Road to Redemption: 12. Chapter 11

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12. Chapter 11

Lindir walked backwards toward the shore pulling the dazed Noldo.  Reaching dry sand, the minstrel let go, turned and walk casually back to the fire, looking over his shoulder every once in a while.  Maglor’s heart raced at the look in the younger elf’s eyes.



By the time Maglor reached the fire, Lindir had put a new log on the fire and spread out a large blanket.  He then knelt on it, motioning Maglor to join him.  Hesitantly the Noldo obliged.  Sitting cross-legged, the older elf stared into eyes filled with desire and affection.  Maglor knew not what to say.  To say he was surprised would be an understatement.  He never thought his most secret wish would come true.  Still, he made no move.



It was on his shoulders whether or not anything happened.  ‘Great, I have almost no experience in physical relations and I have to make the first move.’  Lindir sighed at the thought.  Lindir took a deep breath and looked across the blanket at Maglor.



Casting his eyes to the blanket, the young elf blushed, “I know I am nothing more than an average elf and cannot compare to the ones you have had before.  I have little experience, but please, I know I can offer some comfort.”



“Oh, pen celeb [silver one], you are far above the few I have had in the past!  You are as beautiful outside as you are inside.  You are intelligent and quick witted and I do not doubt that I would find great pleasure in your arms.  But you should not offer yourself to one such as me.  You deserve someone whose inner light is as bright as yours.  Do not waste yourself on me.”  Maglor sighed; what he wanted and what he deserved were two different things.



As Lindir crept forward on all fours, resolve clearly shining in his eyes, the Noldo’s softening flesh quickly regained its form.  Lindir looked like a great silver snow leopard closing in on its prey.  The periwinkle eyes had become dark amethyst, glowing with want.  The minstrel did not stop until he was nose to nose with Maglor.



“Your light is brighter than you think and I *do* deserve you.  Let me show you the love I have developed for you.  Let me bring passion back to your life.”



“I desire you.”  Maglor whispered.  His heart pounded and a swarm of butterflies fluttered in his stomach; he was too old to have such raw emotions.  His body and heart disagreed.



Lindir leaned forward so their lips were but a hair’s width apart.  “Then have me,” he purred.  Maglor could deny himself no more.  He grabbed Lindir behind the head and pulled him in for a hungry kiss.  With gentle determination, the darkling elf rolled Lindir onto his back and blanketed the lithe form.  After kissing the bard breathless, Maglor licked and nipped his way to a delicately pointed ear.  Sucking gently on the tip elicited the most arousing sounds from the young elf.  Maglor’s heart pounded in his chest and his groin throbbed as desires, long denied, were released.  The primal part of the Noldo wanted to rip off the loincloths separating them and sink into the wanton body below him.  However, this would hurt his near innocent love, something he refused do.  Instead, he let his heart guide his actions; he wanted to make this experience as pleasurable as he could for Lindir.



“Ahh.”  Lindir gasped when he felt a tongue glide along his ear.  “Maglor… please…” was all that he could articulate as the talented tongue left a wet trail from his ear, down his neck and to a rosy nipple.  The older elf lapped and sucked the nub to a peak before kissing a trail to its mate.  Lindir writhed beneath him.  That alone nearly caused Maglor to spend himself.  It had been so long, he had forgotten what desire felt like.  Leaning on one arm to lave at the hardened nipple, Maglor let his other hand slide down the tight abdomen, slipping by the prominent bulge straining in the wet loin cloth to caress the lean flank.  The hand made the return trip the same way and came to rest on, or rather tweak, the abandoned nipple.



Lindir gripped Maglor’s bicep with one hand and pulled at the raven locks with the other.  The Noldo was driving him insane.  Never had he felt like this, fire swept through his body with every kiss. 



“Oh Gods… uhhh…mmmmh.”  The moans increased with more writhing as the dark haired elf began a southerly path with his lips, the curtain of ebony hair tickling the quivering elf below.  Maglor held Lindir’s hips in place as he settled on his stomach between the most perfect thighs ever created.  He kissed the inside of one thigh and then the other, earning him a gasp.  The ancient elf looked up the body, beyond the heaving chest to see closed eyes and a thrashing head.  Sliding up just a bit, Maglor planted a kiss right at the top of Lindir’s loincloth, before nuzzling the bulge it hid.



“Aye” Lindir gasped as he arch his back, his hard shaft wanting more attention.  “I thought…” Maglor nipped gently at Lindir’s straining member.  “Ahhh!  Give pleasure…mmmmh… to you.  Aahhh!” Lindir arched as hands caressed his thighs and a wicked mouth teased his shaft through the damp cloth.



