Road to Redemption: 13. Chapter 12

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13. Chapter 12

Maglor awoke feeling warm and protected.  He could hear his lover's steady heartbeat and feel the rhythmic rise and fall of the bare chest.  Moving his hand across Lindir's abdomen, he cringed at the remnant of their passion.  The sun had not yet crested so he carefully extracted himself from the bear-like hold and retrieved a damp cloth.  After cleaning off all the 'sticky' stuff, Maglor curled up next to the young minstrel, pulling the smaller elf against him, the Noldo reached for a blanket and snuggled in for a few more hours of sleep.

When next he woke, Maglor was alone.  That was not exactly how he had hoped it would go.  Pulling on his leggings he went to the mouth of the cave.  A cool late summer breeze caused a slight shiver.  The Noldo found the wayward minstrel on the jetty point.

Lindir sat, knees pulled close, looking at the sea, but not really seeing it.  Maglor could feel the melancholy rolling from the huddled form.  Maglor sat silently next to his new lover.

"Winter approaches."  The minstrel said blandly.

"That it does."  Maglor knew there was more and waited patiently.  Lindir sighed as the breeze whipped his hair about.  Fearing what he would see in Maglor's eyes, Lindir continued without so much as a sideways glance.

"I…well, it is just…"

"You wish to return to Imladris before the winter storms close the mountain pass."  There was no judgment or reproach in the older elf's voice.  Actually, it was devoid of all emotion.  "You should return home.  I am certain Elrond has begun to worry.  I am surprised that the re-born Balrog slayer has not come for you."

Lindir swallowed and lowered his head, cheeks flushing.  "Well…"

Maglor's eyes went wide.  "He does not know you are here!"  An incredulous look came across the fair face and the Noldo stood.  "You told me that he gave you leave!  You lied!"  Maglor could not help his anger.  He felt hurt. What would Elrond think when he found out that his young minstrel was bedded by a kinslayer.

In one swift motion, Lindir stood to face the glowering elf.  "No!  No, I did not lie!  He did give me leave.  I just never told him who I wished to learn from."

"You lied to your lord?"

Lindir shook his head.  "No, he never asked.  Please Maglor, try to understand."

"He understands better that you think."  Both elves were so focused that neither noticed the arrival of a very ominous figure.

"Námo."  Maglor gasped.

 Lindir's heart beat in fear.  It could not be good if the mighty Vala were here.  The minstrel would have preferred to see Manwë.

Picking up Lindir's thoughts, the Vala chuckled.  "He was otherwise engaged, pen dithen.  Furthermore, this is out of his…hmmm…area of expertise."  Námo smirked at the dumbstruck look on the young minstrel's face.  He really did love the first-born; they were as much fun alive as in his halls.

"Why have you come, Hir nin?"  The old elf feared to hear the answer.  He prayed it was not for Lindir; that would lead to his own death.

"I have come for you, dear Maglor."  The Vala said calmly.  Lindir's eyes opened wide and shone with fear.  It could not be, not now that he had found love.  He was not going to give his lover up…Vala or not.  The word left his mouth before his brain registered it.


Námo stepped toward the small elf.  The young elf looked up in fear as the massive figure, clothed in black and crimson, came to stand before him.  Tilting his head the Doomsman of the Valar spoke gently, but firmly.

"It is not your decision.  He has asked to go to Mandos for centuries uncounted."  Lindir stared at the great Vala.  There was no doubt that in tangible form, Námo was beyond beautiful, however, he was equally as terrifying.  Now he came to claim Maglor.  The minstrel just could not let that happen.

"If you take him, I will follow."  He crossed his arms like a defiant elfling.

Námo looked at him and chuckled.  "Not if I do not call you."  What could Lindir say to that?  Nothing!

"Peace, penneth."  Maglor said calmly before he turned attention back to the Doomsman.  "Have you come here to take me, or do I have a choice?"

Námo raised an eyebrow.  "Now you wish a choice."  Maglor nodded.  "Very well, you may choose, *however* know this first.  Lindir must return to Imladris or he will die.  However, without him at your side, you will fade…and I will call you anyway."

