Road to Redemption: 2. Chapter 1

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2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1 


“I will, and thank you m'lord.” 


“We will be sorry to see you go. Your song has lifted many a heart.” 


The minstrel nodded graciously to his lord. It had taken every trump card he had to make Lord Elrond agree to his plan. Meeting in a small conference room just after the morning meal, Lindir had asked his Lord to release him from his duties to Imladris for an indefinite amount of time. Lindir was young by elven standards, and still felt there was still to learn about his craft. He proposed to Lord Elrond that as a minstrel, he'd travel Arda to study and learn all he could from all peoples. At first Elrond refused, but the minstrel persisted and had some powerful support with him.




“How can I take an escort for an indefinite period? It is not fair to the guards.” Lindir had argued.  


“He has been training with us and Glorfindel, Adar. He is proficient at both bow and knives. He can keep himself safe,” Elladan pleaded the minstrel’s case. 


Elrond had looked to Glorfindel only to find him nodding consent. In a last effort to sway the lord of the valley, Lindir had enlisted the support of Lord Erestor, the Imladrian Chief Advisor. “He has learned all that is available to him here. There is not an instrument, piece of music he has not mastered; nor book on music that he has not read countless times. He should be allowed to pursue his studies. Furthermore,” here the advisor had paused and pinned Elrond with ‘the stare’, “having reached majority long ago, Elrond, he does not need to ask your permission. He does so because he takes his craft seriously and would like to have your blessing.” 


Lord Elrond sat silently. He could not argue with that. Of course, Erestor never left room for argument. With a sigh and a smile, his Lord had conceded.




Lindir rose from the table, thanked all present and headed to his rooms to pack.


Steepling his fingers, Elrond waited till Lindir was gone before speaking again. “There is something that he is not sharing. That is what truly concerns me.” 


“You only worry Adar,” Elrohir said, resting a hand on his father’s shoulder. 


Glorfindel stood. “He is right, meldir. I know you feel responsible for the penneth, but Erestor is right. He is his own elf now.” With that, the golden lord left for the barracks. 


Elrohir and Erestor left, ignoring the wink coming from the elder twin. “Come Ada,” Elladan said, “You may help me with the inventory in the healing house.” Elrond laughed, “I feel so privileged.” With that the council room was empty. 




Lindir did not know what to pack. For a long trip, he would usually have a pack animal. This time he had only Hithlain (Mist). He would have to travel light, yet have everything he needed. The minstrel figured that should he need food or lodging, he would simply ‘sing for his supper'. A gentle smile crossed his fair features. 


Just before noon meal, Lindir went to the Harper to have his harp restrung. Usually he would do it himself, but he was a bit pressed for time. He then hurried to the hall of fire to be sure that Celairel understood her new duties as head minstrel. He decided to take his meal on his balcony rather than in the main hall. He really did not want a fuss made. His plan was to leave at dawn, quietly. The only ones who were aware of his plans, unless the gossip-mongers got wind of it, were Elrond, the twins, Erestor and Glorfindel, and of course Celairel. He never was one for goodbyes. 




He awoke with a groan. Maglor was used to fitful nights, but last night had been the worst in centuries. Having a visit from a Vala, especially the Doomsman, is enough to make anyone uneasy. He had something to do. His time had not come. What in all of Arda could he have yet to do? Sighing, he headed out to wash up. As it was, there was a nice little freshwater spring near by, perfect for drinking and for washing. Maglor stared at his reflection in the pool. He felt so terribly old, and looked it too. There was a haziness to his eyes and worry lines across his forehead. Truth be told, if it were not for the pointy ears, he would easily pass for an Edain. The Noldo then munched on a modest meal of nuts and berries. Having finished, he took up his usual spot at the tip of the jetty. From here he could look over the vast ocean and, for a spell, get lost in it. Unfortunately it never lasted long, and today he had much to ponder

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