The Dunadan's Daughter-2: 20. 20. One Night

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20. 20. One Night

***AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I said there were 2 NC17 chapters—this is one! If you are NOT 18 or over—skip it!  As for my loyal readers, this heats up, but…it is never that easy!



She had been avoiding Elfhelm since their return from East Lórien. Lady Ethelfled had called her on her feelings.


“Do not delude yourself, child,” she had said. “He is a Lord of these lands and expects a lady of equal station to stand by his side. He is kind to you that is all; that is what I so love about him…his generous nature. But you mistake his kindness. We will be betrothed before long, I assure you. Find some scholar or such for yourself. Stay away from Elfhelm.”


The threat was there. Arathea knew the lady was right. Although King Éomer had bestowed upon her the title of Mistress of Lore and citizen of Rohan, she was still just an illegitimate child of a dishonored Dúnadan and an elf. If she would not bring such shame on Aragorn house, how could she think to do it to the Marshal of the East-Mark? It was best she leave these lands, at least until the Marshal returned to Aldburg. She would leave this night and ride for Gondor. She wore a simple dress so as to not call attention to herself should any see her. Her packs were already hidden at the stable and she would change into travel clothes as soon as she was away from the city. She ignored the little voice inside her that urged her just to let things be, to leave now; but she could not. She had to see him one last time.


It was well past moonrise and Arathea waited in the shadows until she saw the light under his door extinguished. Taking a calming breath, Thea stole to the door and knocked. The door swung open with a jerk. The Marshal stood clothed in loose sleeping pants, his cotton shirt hung open, revealing the still bandaged shoulder; his feet, bare. His hair was damp and the scent of sandalwood surrounded him. Thea’s heart pounded in her chest at the sight of him; desire heated her blood to flames. She should leave *now *but she could not make her feet obey.


Whatever bark Elfhelm had planned to deliver to the cause of this late night disruption died on his lips as he took in the woman before him. She haunted his dreams and now here she stood, a pale violet dress clinging to her body, ebony hair loose. He had come to accept that a half-elf daughter of the Dúnedain line of kings would never settle for a simple man from Rohan. She never spoke any words to that effect, yet she made it clear as she withdrew from his company. He wanted to ask why she was there now, but the words would not come. Instead, he stepped aside in silent invitation.


Thea‘s mind screamed at her not to enter but her feet moved on their own volition. As he closed the door, she turned to face him, an odd expression on her face. She looked him over, studying him as if to memorize everything about him. He felt himself flush under the scrutiny. She spoke not a word as she slowly reached out to touch his bandage. The warg’s teeth had just missed his heart. Her touch was feather light. As she remembered the horror she felt when the patrol had brought a near lifeless Marshal home, her hand moved gently up his neck to caress the soft bearded cheek before moving to the cut on his forehead and back to his cheek. She had almost lost him forever and that frightened her.


When she finally looked into his eyes, Elfhelm saw her lovely green eyes shimmering with tears and full of regret and fear; fear for him, fear of what could have happened. She cocked her head, like a bird studying an insect. Stepping closer, Thea bent her head to kiss his bandage chastely, feeling his breath hitch. Lost in the moment, she kissed his wound again, and then continued to kiss a trail of fire along his collarbone. The man shivered. His mind fled as the daughter of the Dúnadan gave in to her desire and let her battered heart lead her. He should stop her, push her away, for no good could come of this – but he could not do it—he did not want to; he wanted her!


Elfhelm’s good arm came to rest gently around her waist as she nibbled and sucked on the junction between neck and collar. His body was responding to her delicate touch. Gently she pushed the shirt from his shoulders; it dropped to the floor. He was magnificent. His barrel chest was muscular and covered in soft curly hair. She ran her hand over it, relishing the warmth. She stretched up and kissed his jaw line, feeling his arms come around her. Her lips never broke contact as she kissed the corner of his mouth and felt his desire press against her. She kissed his lips and felt his passion flare as he pulled her to him and took control. His tongue pushed past her lips and plundered her mouth as she moaned and pressed against him. She was drunk on him and all rational thought melted away. This was no longer the gentle exploration of potential lovers, now it was a struggle for dominance fueled by pure physical need.


Elfhelm had dreamt of her so often that he dared not think, lest she vanish from his arms. He knew not why but she was here, and willing, and he could not ignore his body or heart’s wants any longer. He ravaged her mouth. As her hands ran up his body, one to thread into his hair, the other to caress his back, the Marshal made quick work of the laces on the back of her gown. He pulled them loose and for one brief moment she dropped her arms as the man tugged the garment from her shoulders. The dress pooled at her feet.


