Road to Redemption: 46. Chapter 44

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46. Chapter 44

Gildor strolled back toward the house to prepare himself for the festival. Oromë had come to him the previous night requesting help. Even if the Vala had not promised he would find love in Imladris, he would have given his assistance. He was fond of Lindir and was not blind to the favor the minstrel had with the Valar. When Gildor had learned the young prince tried to interfere with Lindir's relationship, he was greatly disturbed; he left his troupe immediately and raced for the hidden valley. The others would follow as planned and arrive for the feast. He arrived in the early morning and begged Erestor to secrecy until the others arrived. If Erestor thought the elf was acting strange, he said nothing.

As the gypsy-elf returned to his quarters, he wondered about the second part of the Vala's request. He was to take Legolas with him. It seems the prince needed to be re-educated and the Valar deemed Gildor the right elf for the job. There was only one possible flaw in the whole thing…convincing Legolas to go with him.


Legolas sat in miserable silence for a time. The Vala was right. In recent years he had changed. That change caused his father to send him away. The blond stared at his reflection. What he saw was far from pleasant. He had dressed in his most "royal" robes, and a gold and mithril diadem was laced in his elaborately braided hair (after all, he had brought all the things that would set him above others). Legolas sighed. This was not him. He hated pomp and circumstance! He had become a flashy, egotistical, obnoxious, vain, little brat…he had become more like his grandsire than he cared to admit.

The young Mirkwood prince stood and removed the heavy robes; not even his father dressed so…pretentiously. Hanging the offending garment in his wardrobe, he chose instead a pale silver-blue raw silk shirt, buttoned to the throat and embroidered with soft pearlescent thread. A pair of plain, soft black velvet leggings and his boots finished the look. If there was a chance at gaining love, he wanted to be loved for who he truly was. Sitting before the mirror, he began to undo his braids and removed the circlet. Legolas brushed out his hair to a gleaming wheat blond and simply pulled the top and sides to the back and braided it, leaving the rest to sway against the small of his back. He removed a simple circlet of braded mithril from his pack and set it gently on his brow. He next removed the signet ring he wore and carefully placed it and his formal crown into a small box. With a deep sigh, he stood and fearfully looked in the full-length mirror again. What he saw shocked him. Gone was the arrogant princeling, and in his place stood a young, beautiful, although frightened, elf who would make his mother proud.

Changing his outward appearance was the easy part; convincing everyone that he had changed on the inside too would be more difficult. He had so many apologies to make.

Erestor prepared for the feast, letting his lover tend his hair. Since the night they shared their bodies and hearts, the two were apart for work purposes only. The whole of Imladris could see the love between the two, and Maedhros was a dotting lover, leaving treats and trinkets for Erestor. They was decided that, although Maglor and Lindir vacated his room, the smith remained in the chief advisor's rooms.

Erestor had grudgingly allowed the re-embodied prince to choose the counselor's attire for the feast. He felt nervous as the only color he wore, especially for such occasions, was black; hopefully his love did not go to the extreme! Maedhros finished brushing Erestor's onyx locks and carefully clipped the sides back with jeweled clips. Standing, the former warrior retrieved a package from under the bed. Laying it on the cover, he turned to his little love.

"Here, melethron. Come see what you will wear tonight," Maedhros said.

The advisor eyed that package warily. Hesitantly he advanced and with shaking fingers began to untie the ribbon. A soft gasp escaped as the robes were revealed. "They are beautiful!" Dancing cocoa eyes met rich mahogany ones. Erestor gently removed the robes. They were crushed velvet in the deepest, darkest blue Erestor had ever seen. The collar and cuff were embroidered with a unique pattern that Erestor had never seen before. The robe closed with elegant toggles and a belt made of mithril chainmaille completed the ensemble. "You give me too much! I cannot accept something like this." He looked up awestruck.

Maedhros chuckled. "I enjoy giving you things and you can accept. I saw the fabric and knew it would look stunning on you."

Erestor eyed the belt. It was fifteen rows wide and made with links so delicate that it fell almost like ribbon. "You made this," the advisor stated, laying the belt down and advancing on his lover. Maedhros could only nod as the elf that held his heart advanced. Wrapping his arms around the tall elf's neck, Erestor stretched up to bestow a loving kiss on petal soft lips. "I love it." Erestor whispered.

"And I love you," Maedhros replied, pulling the slight elf in for another, more passion filled kiss.

Erestor pulled away and snickered at the resulting pout. "If, melethron, we continue, we will be late for the feast and EVERYONE will know why."

"So what?" Maedhros reached for the dark haired elf but missed as the agile body glided away. The chase was on.

The two elves ran around the bedroom, through the sitting room, and back to the bedroom before Erestor hid behind the open wardrobe door. "Enough, peace!" he said panting. "You will undo the work you did on my hair!"

"So I will redo it." The reply was accompanied by a mischievous twinkle as the powerful elf crawled across the bed.

Erestor quickly grabbed something from inside the closet. "Wait! Do you not want to see your new robes?" This stopped the Noldo.

"What new robes?"

"I thought…" Erestor blushed. "I thought you deserved robes befitting your station." Maedhros started to protest but was short. "I know you wish to be just a simple elf. That is not entirely the case. This valley sees you and your brother as foster fathers to our Lord. Regardless of past actions, you are still of the line of kings. I just…" Erestor stopped, eyes pleading for the ancient elf to understand.

Maedhros crossed the bed and sat on its edge. "Come here, precious one," he said softly. Erestor went to his waiting arms, carrying the robes. The ancient elf took them and carefully laid them on the bed before enveloping Erestor in a tight embrace. "I know not how I came to deserve you, but I pledge my heart and my soul to you if you would have them." He held his breath as he waited for the words to register. It did not take long before dark eye went wide with understanding. "I know this is fast, and I wish to court you properly, but know that I am yours if you desire it."

Erestor answered the only way he could. He pressed his lips against those of his heart's desire and let his love and passion carry his answer. Clearing his throat and holding back the tears that threatened to fall, Erestor whispered, "You hold my heart as well, and I happily take what you give and offer the same in return."

The Noldo smiled and kissed his little love. "So, show me what you chose for me," he whispered. The warm breath caressed Erestor's ear and sent a shiver through his body. Reluctantly stepping away, he let Maedhros uncover the new robes. The returned warrior's eyes misted over. It was not the rich green fabric of the over coat, nor the dark green leggings and shimmering tunic that stunned him so. As amazing as they were, it was the clasp holding the over coat closed at the waist that moved him to tears.

Gold had been crafted into the emblem of *his* house…not his father's but the one his warriors marched under. An oak tree, its bountiful limbs filled with leaves and acorns spread out in perfectly symmetry save the lowest branch on the right side. This limb was cut just off just before the point where leaves should be. When the ancient warrior had set up his own lands, he had chosen this new symbol for his house. He felt the oak was perfect, for it grew strong, symbolized wisdom, and could survive almost anything. When he lost his hand, the emblem had been modified. Maedhros also notice that peaking through the upper branches was a mithril star set with a diamond. The same star was on Elrond's standard. The smith's eyes glistened in understanding. The trouble and expense Erestor must have gone through touched him deeply.

"I…I do not know what to say," he stammered, pulling his lover into his embrace. "It is beautiful. How did you know?"

Erestor placed a chase kiss on his cheek. "I asked Elrond." The following embrace was filled with love and promise. Finally, Erestor pulled away. "Come, let us finish getting ready and show off our new finery." He winked as he moved to don his new robes.

Maedhros laughed.

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