Road to Redemption: 43. Chapter 41

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43. Chapter 41

(Earlier that evening)

Although the walk to the twins' suite was slow, that time passed quickly for the two elves, lost in quiet conversation.  Elrohir only needed to stop to catch his breath a few times, the last being at the top of the main stairway.  Haldir patiently waited for the younger elf to move on.

Elrohir heaved a sigh as they approached the common door to his and Elladan's rooms.  Haldir supported the tired elf as he pushed open the oak door (which had been re-placed already).  Guiding the dark haired elf to a settee by the window, the guardian went to close the door and retrieve a glass of water from the sideboard.  Elrohir sat with his face to the sun and his eyes closed.

The silver elf returned and perched on the edge of the settee.  "Here," he said gently, handing Elrohir the glass.

"Thank you," Elrohir replied, setting the glass on a small end table and resting his head against the cushioned back.  "This was not one of my more intelligent ideas, was it?"

Haldir chuckled and bestowed a caress to the ebony hair.  "No, it was not.  I do not understand your actions.  You are a great warrior, for more than you sword ability.  What happened to the warrior who knew his limits?"  Blue eyes locked with steel ones.

Elrohir soon lowered his eyes and said nothing.  What could he say that would not sound foolish and childish?  He let his eyes drift closed again as he felt the gentle caress.  He had butterflies swarming in his stomach; he wanted to feel that caress forever.

"Elrohir?" Haldir pressed, "Please.  I need to know why you would do something so dangerous."  He was careful not to say stupid or foolish knowing the young twin already felt that way.

"I knew it was not poisoned.  I really thought I could handle it."  Here he paused and sighed.  "I was embarrassed that I let my guard down and got injured.  I did not want Glorfindel to fuss, or you to think I was…less than capable."

Haldir's blue eyes went wide.  He thought it had something to do with him, but that was not exactly what he expected.  "Look at me."  The Silvan captain had to lift the twin's chin with his fingers to make eye contact.  Even then he found Elrohir's eyes evasive.  Leaning in to make certain they were face to face, the older warrior continued.  "I can understand not wanting Lord Glorfindel to fuss.  I have witnessed that before and I too would do anything to avoid it."  Elrohir could not stop the smile.  "But what would make you think I would doubt your ability?  You are one of the finest hand-to-hand warriors I have known, in all my centuries.  You are more than capable; I mean, even Glorfindel has had his less than winning moments."  Haldir got the response he was looking for; Elrohir's smile reached his eyes.  At that moment, Haldir knew he was lost and the thought of leaving the beautiful young elf already pained him.  Before his rational side knew what his emotional side was doing, warm lips brushed against warm lips.  It was an almost chaste kiss but filled with feeling, the kind lovers often share.  Pulling back just enough to gauge Elrohir's reaction, Haldir was caught off guard when the younger elf reached around to the back of his neck and pulled the Lórien elf forward, this time holding the kiss longer.  A tentative tongue ran over the seam of Haldir's lips, looking for an invitation.  It was not long before it was granted entrance and both elves moaned at the sensations caused by the questing tongue.  Haldir slid a hand into the thick midnight hair while carefully leaning on his other.  He was able to keep the close contact without worrying about adding further injury.  Elrohir was comfortably reclined, Haldir's powerful body hovering above.  Soon the need to breathe caused the two to reluctantly part.

"You need to rest," Haldir whispered against petal soft lips. 

"I know."

"Is there anything you need?"

"Only another kiss."  There was a twinkle in the twin's eye.  He pulled Haldir to him and kissed him soundly before relaxing into the comfort of the settee.  Closing his eyes, as was normal for him, he fell into revere with smile upon kiss-swollen lips. 

Haldir stood and repositioned the bulge in his leggings.  Looking about, he found the door leading to the washroom.  He headed toward it with determined strides, emerging some time later with a sated look in his eyes and lacking the bulge.


Rúmil and Orophin found their lovers plotting in Glorfindel's office.  Standing outside the door for a moment, the brothers silently agreed that they never wanted to be on the receiving end of Elladan or Glorfindel's wrath.

"I want to pound that little son of a warg…"

"Do not insult the Queen so.  She was a fine elleth."

