Road to Redemption: 28. 26.

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28. 26.

Lindir woke to an empty bed. With worried eyes, he looked around his room, lit with a pre-dawn glow. He quickly spotted his lover sitting in a chair, staring at the embers in the fireplace. Moving quietly, Lindir came to stand next to the ebony haired elf. Gently caressing the soft mane, the minstrel inquired quietly, "What is it meldir? It is cold in bed without you."


Maglor smiled and grasped Lindir's hand, pulling the startled elf into his lap. Once Lindir was situated on his lover's lap, legs hanging over the arms of the chair, the Noldo captured the minstrel's soft lips in a gentle kiss. Lindir moaned at the sensations awakening in his body. Reluctantly, he pulled away and looked into Maglor's eyes.  


"You have not told me what troubles you." 


Hugging the elf in his arms close, Maglor sighed. "I am worried about Maedhros. It has been nearly three weeks; his wounds are healing, but he seems hesitant to leave the healing wing." 


"It is natural. Lord Glorfindel said it took him many weeks to reconcile that he was in fact re-made. I know that he has been visiting with your brother. He will make sure that Maedhros adjusts." Lindir planted a kiss on the older elf's temple and whispered seductively, "Come back to bed and let me make you forget about the outside world. It will still be there when I am through with you." 


Maglor took in the lust filled gaze of his young lover, and in one swift motion lifted the small elf and headed back to the bed. Dropping Lindir unceremoniously onto the bed, Maglor quickly straddled Lindir's hips and placed a hand on either side of the minstrel's head. Leaning forward, he placed a gentle kiss on first one cheek and then the other before claiming the luscious mouth, which opened for him hungrily. The lovers' body began to move and rock together. Moans and gasps came with increasing speed. Maglor had abandoned Lindir's lips to trail kisses and nips down the shapely neck. Glancing up briefly, the dark-haired elf ducked down to tease a hardened nipple. Lindir arched off the bed, trying to get as close as possible to the wet warmth. With a chuckle, Maglor gave the same attention to the other rosy peak before licking his way down the flat abdomen, dipping his tongue into the minstrel's quivering navel. Lindir had a grip on the bedding to the point of nearly tearing it as he writhed below his exquisite lover. Without hesitation, Maglor swallowed Lindir's rigid shaft and began sucking on it in earnest. 

"Aye, what…what you do…OHH…Elbereth, yes!" Lindir could not form a complete thought as he felt his body head towards climax. Just when he thought he could not be stimulated any further, a slim finger pushed past his guardian muscle. The minstrel bucked and groaned, earning him another chuckle from Maglor. 


"You like that, do you?" 


"Mmm, oh yes," came the breathless reply. 


"And what about now...?" The Noldo slid another finger into the warm channel.  

"Ahhh!!" As the silver-haired elf felt his climax approach, he let out a moan of disappointment when the fullness left him. A gasp followed when Maglor slid up the trembling thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Maglor braced himself on his hands as he thrust home. A moan of divine pleasure was ripped from kiss-swollen lips. Dancing to a rhythm as old as time, two bodies moved to reach climax together. The lovers lay embraced as they rode out the waves of ecstasy. Lindir held Maglor close as the other elf rolled off and out of him. Sated, the two drifted back to sleep. 



Maedhros finished his breakfast as Elrond came to check on him. Carefully removing the bandages, the healer gently probed the newly-grown flesh. 


"The burns have all healed over. I have a balm for you to use that will help with the healing and keep scars from forming. I think you can move out of the healing wing tomorrow. A suite of rooms is ready for you and once you get settled, we will feast!" The elf lord's eyes misted as he whispered, "I never thought to see you again." He caressed Maedhros' face. The older elf closed his eyes in response.  


Opening his eyes, he smirked up at his foster son. "So, tell me, what is there between you and your dark advisor?" Elrond blushed at that. "Ah ha! So there is something. I knew it. You two look good together. It has been a long time since your lady left. I am glad to see you found…" 


"Maedhros….Maedh…ADAR!" Maedhros stopped in mid-ramble staring with wide eyes. Elrond smiled. "There is nothing between us except a deep friendship. My heart belongs to another." 


