Road to Redemption: 37. Chapter 35

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37. Chapter 35

Glorfindel and the Mirkwood delegation made good time.  Only two of the wounded needed to stop and Elrohir and Haldir stayed behind with them.  Sending Orophin ahead to alert Elrond of the situation, he was relived to see the Lord Healer waiting in the courtyard with several other healers.

Rushing up to Glorfindel, Elrond looked at the unconscious prince of Mirkwood.  His chest grew tight.  "How bad?"

"Bad," was the only reply.  The Captain carefully handed off Legolas to Elrond and dismounted.

The elfin lord took a quick survey of the disheveled group.  "Where is Elrohir?" he asked when he realized that the younger twin was not in the courtyard.

"He is well," Glorfindel began as he followed Elrond to the healing wing.  "He and Haldir stayed with a couple who needed to rest.  They should be arriving shortly."

Elrond simply nodded.  Coming to an empty room, he carefully laid the blond elf on the crisp sheets.  He tried to keep his hand from shaking as he began removing Legolas' tattered clothing.  Glorfindel came forward to help.  He knew Legolas was like a son to his lord since before Thranduil and Elrond began sharing their bed.

"Roll him to his stomach," Elrond said, retrieving a basin of water, cloths and healing herbs.  "I have to clean it quickly, before the poison is completely absorbed into his system."  The dark haired elf hung his head when he saw the extent of the wound and realized that it had begun to close.  He would have to reopen it in order to purge the body of the poison.

"He will pull through, Elrond.  You are the best there is," Glorfindel encouraged.

Elrond did not answer.  He had to focus his talents and energies; he tuned the physical world out, working silently and methodically.


Erestor found it hard to concentrate during the afternoon hours.  It was only when the delegation arrived that work purged all other thought from his mind.  He made sure that the animal healer was waiting at the stable to care for any wounded steeds.  He then had members of the house staff lead the non-injured elves to their quarters.  He made certain that the kitchen sent food and drink to the rooms.  He then rushed off to the healing wing to see how he could help there.  He ran into a panicked Lindir.  The minstrel had seen the party arrive.  He was shocked to see his friend, bloodied and unconscious.  Erestor calmly sat the minstrel down in a chair outside of Legolas' room.

"Would you like me to fetch Maglor?" the advisor asked.

Lindir did not answer the question but asked his own instead.  "Will he be alright?  When can I see him?  Please, Master Erestor, ask Lord Elrond if I can sit with Legolas."

"Peace, mellon nín.  I will see what I can learn."  With that, the raven-haired elf stole quietly into the prince's room.  Elrond sighed as he washed his hands; Glorfindel was pulling up the blankets.

"How is he?" Erestor asked gently.

Elrond looked up with tired eyes.  "He will live, but it will take some time before he will be back to hunting spiders."

"That is good to hear.  There is a very worried bard in the hall.  May he come in?"  Elrond nodded to his advisor.  Erestor returned to the hall, an expectant look on Lindir's face.  "You may sit with him.  Is there any thing you need?  I will te…"  Lindir was already through the door, closing it softy.  Erestor raised an eyebrow. "…tell Maglor you are here," he finished to himself.  Shaking his head, he headed back to his study.

The sun had begun its decent.  The advisor was exhausted.  He had missed evening meal, not that he was really hungry at all.  He opened his balcony doors and stepped through.  Leaning both hands on the railing, the dark haired elf bowed his head.  So lost in thought was he that he never heard another approach.  Strong hands rested on his upper arms.  Erestor could not help but smile; he knew who it was.  Then a horrible realization hit causing him to turn abruptly.

"Maedhros!  I am so sorry.  I forgot.  With the chaos of the arriving delegation, I lost track of time," he sighed and lowered his head.

Maedhros caressed the advisor's soft cheek, raising Erestor's head to meet the re-born elf's eyes.  "There is absolutely no reason to apologize.  It must have been exhausting," he smiled down at the younger elf, never stopping his caress.  "I almost did not come."  He stayed the caress long enough to raise his hand, stopping Erestor's interruption.  "I knew you had a rough afternoon and probably simply wanted to retire.  As you can see, I could not stay away; I wanted to bid you a good night."

Erestor had been leaning into the warm touch when he looked up crestfallen.  "You, you do not wish to walk with me?" he inquired, trying to mask his disappointment.

"Of course I still wish to take a walk, but I will understand if you would prefer to go another time."

"No," came the brisk reply.  "That is, I mean I would not be able to sleep right now anyway and would wind up walking the gardens in any case.  I would rather have your company than solitude," the younger elf blushed.

Maedhros stuck out his arm in way of response.  Erestor placed his hand in the crook of the former warrior's elbow and allowed himself to be led to the gardens.  The two elves spoke softly about their respective days.  Maedhros wrapped his arm around Erestor's slim waist when the advisor relayed the afternoon's developments.

"It is hardest for Lord Elrond and Lindir.    Lindir and Legolas developed a close relationship when he was here a few decades ago."  Something about what Erestor said triggered a thought on the fringes of Maedhros' mind, but he could not figure out why.  Erestor tried to hide a yawn.

"You are about to fall asleep on your feet.  Let us return to the house."

Erestor was too tired to argue.  They walked back to the house in silence, the tall elf's arm still wrapped comfortably around the advisor's waist.  Erestor's heart was aflutter.  When they reached his quarters, he made a decision.

"Would you like to come in?" he shyly asked.

"Very much so, but not tonight.  You need rest and I have to be at the forge at sun-up," the mahogany haired elf smiled.  "Perhaps you would honor me with another walk tomorrow?"

"I would like that very much," Erestor returned the smile.  Leaning down, Maedhros placed a chaste kiss on Erestor's waiting lips.

"Then I bid you good night," Maedhros whispered, his breath warm against the advisor's face.  After another quick kiss and a slight bow, Maedhros headed toward his chambers.

Erestor walked into his room, going strait to the window.  'I would have given myself to him, if he came in.' the advisor thought.  'I want him to be my first.'  With a sigh, the raven-haired elf turned back to his room and prepared for bed.

In a chamber down, the hall another elf thought about the evening.  Maedhros went straight to his bathing chamber and opened the top tap.  Stripping, he looked down at his prominent erection.  Stepping under the stream of cool water (it was like stepping into a waterfall) he placed his palms flush against the wall, he leaned in, turning his head up.  'He would have given himself to me...  I would have obliged as well.  I do not want it to be that way; sex first then a relationship.'  Feeling the water cool his inner fire, the smith washed and prepared for bed.  Feeling under control, Maedhros settled under the plush covers.  As he began to drift to sleep, his mind again wandered to the beautiful advisor.  Soon he was thinking of all the things that sweet, wonderful, innocent elf would do to him.  He began to imagine how Erestor's hesitant and exploring touch would feel.  Gently caressing Maedhros' chest, back…his hand stole down, under the covers.  Taking himself in hand, he began to visualize what it would be like to feel Erestor move inside of him.  Yes, the rhythm, the passion.  His strokes began to mimic the lovemaking playing out in his mind's eye.  It took very little to bring the strong elf to completion, Erestor's name on his lips.  As he cleaned up his mess, Maedhros made a decision.  Usually when one is with an innocent, the experienced elf takes first.  When the time came, Erestor would have *him* first. 

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