The Captain's Daughter-3: 20. Ch 20. Unspoken Desire

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20. Ch 20. Unspoken Desire

Erkenbrand and Éalwyn had a quiet ride back to Aglaril's home after the wedding feast.  The Captain guided his horse into the small stable and dismounted.  He reached up to help Éalwyn down, holding her waist firmly as she slid from his mount; she landed gently on the ground, standing very close to the tall man.  He inhaled deeply, relishing the scent of lemon balm.  He wanted her so badly, needed to be with her and did not think he would be able to restrain himself tonight.  Perhaps he should stay in the barracks.  A delicate hand stroking his bearded cheek brought him around.  He cleared his throat and stepped away.

Éalwyn wondered about the man's behavior; something inside him seemed to be at battle.  She had wanted to stir his passions, move beyond their chaste relationship, but not if it caused him distress.  Perhaps she should bid him goodnight now and retreat to her room, giving him some time to himself.  Éalwyn moved towards the stable door.

"Would you grab a scoop of feed for me?" the captain asked softly.

She smiled, "Of course."  She retrieved a large scoop, laden with grain, and deposited into the trough. 

Within minutes, the two made their way to the small cottage.  The captain opened the door and allowed Éalwyn to enter the darkened house.  He watched her as she glided past; the curve of her breast, the sway of her hips; he was lost in desire.  Éalwyn paused long enough to raise the flame on the lantern by the door before moving toward the hearth.  Bending, she stoked the fire back to life.  Satisfied with the blaze, she stood and took less than three steps before she found herself pulled close to a very tall Rohirrim captain whose hungry lips sought hers.  She moaned at the sudden onslaught and Erkenbrand took advantage, letting his tongue slide into her warm mouth.  She melted against him, her hands gripping his muscular biceps.  She shivered as Erkenbrand wrapped his arm around her tighter, holding her head with his other strong hand.  He kissed a trail along her jaw and up to her ear.  She gasped and tilted her head as he took the shell in his teeth.

"I have wanted to kiss you like this since that first time in the training arena," he whispered, his warm breath on her ear, hatching butterflies in her stomach.  "Please tell me you did not wish to temp any other with your enchanting attire this night."

"Only you," she sighed as warm lips nipped at her.  She felt his hand move from her head, down her throat, over her collar bone and shoulder.  Strong fingers splayed out as the hand slowly slid lower.  His thumb brushed her cloth-covered nipple and she sighed.  Erkenbrand continued his assault on her neck as he began to rub her breast.  She arched back into his supporting arm, giving silent permission for him to continue.  He accepted the invitation, kissing her collarbone.  His fingers grazed the bare flesh just beyond the top of her bodice.  He took her lips again, crushing her body to his.  She could feel his desire pressing into her hip and heat surged between her legs.

Maintaining the kiss, her hand worked at the silver clasps of his jerkin, once open she impatiently moved on to the buttons of his shirt.  Erkenbrand nipped at her ear again as he felt air on his bare skin.  Éalwyn now ran her hands up his exposed chest, continuing on to his shoulders and sliding the shirt from his body.  She kissed the hollow of his neck, letting her hands roam over his torso and arms.  His skin was hot under her fingers and she could feel the slight tremor her touch caused.  She was led by instinct and desire and left rational thought behind her.  She dipped her head and lapped at his dusky nipple; Erkenbrand groaned as his trousers became uncomfortably tight. 

The alluring woman in his arms pulled away, her hand grasping his, as she looked deep into his hazel eyes.  A gentle smile graced her lips as she began to lead him towards the steps to the loft, her intention quite clear.  Erkenbrand followed silently.  When they reached the top, she continued to pull him along, towards the soft bed. 

Éalwyn turned towards her would be lover, her nimble fingers unlacing the stiff boned bodice. Erkenbrand could do not but watch in dazed fascination as she shrugged out of the garment, dropping the fabric to the floor; her under-gown now hung loose and low over her breasts.  Erkenbrand advanced on her, taking her lips in a bruising kiss.  His hand pushed the fabric of her dress off one shoulder, letting it slide down her arm, exposing her breast.  Gently he caressed the soft mound, brushing a calloused thumb over the sensitive nipple and relishing the wanton moan that escaped their kiss.  The tall man dropped to his knees and found the nipple perfectly positioned at his lips.  He swiped at it with his tongue; Éalwyn threaded her fingers in his hair and shivered.  Taking the peak in his mouth, the Captain began to suck, his strong hand on her back, keeping her in place.  Moans of pleasure gave him encouragement.

Never had the young woman felt so aroused!  Her core throbbed and already she was wet; she wanted him to ravage her now, yet, did not want the torturous play to end.  She wanted to touch him, give him pleasure, but she could do nothing but stand there as he suckled.  Suddenly she felt his hand on her bare leg, under her dress, slowly traversing up her thigh, around to her pert bottom and then moving to the front, stroking the soft curls between her legs.  A finger slid between the wet folds, gliding along the hot skin, causing pleasure to mount.  She was on the brink of ecstasy!  Nevertheless, she would not peak, not now, she wanted to come with him so, with reluctant conviction, she pulled from his embrace and stepped back.  Confused eyes looked up.

A wicked thought came to her and she eyed the kneeling man, a devilish smile blossoming.  Erkenbrand found he could not move as the woman slid the fabric from her other shoulder and let her dress fall to the floor, leaving her bare to his eyes.  His member twitched; yet before he could move, Éalwyn moved behind him, straddled his calves, and dropped to her knees.

She pressed her naked body into his back and he responded by leaning into her.  She nipped at his shoulder.  "Let us see," she said in a sultry voice, "What have we here?"  She reached her hands around his broad chest, fingers wide, skimming every part of exposed skin.  She pinched his nipples and he arched into her, growling.  She chuckled.  He tried to reach for her, but she was pressed to close to his back.  "Now, now," she taunted, "It is my turn." 

Her hands slowly moved down the planes of his abdomen.  She stroked his thighs and then the impressive bulge in his pants.  She massaged it through the soft suede; his strong body bowed back, blond hair spilling over her shoulder.  This is what she had wanted to do for so long; she wanted to make him come undone, writhe with pleasure, beg her for more; she was not disappointed.  Strong hands finally made contact with her backside and held firm.  The woman continued to lick and kiss the exposed neck, ear and shoulder as she loosened the ties of his breeches and slid a delicate hand inside.  Erkenbrand thought he would spend as cool soft fingers grazed his rigid shaft.

"Aye, Colmáse, please," he pleaded.  "Let me... ahh!"  Éalwyn had opened his pants wide and slide her other hand in.  Gently she pulled the throbbing flesh free.  Long firm strokes made the warrior's body tremble.  Finally, he caught her hand, staying any further stimulation.  "Bed, now," he hissed, "I will not spend unless it is while making love to you."  He managed to stand, and in one swift move, scooped the naked woman into his arms and tossed her on the bed.  As she watched, he toed off his boots and dropped his trousers.  Éalwyn's eyes went wide.  He was so very beautiful and she felt her desire swell and her heart race in anticipation.  She scooted under the covers as Erkenbrand slid in next to her.  For all the passion and fire in his eyes, they held a tenderness that almost made her cry.  This was more than pent up desire, he truly wanted her, cared for her…loved her!

"Oh, my beloved," she whispered, gently stroking his cheek.  Erkenbrand loomed over her, his emotion filled eyes locked with hers and his lips delivered a soft kiss full of promise. Gentle caresses were bestowed to trembling bodies as tongues danced and the flames of passion were re-ignited in unspoken desire.

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