LeadingUp To Love: 4. 3. Begetting Plans

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4. 3. Begetting Plans

Prompt:  Planning Elrond’s Begetting day (thanks Faramirhaldir!)

“Sorry I am late,” Glorfindel said as he quietly entered Erestor’s room.  “Patrol was late returning and I smelled of horse.  I thought you would prefer I bathe.”


The Noldo did not move from his place before the fire, merely held up a goblet of wine as a way of greeting. “That was most thoughtful of you, mellon nin.  Help yourself to a glass and join me.” 


Glorfindel did has he was bid, and then moved to the sitting area.  His breath hitched as he saw Erestor, reclining on pillows before the fire.  He wore loose, black sleeping pants and a matching robe, loosely tied.  The firelight cast a golden light upon his skin and hair.  At that moment, the Elda knew his heart was no longer his own; Erestor was now its unsuspecting keeper.  Glorfindel took a seat among the pillows.


Erestor finally looked at the Captain and smiled.  Glorfindel looked so handsome, his skin aglow from his recent bath, golden locks beginning to curl as they dried.  The advisor thought the dark blue tunic the blond wore really accented his overall coloring well and clung to the muscled torso in all the right places.  Erestor smiled again.  Everything Glorfindel wore looked good on him!  The warrior could wear orc armor and look good.


“What?” Glorfindel asked as he saw a rather wistful smile on the advisor’s face.


That brought Erestor back to the present.  “Oh, um, nothing.  I am just excited about all this.”  He took a long, sensual sip from his glass.  There was no reason that so radiant a being as Glorfindel would settle for just an average Noldo, his mind whispered.


Feeling something changed in the air and Glorfindel, noticing the silence dragging on, finally spoke up.  “So, what is this news?  It has been nagging at me all day.”


“The final piece to our plan is in place.  This will be a begetting day Elrond will never forget.”


“You don’t mean…” Glorfindel clapped his hands together.  The two friends had been hard at work planning the perfect surprise 3,500th begetting day celebration for Elrond.  They had initially thought to have a large gala with guests from all over, but then thought better of it.  Elrond had just hosted the midsummer gathering, so most would not want to return so quickly.  No -- Erestor, always the plotter, came up with a much better idea.  While the whole of Imladris would celebrate their Lord’s begetting day with the customary dinner, Glorfindel and Erestor planned a more personal surprise. 


“Erestor, I could kiss you!” the blond blurted out. 

Erestor blushed as a stunned silence followed. 

Realizing what he had said and fearing Erestor’s reaction, Glorfindel began to stumble over an apology.  He was saved by a knock at the door. 


Erestor quickly moved from the awkward situation to answer his door.


“Forgive the intrusion, Hîr nin,” a junior advisor said with a sheepish look.  “I did not know you were…um…that is…I saw a light in your window and…” Melpomaen stammered as he took in the Chief Counselor of Imladris’ state of undress and whom it was he entertained.  “Umm…Captain,” he said with a slight bow to Glorfindel.  So the rumors were true; Lord Glorfindel and Lord Erestor were keeping “company”.  The clearing of a throat and cold glare brought the younger elf up short.  “Oh, yes…as I was saying, a contingent from Lórien has arrived rather unexpectedly.  I saw your light and thought it best to come here as Lord Elrond retired some time ago and his room is dark.  I thought -- that is I didn’t think…”


Erestor took pity on the blathering elf and pulled him into the room.  “You did the right thing coming to me.  No one is to know anyone from Lórien is here.  Do I make myself clear?”  He pinned Melpomaen with his signature stare.  “No one.”


“Oh, yes, hîr nin.  But what of Lord Elrond?  Surely he will be cross if…”


“It is part of his begetting day surprise.  It will be spoilt if he knows anything about this.  Melpomaen, it is so very important that you say absolutely nothing to anyone about anything you see or hear this night.”


Glorfindel joined them by the door.  “Elrond’s begetting is still two days away.  Surely you do not plan on hiding them till then.”


“I most certainly do,” Erestor stated with a calculating smile.  “With the help of you two.”


Melpomaen’s eyes bugged as he was suddenly included in whatever plan the advisor had concocted.  He hoped this surprise was worth the trouble he would be in if Lord Elrond ever found out about his involvement.


“Now, this is what we need to do,” Erestor began.  Within a quarter of an hour, the Lothlórien horses were let loose in the pasture, as they could not remain in the barn.  The Lórien guardians were sequestered in the barracks; Glorfindel’s own guards sworn to secrecy by their warriors’ oath.  Melpomaen quickly prepared a guest room in one of the unused wings.  It was here that Erestor and Glorfindel stood with their ‘gift’ for Lord Elrond.  Melpomean stood awestruck near the door.


“Lady Celebrían, we are most honored that you accepted our invitation,”  Erestor said with a bow as the beautiful elleth lowered the hood of her hunting cloak.


“It is my pleasure, I assure you,” she said with a coy smile.

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