"No!"  Lindir yelled. 

The Vala turned dark eyes on the small elf.  "I said you have no say in the matter.  The choice belongs to the son of Fëanor alone."

The Noldo looked at Námo with as much courage as he could muster.  "I do not wish to go with you anymore.  I wish to stay here; but I will not condemn the elf who now holds my heart."

"I will not leave him.  No matter what!" Lindir cried. 

Maglor shook his head.  "I cannot allow that.  I will not be responsible for the death of my kin ever again."

Námo cocked his head and smirked, "As you wish."  With that, his form dissipated and the two elves were left alone.

Glaring at his lover, Lindir spoke, "I will not leave you.  You are my other half.  If I am to fade, I would rather fade here, with you to love me, than alone in Imladris!"

"I will not allow you to stay.  Námo did not say you would fade in Imladris.  You must return there now."

Lindir's eyes filled with tears.  He shook his head in response before turning and bolting toward the tree line.

"Lindir!"  Maglor yelled.  "Lindir!  Please come back!"  Maglor fell to his knees and wept.  He was destined to cause nothing but pain in his life.  He loved the Teler, but to let him stay meant the minstrel would find a place in Mandos.  He could not allow that, Lindir had a full life ahead of him.  There would be another lover for him at home.  Maglor sobbed at the thought of someone else loving *his* Silver one.  Still, he would gladly fade if it meant Lindir would live.


Lindir stumbled through the brush as tears blurred his vision.  How could Maglor send him away?  Had he grown tired of him?  How could he leave Maglor knowing that the Noldo would fade?  His head spun with questions.  There had to be away!  Exhausted, he dropped to the ground near the stream.  He was not about to give up on love!  Maglor was his soul mate!  With that thought, he curled up in the grass and fell asleep.


Maglor walked back to the cave dejectedly.  Just when he though everything was alright.  He dropped onto his bedroll…the bedroll he shared with his lover…and cried himself to sleep.  Stepping from the shadows, Irmo turned to his brother.

"Are all Firstborn so thick headed?"

Námo laughed.  "Love clouds even the wisest of minds."

"But the solution to your puzzle is so simple."

Námo looked at the crumpled form.  In this state, Maglor would never see the solution, let alone agree to it.  The Noldo needed a little encouragement.  "Will you do this for me?"

Irmo eyed his brother, "Oh, very well…when have I ever been able to deny you anything?  After this though…those elves are on their own!"  Námo nodded.  Irmo placed a shimmering kiss on Maglor's brow before blending into the shadows.  He had one other elf to visit.


Lindir awoke as the sun began to set.  He felt refreshed and calm.  Sighing, he could not believe that he was unable to see the logical solution.  It was so simple.  If he had to return to Imladris and Maglor could not survive without him then Maglor would just have to come to Imladris with the minstrel.  They could live there together, in love forever!  Lindir's spirit lifted and he smiled as he made his way back to the cave. 


Maglor found himself in a beautiful garden.  Looking about at the wondrous beauty, the Noldo knew he was in Lòrien, Irmo's realm.  The question was why.

"You are a troublesome creature, Son of Fëanor."

Maglor watched at an ethereal form, robed in silver, approach.  Translucent, opal-like hair framed the fair face.  The eyes looking back at him had the same opal effect.  Maglor found his voice gone as he looked upon the Lord of Dreams.

"Why must you doubt all the time?  Can you not just believe for once?"  the Vala sighed.

"I do not…"

"I know.  You do not understand.  You have no idea how many have tried to get you to forgive yourself and accept love!  Manwë lead the minstrel to you.  Ulmö got your attention, Varda encouraged the youth, Este gave you peace, Námo allowed you a choice… and of course, you can not see the forest for the trees!"  Irmo was exasperated.  He really did not see what all the fuss was about; but he followed the plan.

"Why?"  Maglor asked softly.  "Why do you care?"