"Sorry," Elladan muttered having the grace to look ashamed.  A knock interrupted them.

"Come," the Vanya called out.  The silver-haired elves stepped into the office; Rúmil closing the door.  "To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

"We wanted to offer alibis if necessary," Rúmil said, sitting in a chair before the captain's desk and propping up his feet.  Glorfindel arched an eyebrow, but said nothing.  "What wonderful things have you planned for the esteemed prince of Mirkwood?"  Rúmil rocked back on the legs of his chair.

Orophin moved around the desk to sit on a corner, looking expectantly.  "We would be more than happy to help in *lessons*," the older brother said matter-of-factly.

"I am sure you would."  Glorfindel stood and reached across his desk.  With no effort, he pushed Rúmil's feet from his desk.  The young warrior would have toppled backward to the floor if not for Elladan's quick reflexes.  The older twin was able to grab a flailing arm and help Rúmil regain his balance.  The others laughed and Rúmil's ear-tips turned pink.

Glorfindel continued, "We must be certain that the prince is treated with diplomatic courtesy.  He is still Thrandul's son."

"Let us set it up as a training program, aimed to keep his skills keen while visiting.  When is he leaving, anyway?"

"Not soon enough," replied Glorfindel.  "You have a good idea.  We will start his training tomorrow just after breakfast.  Elladan, you will spar with him until mid-morning."

"Think you can last that long?" Rúmil piped in.

"I have more stamina than you can imagine," the half-elf countered.  Orophin made a face and Glorfindel rolled his eyes.

"If you are done defending you prowess, let us get this finished.  I am sure there is something better we would all like to be doing."  The four elves brainstormed ideas and schedules until at last, they had one that would give the prince little time to cause problems.  "Great.  I will take this to Elrond later.  I am sure you two have somewhere to be so please close the door on the way out."

Elladan and Rúmil shared a knowing look.  "Real subtle, Captain.  Like we do not know what you want to discuss with Guardian Orophin," Elladan said coyly.

"Discuss?  I do not think there will be much discussing," Rúmil added as Glorfindel stood menacingly.

Grabbing the cheeky elf by the collar, Elladan made for the door.  "Come on, Rúmil, There is a matter I wish 'discuss' in depth in your rooms."  He swatted Rúmil's posterior as they passed through the door.

Once the door was closed, Orophin slid off the edge of the desk and stood toe to toe with the Balrog slayer.  "Was there something you wished to discuss?" he purred.

Glorfindel leaned forward.  "It is more of a demonstration.  As I recall, our picnic was interrupted.  I would like to continue where we left off," he cooed before capturing his lover's lips in a searing kiss.  Orophin reached for the laces of Glorfindel's leggings.  The golden haired elf fumbled around his desk blindly.  Finding the object he wanted, a flip of the wrist send the dagger to the door.  It lodged just above the latch, effectively 'locking' the door. Orophin smiled into the kiss at the ancient lord's tactics.

"That was quite a demonstration, Captain," the archer said, letting his hand glide over the other's crotch.

"That was nothing, penneth," the warrior growled.  In another smooth movement, Glorfindel unlace Orophin's leggings and slid both hands in the tight pants, grasping the soft mounds firmly.  "There is much more I would show you.  And perhaps, there are a few things you might demonstrate for me."

Orophin moaned as one of his lover's hands slid between his thighs, fingers brushing the backs of his sensitized sacks.  Involuntarily, the younger elf spread his legs and pressed forward.  He ground his hips against Glorfindel's.  Glorfindel in turn released the willing lips and attacked the shell of a perfect ear.  Orophin dropped his head to the side as a wicked tongue licked and lapped its way down to the junction between neck and shoulder.

Shaking hands worked the laces on Glorfindel's leggings free, releasing his bobbing erection.  The older elf gasped as the restrictive clothing gave way.  Orophin dropped to his knees and engulfed the throbbing member.