"Just friends you say?" Maedhros had an odd look on his face at this revelation. Elrond eyed the warrior. If he did not know better, he would swear that he saw relief in the cinnamon eyes.

 'That is good to know. But really, get a hold of yourself,' Maedhros thought, 'a young, beautiful elf would hardly want an old, battle-worn kinslayer.' Elrond saw the sadness creep into the expressive eyes. Aloud Maedhros simply said, "I am feeling a bit tired, Elrond. I think I will take a rest." 


Elrond kissed the warrior on the forehead before he left. Something about the conversation tugged at him. Did he see interest in the older elf's eyes? As a boy, Elrond never saw the mahogany-haired elf in the company of another…intimately that is. Well, he had a letter to respond to, his musings would have to wait. 




A knock at the door woke the sleeping warrior. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, marveling that he now had two hands again, he propping himself up, he called for the person to enter. A young elleth came with a lunch tray. He thanked her and she left in a flustered state, blushing. The re-born warrior chuckled as he ate. Setting the empty tray aside, he stared out the window, his thoughts drifting to his dilemma…what to do with himself now. Another knock interrupted him. 



"Come." He called out with a sigh. Maedhros knew it was not Glorfindel, for the captain had training sessions this afternoon. He did not really care for company right now, especially his brother's. Maglor fussed over him far too much. His lack of enthusiasm changed once the door opened. The Valley's chief advisor stood in the doorway with something tucked under his arm. Maedhros waved the elf in. 


"I hope I am not disturbing you," The younger elf inquired quietly. 


"No, not at all." Maedhros' smile lit the room. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" 

"Um, well I thought you might be getting a bit bored; I thought you might like to play a game of chess…if you play." There was a refreshing air about the raven-haired elf. He did not have that 'ooo, ahh, let us stare at the re-born elf' look in his eyes as most others did. The younger elf seemed to want to play chess with just 'another' elf. 


"You will need to be patient with me," the warrior began, "It has been a *few* years since I last played." The smile Erestor gifted him with was the most radiant thing Maedhros had ever seen.  


The advisor cleared off the nightstand and moved it so the Noldo could reach the board comfortably. Placing one pawn of each color in a hand, he shuffled the pieces behind his back. 


"Pick one," he said, holding out his closed fists. Maedhros reached out and tapped Erestor's left hand. A wave of warmth flowed through him with the innocent touch. Erestor opened his hand and revealed the white pawn. 


Setting up the board accordingly, Erestor looked at the handsome elf. "You start, my lord." 

Making eye contact, the older elf moved his pawn and replied, "Maedhros please, I am not one for titles; never was." 


The raven-haired elf nodded and made his move. Maedhros was surprised that the game lasted as long as it did as he kept finding himself looking at his opponent. He noticed the ebony hair had a blue-black sheen to it when the sun hit it. As the advisor was contemplating a strategic move, his dark eyes narrowed and the most enticing smirk followed as he made his move. It was just such an expression that held the older elf captivated when he heard, "Check mate." Looking at the board, Maedhros lay his king down. 


"Well done. Thank you for the game, I enjoyed it." 


Erestor blushed. "Thank you. You play very well." 


Maedhros became lost in the dark eyes and hoped to never be found. Shaking himself back to reality he began, "I would wonder if you could honor me with a chance to redeem myself, but I am certain you have work to do. Thank you for the little diversion. Perhaps you could return sometime?" He asked.  


Erestor did have some matters to finish this afternoon but his evening was free (as usual). "I do have some trade deals to review for tomorrow, but I would love to come again, perhaps after the evening meal?"  

Maedhros smiled. "I will be waiting."  


Leaving the board, the young advisor took one last look at the bare-chested warrior and hurried from the room before a blush could set in. He had been so intent on the game that he did not notice the well muscled chest and abdomen that were visible for the duration of the game. 'Probably a good thing, though,' he thought, 'I would never have been able to play and would have only made a fool of myself. Stick to those of your station, Erestor…he is a prince, for Manwe's sake,' Erestor berated himself as he entered his office. 

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