Elfhelm tore his lips from hers long enough to step back and look at the beauty before him. She stood in nothing but a short sheath that hung to her knees yet hid nothing from his eyes. Her eyes were dark with desire as she reached for him. He growled and bent his head to take her gauze-covered nipple in his mouth. She arched into him and moaned in pleasure. His hand kneaded the other breast as he kissed his way to her neck before greedily take her mouth again. He wrapped his good arm firmly about her waist and began to lift. She took the hint and with a little hop wrapped her legs about his waist, careful not to hold his wounded shoulder.


As he carried her to his bed he thought he would spend himself for she felt so good rubbing against him. Setting her down next to the bed, he was surprised when she reversed their positions; he found himself trapped between her and his massive bed’s edge. Never taking her eyes off his, Thea pushed his pants down, dropping to her knees as she did so. Without warning, she took his member in her mouth. Elfhelm threw back his head as she began to suck, her hand running along his muscular thighs. He knotted his hands in her hair as she lapped at his member, teasing it with her tongue. Never releasing her prize, she pushed him to sit on the bed. Finally letting his throbbing flesh slip from her mouth, she silently encouraged him to lie back.


When he was resting comfortably, she climbed on top, straddling his abdomen. The woman looked like a lean predatory cat about to devour her prey. She bent and kissed the Marshal breathless before moving to nibble on his ear. Eager hands ran up her thighs, caressing the swell of her bottom. He could already fell the wetness between her legs as she moved her hips wantonly. His member twitched as her buttocks rubbed against it. Breaking for air, Thea looked down at the man who had stolen her heart. She chased away any thought that would spoil this one night.


She kissed a trail down his neck and chest, taking a dusky nipple in her mouth. She bit it just hard enough to elicit a gasp. Heat radiated from his body and ignited her passion more. She slid her body down his until she straddled Elfhelm’s hips, his erect member bobbing against the soft curls of her most intimate place. He was well endowed and her core throbbed with want. Sitting up, her green eyes locked with his lust filled brown ones. Slowly she lifted the sheath from her body; baring herself to his hungry gaze. Elfhelm had never seen so beautiful a sight. She was curvy and voluptuous and soft; and he needed to touch her.


His hands moved gently up her waist, coming to a stop at her firm, full breasts. They were a most pleasant handful even in his large hands. As he kneaded them and pinched her nipples she arched back against his bent knees. Though he never touched her core, it hummed. There was not time for her preparation; time was short. She could wait no longer; she needed to feel him move within her. Bracing her hands on his broad chest, careful not to put pressure on his injury, she mounted his shaft. In one swift motion, she took him to the hilt. She cried out as he stretched her, filled her. It had been so long but a little amount of pain was worth the feeling of fullness. With a desirous glint in her eye she held his gaze as she began to move. Their mutual hunger quickened the pace. Together they thrust. He began to lift his hips to drive himself deeper within her. Pain mixed with pleasure washed over her trembling body.   In his lust filled mind he briefly wondered if she was a virgin as she was so tight around him; the thought left him as she moved up and down on his shaft faster. It would not take much to bring him to full circle.


As her pleasure mounted, moans escaped amid her ragged breathing. When she thought she could take no more of the ecstasy, she felt him tense beneath her. She came forward and captured his mouth, as her body quivered and exploded in pleasure, swallowing his cry of completion. She collapsed against his chest, her heavy breathing matching his own. Carefully letting his softened member slip from her body she nestled into his side. Elfhelm grabbed at his bed linens with his injured arm, ignoring the pain, and covered their naked forms. No words were ever spoken as the two fell into an exhausted sleep.


Arathea awoke to the rumble of thunder, feeling the warmth of another next to her. She smiled briefly and snuggled closer as memories of the night’s adventures came to her. Suddenly she was filled with dread as the magnitude of her actions set in. What had she done? She had seduced a man who did not love her, who belonged to another! The thought horrified her and her stomach soured as her blood turned to ice. It should never have happened! With the stealth of an elvin scout, she stole from the Marshal’s bed and silently dressed. Moving to his balcony, her panicked mind assessed her options. She had only one—leave Rohan forever. With agile moves she climbed down the trellis and fled to the stables, unaware that dark eyes watched her flee; his anger swelling.


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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