Stopping for only a moment, Maglor looked up and made eye contact with the minstrel.  “You are bringing me pleasure.  With every cry, with every arch, you bring me pleasure beyond reckoning.”  Maglor lowered his head.  Using one hand, he untied one side of Lindir’s loincloth, letting the material slip between the trembling thighs; it was not enough, though, to free the young elf’s member.  Maglor placed butterfly kisses and kitten licks to the sensitive area between the groin and hip.  By now, Lindir had lost all control.  He grabbed fistfuls of dark strands of silk.  How it was that the young elf was not pushed over the edge was a mystery.



Having kissed and nuzzled the newly exposed skin, Maglor set to work on the other tie.  Soon it gave way and Maglor repeated his torment. 



“Do… not tease…me…ohhh…so.”  The minstrel begged.  Lindir could feel Maglor smirk against his thigh and when the darkling elf replied, his warm breath sent shivers up Lindir’s spine.



“You did say you wished to give me pleasure, pen celeb nin.”  Maglor again placed a kiss just above the now untied loincloth.  Using his lips and teeth he gently pulled the fabric away, freeing the rigid column.



“You are beautiful.”  He whispered before licking at the weeping tip.  Lindir bucked up in an attempt to maintain contact, but Maglor had a firm grip on his hips.  “In due time, penneth.  I promise I will not neglect your twitching length.”  True to his word, the older elf enveloped Lindir’s member in one swift movement and began to suck gently.  Lindir had never been tasted before and again, the fact that he had not already cum flittered through his lust filled mind.  He though he would die as a talented hand caressed his sacs and dipped behind them. 



“Take me… saes…Magl…uuhhh!”  Maglor’s finger circled the minstrel’s most private part.  Lindir let his legs fall as open as possible and cared not that he behaved so wantonly.  The motion was not lost on Maglor and, taking that as consent, he slipped a single digit into the tight heat.



“Mmmhhh, aye, you are so tight.”  Maglor’s head spun at the sensation of muscles clamping on his finger.  He searched for that special spot that would bring his lover ecstasy.  In a moment of rational thought, Maglor realized he had nothing to ease his way.  He hated the thought of breaking contact, but oil was necessary if he wished to do this correctly.  Releasing Lindir’s member, but keeping his finger buried deep inside, he searched for something…anything.  To his relief, just within reach, was a small bottle of oil.  How it got there he did not know, nor did he care at the moment.



Lindir had moaned in disappointment when the warm, wet sensation left but shivered as the cool night air hit it.



“Maglor…What…” Lindir lifted his head just in time to see the Noldo grasp the oil.  The silver head dropped back down as the reality of the situation hit.  He was about to be taken, for only the second time in his life.  The first time was quickly fading from memory for it had been nothing like this.  This time, there was mutual affection, maybe even love.  He desired Maglor and Maglor desired him.  Again, thought fled when he felt a second, slicked finger join the first.  The older elf stopped his motion for a moment to allow the willing body to adjust.  When he felt the muscle relax, he took Lindir’s member in his mouth and began to thrust with his fingers, brushing the minstrel’s sweet spot every time.  Maglor added another finger and began kissing a trail up the sweat-slicked body.  Lindir was as tight as a virgin and Maglor made certain to stretch him as much as possible.  It was important that he bring the beautiful elf below him only pleasure.



Finally, his lips met with Lindir’s and his tongue easily slid in the gasping mouth.  Removing his fingers, Maglor quickly oiled his member and aligned it with the prepared opening.  Before Lindir could mourn the loss of the fingers, he felt himself being filled by this incredibly hot rod.  He moaned into the older elf’s mouth.  Maglor slowly sheathed himself completely.  He paused and pulled back enough to see Lindir’s face.  Lindir’s eyes shone and with a consenting nod from the silver elf, Maglor began to thrust slowly.



Lindir wrapped his long legs around Maglor’s waist and pulled the Noldo as close as he could.  He arched to meet every thrust.  Lindir felt incredibly full and not just in his nether regions, his whole being felt full!



The dark-haired elf reached between their bodies and stroked the neglected flesh.  It was all Lindir could stand and with Maglor’s name on his lips, he erupted with the most powerful orgasm imaginable.  With the tight channel contracting around him, Maglor cried out his lover’s name and collapsed atop the slighter elf.  Lindir wrapped his arms around the trembling form above him and road out the waves of passion.



With every ounce of strength he had left, Maglor rolled off the minstrel and propped up on an elbow.  He stared long into Lindir’s eyes.  Any thought that Lindir had done this out of pity fled for all he saw shining from the periwinkle eyes was love…pure, unconditional love.  Bestowing a kiss to already kiss swollen lips, Maglor settled down against the younger elf’s chest and as he drifted into reverie, whispered, “Pen celeb nín.”



Lindir tightened his embrace.  “Yes, your pen celeb.  Melethron.” 



Lindir soon joined Maglor in reverie.







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