Resting a hand on the confused elf's shoulder, Irmo smiled, "Because that is what we are here to do.  That is our purpose.  Go, drink from the spring and be refreshed.  The answer can only be found when the mind is clear."

Maglor looked to the babbling spring then back to the Vala.  The Lord of Dreams gave the elf a gentle push.  "Go on, penneth.  Discover how you can be with your soul mate."

With that, the Vala drifted away.  Maglor took a tentative step toward the spring.


Maglor was startled awake by an insistent voice.  "Maglor, melethron, I have it.  I know the solution.  It is so easy; we were thinking too hard…"

Maglor groaned, "Aye, penneth.  Slow down and give me a moment."  Maglor yawned and sat up.  Lindir immediately threw himself into his lover's arms, effectively pushing him back to the ground, and began kissing his face.  Maglor could not help but laugh at the youth's enthusiasm. 

"You can come back to Imladris with me!  It will be perfect."  Lindir's face beamed.

Maglor shook his head and his smile faded.  "I can not do that."

Lindir's enthusiasm faltered, "But, why?  Do you not want to be with me?"  The minstrel's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh, pen celeb nin.  I want to be with you more that I can express.  However, I can not go back with you."  Seeing the confusion in the young elf's face, Maglor sighed and continued, "I am a Kinslayer…with this hand I am easily identified."

"But you have been forgiven!"

"Be that as it may, unless the Valar have personally informed every elf on Arda of this, it is irrelevant.  The elves will only see a kinslayer."

Lindir rose and clenched his first.  "You are a coward!  I would remain here and die, but you will not trust in our love or the goodness of your people!  I thought you had come to love me as I love you…but I was wrong."  Lindir made to leave but Maglor's hand shot out to catch his wrist.  The smaller elf was easily pulled down and rolled beneath the darkling elf.  A heated kiss claimed the minstrel's soft lips.

"How can you say I love you not?  I love you with every fiber of my being."  Maglor whispered as he kissed away the minstrel's tears.  "I care not what would be said of me, but you would become an outcast in your own home.  Others will see you as a traitor."  Maglor caressed the soft cheek and looked deeply into his young lover's eyes.  "Do you not see I do this out of love for you?"

Lindir pulled Maglor down for a passionate kiss, his hands roaming the broad back and coming to rest on the firm buttocks.  He pulled his lover close, letting him feel his arousal.  Not giving the other elf a chance to object, Lindir slid his hands below the waistband and kneaded the twin globes.  His lips left a wet trail along Maglor's jaw and the older elf turned his head to allow more contact.  Some where in the back of his mind, the Noldo knew that this would only delay the conversation, but as teeth bit his collar bone, he lost the will to fight.  His body, heart and soul wanted this.

Using his legs as leverage, Lindir rolled them over so he now straddled the older elf.  Running his hands up the exposed chest, he bent and latched on to a pert nipple causing the elf below him to gasp and buck.  Leaving a trail of nips and licks, Lindir slid down the sleek body.  His hands roamed freely, fingering nipples into hardened peaks.  Maglor writhed below him, causing delicious friction on the minstrel's now throbbing member. 

Maglor gasped as a tongue was pushed in and out of his navel.  The young elf was driving him crazy.  He wanted his lover to take him.  For the first time in his long life, Maglor wanted to lose control and be taken.  It seemed Lindir had the same thought.  Lips kissed down the quivering stomach and came to a stop at the edge of  Maglor's waistband.  The silver haired elf looked up at his lover with a wicked glint in his eyes.  Maglor knew that he was about to be subjected to the same torment he had given his lover.

Sitting up, Lindir unlaced his own legging, letting his erect member spring free.  Maglor reached for it but was batted away.

"Oh, no.  This time I am in control.  With that, the minstrel slid up Maglor's body and offered the panting Noldo the hardened flesh.  Taking Lindir into his mouth, he began to push down the minstrel's tight leggings.  Lindir pushed his body up on his hands to allow Maglor to strip him of his leggings and loincloth in one shot.  Not once did Maglor's lips release the shaft, now leaking its sweet nectar.  Looking up, he saw Lindir throw his head back in pleasure.