"Aiya, melethron," Glorfindel moaned.  Orophin licked up the underside then circled the tip.  His hands slid Glorfindel's legging to his ankles.  Still wearing his boots, the pants could go no further.  Orophin's hands glided back up the powerful legs, one to fondle the soft sacks.  The other ghosted over the round mounds to slip between them, searching for that most private entrance.  Glorfindel thought his legs would give way under the pleasurable onslaught.  Unfortunately, there was little he could do other than moan and whimper for more.  *groan* "That feels divine," he panted.  The Vanya began to thrust into the moist cavity alternatingly pressing back to encourage the questing fingers.  "You…ahhh…Are a…"  He was unable to finish as a finger breached his guardian ring.  Glorfindel threw his head back and cried out, his hands fisting in soft silver strands.  The blond felt the pressure begin to build.  A second finger joined the first and the pace quickened.  Between the sucking and licking, the thrusting and scissoring, Glorfindel soon found himself exploding with the most powerful orgasm he could imagine.

Orophin stood and turned to the side.  Gently, he coaxed the taller elf to brace himself against the desk.  Glorfindel did not need further instruction.  Impatiently he kicked his boots off as Orophin also removed boots and leggings.  Coming up behind the great warrior, Orophin paused. "Is this acceptable to you?" he asked softly.  He had not planned it this way, but he needed to be inside the beautiful elf.

"Take me.  I am ready and needing you badly," the golden warrior rasped, spreading his legs and bracing himself against the desk. 

Orophin lined himself up and leaned over his heart's desire.  He paused again.  "I do not take lovers lightly." he whispered into a perfect ear.  He reached around and gently grasped the newly wakening member.

"I do not want a one time experience.  You have captured my heart and soul.  Make love to me…now," he ended with a gasp as his re-hardened flesh was teased further.  Orophin looked around for something to easy his way, finding a jar of oil (used for softening leather) he quickly slathered his throbbing erection.  A second gasp escaped him as Orophin sheathed himself in one fluid motion.  The silver-haired elf waited only a moment before sliding back out and thrusting in again.  The lovers moaned and gasped together, soft words of love and devotion whispered.  The pace Orophin set was languid, almost to the point of frustration.  He would bring the warrior to near climax and then stop all movement.  He would begin to thrust and stroke again and stop.  Glorfindel wanted to collapse, his legs quivered, his heart raced and the spikes of pleasure ripping through his body were electrifying.  Suddenly stars burst before his eyes, his world spiraled away and a second orgasm coursed through his sated body.  He cried out his lover's name.

This was all Orophin could stand.  His thrusts became erratic as he built his own pending release.  "Glorfindel!  Melethron."  The younger elf slumped against the strong back.  His softened member slipped from the tight channel as they slid to their knees.  Orophin held Glorfindel around the chest as the drained elf rested his forehead on the edge of his desk.

"That was incredible," Glorfindel panted.

"I never thought it could feel that way.  I felt like I was soaring with the stars," the archer said, planting a loving kiss to the back of the golden head.  "I will be yours for as long as you would have me," he continued, hope evident in his voice.

"Then we must figure something out for I will not be parted from you.  Let us retire to my chambers to clean up before our meal."  Glorfindel turned smiling eyes to his lover.  They pulled on leggings and boots in a comfortable silence.  Before removing the dagger from the door, Glorfindel pulled the slighter elf into an intense embrace, kissing him with all the love he felt. "You are mine now, Guardian of the Golden Wood."


That evening, Lindir and Maglor retreated to the young minstrel's rooms.  Lindir was ashamed of his behavior and nothing Maglor could say would make him feel any better.

"Why do you waste your time with me?  I am no more than an elfling.  I saw a friend hurt and forgot about the rest of my world.  Forgot about the most important thing…*person* in my life.  I am so sorry."  Lindir sobbed.  Maglor held him tight; glad that his songbird was back in his arms.  The couple had become reacquainted with each other and not just physically.  He could feel their bond strengthen.

"Penneth, melethron.  I love you more than life.  I feared to lose you; there is much that should deny me the honor of your love.  I would fade if you were to leave me.  But know that you will always have a place in my arms and my heart…no matter what."

Words of reassurance and love led to gentle kisses and soft caresses.  Soon, however, the fire began to flare and the lovers were engulfed in their passion.  That night they realized that vows or no, they were eternally bound in mind, heart and soul.

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