next to him. Legolas was relieved to find himself seated across from Lindir and next to the Lórien Marchwarden. The dinner went by without incident. It took some time before Legolas openly took part in the conversations around him, though. He listened to the tales Gildor shared, finding them uplifting. The young prince soon found himself enamored.

After dinner, the celebration moved to the Hall of Fire. Legolas would have excused himself at that point, tired from the earlier emotional drain, if Gildor had not taken his arm and escorted him towards the gardens. "Come, penneth. You look like you could use a bit of air. We will still be able to hear the music," Gildor said gently.

Legolas nodded. "I think I would enjoy a walk."

Elrond saw the pair leave and he was relieved. He would be able to send word to Thanduil that the young prince was one the mend. He knew that Gildor would heal the prince. The elf-lord looked back over the Hall of Fire and saw those he loved most enjoying themselves in laughter and love. A pang of loneliness stabbed his heart. It had been years since he and Thranduil had been together.


Gildor led Legolas to a small patch of grass near a rose arbor. Dropping gracefully to the ground he looked at the young prince expectantly. "Sit and relax. It is a beautiful evening and the stars shine brightly."

Legolas smiled shyly and sat next to the stunning elf-lord. He pulled his knees to his chest and rested his chin on his folded arms. He sighed.

"I am willing to listen," Gildor said softly. "It will help you heal to get it all out."

The dam broke and the young blond let out a strangled sob.

Gildor shifted slightly so he could wrap an arm around the now shaking shoulders. "That is it, little one. Let it all out. I am here for you."

Legolas turned into the embrace and clung to the silk shirt of the older elf. Gildor wrapped his other arm around the distraught ellon, completing the embrace.

"I am sorry," Legolas croaked, attempting to pull away. "You did not come out here for this. I am acting like an elfling!"

Gildor did not let the prince go. "There is nothing about which to be sorry. You have needed to purge these feelings for some time now. And actually, this is exactly why I brought us out here; and everyone feels like an elfling sometimes. Even me!" Gildor rested his cheek on the top of Legolas' wheat-blonde hair. He breathed in the prince's scent: fresh juniper.

They spent the evening locked in each other's embrace, talking and sharing. Legolas opened up wholly to the elf-lord.

Gildor, for his part shared little bits of his life's story. When dawn began to break, the gypsy elf stood. Legoals followed and moved towards the main house. "Legolas," Gildor said, stopping him. "I've had a thought. It seems to me that you are not completely at ease here and you are not ready to return home. I will be leaving in a week or two with most of my company. Come with us. Travel, see Arda, get the spark of life back. It pains me to see so bright a flame nearly snuffed out."

Legolas looked into rich green eyes. He saw acceptance and caring. Perhaps the elf-lord was right. Perhaps he did need a break from it all. For the first time since Gildor had seen the prince, the small smile on Legolas' face reached his eyes. "I think I would like that," Legolas said softly.

The young elf was pulled into a tight embrace. "I would like that, too," Gildor said softly.

Legolas blushed. The two returned to the main house, hand in hand.

From the shadows bright eyes watched with pleasure. The Great Huntsman smiled. That was easier than he thought it would be. Gildor deserved this happiness for his faithful service to the people and creatures of Arda.

Elrohir excused himself from the Hall of Fire earlier than usual, claiming to be tired. Haldir, naturally, escorted the younger twin to his room. No sooner had the door closed than the Marchwarden found his arms full. Elrohir threw himself at the blond elf with such fervor. The dark-haired elf maintained lip contact as he pulled Haldir towards his bedroom. Halidr needed little coaxing, although he sensed an underlying distress in the younger elf.

"Aye, penneth, slow down! We have time," Haldir panted as impatient hands pulled at his clothing.

Dark eyes looked up in shock. "No, no we do not. You will leave and I will not see you for so long. I need you, Haldir! Please, I…" Elrohir backed away suddenly and dropped on to his bed. "I cannot do this. I can not make love to you and have you leave me. I am sorry Haldir." Elrohir bowed his head in embarrassment.

Haldir came to kneel before his would be lover. "Is that what has been troubling you? That I will return to Lórien?" The young elf nodded. "Are you saying then that your feelings for me as more than just close friendship?" Another nod. Haldir grabbed the twin's hands and brought them to his lips. "My feelings for you are more than friendship, too. I desire you greatly. I have enjoyed our time together and do not wish it to end either."

"Then what are we to do?" Dark brown eyes looked pleadingly at Haldir. "I want you so badly, but I fear my heart will break if we are intimate and you leave."

Haldir moved to sit next to the distressed ellon. He wrapped an arm around Elrohir and kissed the sable crown. "What we will do is sleep in each other's embrace tonight and solve this issue in the morning. Then, once we find an agreeable solution, I will ravish you as I so desire!" The two chuckled. "Anyway, I do not think we are the only ones with this dilemma."

Elrohir smiled at the elf he loved more than he thought possible. He thought of Glorfindel and Elladan. Haldir was right. They were not alone in this, and come morning, they would all figure out the answer. Feeling better about everything, he and Haldir readied themselves for bed and, true to his promise, Haldir held the young twin close through the night. It was the best night's sleep Elohir ever had.

Two blonds lay panting in the aftermath of orgasmic pleasure. One was golden and powerful, the other fair and lean. The first tints of orange colored the sky.

"Does Imladris have rules about superior officers bedding the common ranks?" Orophin asked, drawing lazy circles on Glorfindel's chest.

The Imlarian elf combed his fingers through his lover's pale hair. "Hmm…not really," he said contently. "Lovers cannot be in the same patrol, regardless of rank."

"Then how do they ever see each other?"

Glorfindel sighed. "They may be on patrol at the same time, but not in the same group. One of my captains is bound to an archer who guards the mountain pass. This is an odd thing to bring up after a night of passion."

Orophin chuckled. "I guess, but you see, I have grown rather fond of you." He propped himself up on his elbow so he could look into the sapphire eyes he so loved.

"Fond?" Glorfindel asked with mock disdain.

The young sylvan smiled. "All right, more than fond. I would like..that is to say if you feel the same about me, I would…"

"Yes, I am *fond* of you, too," Glorfindel interrupted with a laugh.

Orophin slapped his shoulder. "Funny. What I am saying is that I want to stay in Imladris."

Glorfindel looked at his young lover intently. "You wish to stay here? With me?" Orophin nodded. "You would give up your life in the Golden Wood, your life as a guardian to be with me?" Glorfindel could not believe that someone would give up so much to be with him.

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