Lowering his body, Lindir maneuvered himself out of the older elf's mouth, smirking at the moan of longing that came from his lover.  Sliding further down the lean body, Lindir paused to lick and suck on a delicate ear tip.

"Ahhhh…Mmmmhh."  Maglor panted.  His pinned body squirmed wantonly.  The silver haired elf continued to move his body down the other elf, maintaining as much contact as possible.  He took a moment to bite a dusky peak before kissing away the sting.  Working his way down, Lindir sat back on his knees and reached for Maglor's legging laces.  The Noldo watched intently as the minstrel began to stroke him through his leggings.

"Free me."  The dark haired elf pleaded.  "I need you…oohhh!…to...touch me."  He arched against his lover's hand and rubbed his body shamelessly against his lover's ass.  Lindir moaned at the sensation.  His erection already throbbed and feeling the suede caress his arse was divine. 

With slow movements, Lindir unlaced the sensual leggings, gently letting the weeping shaft free.  The minstrel pushed his lover's legging down a fraction, leaving them just about hip level and resting across Maglor's backside.  The darkling elf thrashed his head, feeling his leggings pulled to a teasing point and his freed member stroked slowly.

"Ahhh…. mmmhh…What you do to me…saes."  Maglor begged, not really knowing for what he begged.

"What?"  Lindir purred.  "Saes what?  Do you wish me to lick you?  To taste you?"

The Noldo arched and moaned, "Saes, oh yes.  Taste me.  I need to feel you on me."  He panted.

Bowing his head, the minstrel obliged and took the tip of Maglor's shaft into his mouth and sucked.  The sounds coming from the wanton body beneath him made his own member twitch and throb.  Licking from base to head, Lindir removed his lover's leggings.  Once the clothing was discarded, the silver elf pushed the strong legs apart and settled between them.  Lindir continued to nuzzle and lick Maglor's member, coaxing out pearls of cum.  As the beads appeared on the head, Lindir licked them of with the softest of touches.

By this point, Maglor had no rational thought and his world consisted of sweet torment.  Because Maglor was nearing his climax, Lindir stopped to look about for the oil.  Spotting it just above Maglor's head, he stretched seductively over his gasping lover to retrieve the vial.  Opening the container and returning to his former position, the minstrel ran a finger behind Maglor's balls to rub against the tight opening.  Sitting back and looking at his lover, Lindir carefully poured the oil so it would drip down, over the twitching shaft, down sensitive skin between the thighs and between the lush cheeks, down his hand and onto Maglor's opening.  Once enough oil reached that point, the young elf inserted his finger and took the purple head into his mouth again.  He did not restrain Maglor's hips, allowing his love to move and thrust as he desired.  As Maglor thrust up, Lindir inserted a second finger.

Briefly releasing Maglor's member, Lindir whispered, "You are so hot.  The way you move on my fingers and thrust in to my mouth…"  With that, he took the whole shaft deep into his throat.  Maglor screamed out as the moist heat engulfed him and the thrusting fingers brushed his bundle of nerves.  There was no way Maglor would last much longer.  Adding a third finger, the minstrel began to bob up and down vigorously.

Feeling the body below him tense, Lindir removed both mouth and fingers from the lust ridden form, slicked his own weeping arousal and slid it past the guardian ring.

Both elves gasped and moaned in pleasure.  The young minstrel had never been on this side of the equation.  Feeling Maglor's tight heat envelop his member nearly brought him to spend.  For Maglor's part, he too was experiencing something new.  Never had he allowed anyone to take him.  He could not believe the intense feeling of love he felt.

The lovers soon began to move to the rhythm of love and a light glow engulfed them.  Little did they know that the Valar blessed their union and bound their fëar forever.

Panting and rocking, the lovers screamed out as they climaxed together.  Lindir fell limply against Maglor.  The older elf wrapped the trembling body in a protective embrace.  He knew that as wonderful as that had been, it would not solve their dilemma.


A/N:  I know Maglor's time in Lòrien is a bit muddled.  That will be cleared up next chapter.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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