A Maia's Lament: 1. The Lament

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1. The Lament

Today, the gold and red leaves blew in the sharp breeze and I saw a child striving to outrun the wind, but she did not touch my heart.

I feel stale because of this; I feel old.

Old I am!  Older than dirt, older than water, older than air! My work in Eä, needful and beautiful though it was, is all long done and over.  A minor Maia am I, my name unknown by the Children, yet I must abide until the world's ending.  Oh Father, how I do long to come home to you!

For so long, the liveliness of the Children has sustained me.  Their sharp joys and sorrows, their poignant hopes and fears have moved me, but I am worn and jaded.  The Children cannot give me hope again.

I would not hasten the end of all things, but for me, there is only waiting.  I want to go home.

Varda remains engaged and I wonder at her.  Her own great works long done, still she loves with great force all the Children.  I, a lesser thing cannot. 

Yet I will not turn away from the light!  I will not follow Melkor, but how bitter will be my days until the ending. 

I am a leaf browning on the vine.

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Story Information

Author: Cuinwen

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 11/03/11

Original Post: 11/03/11

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A Maia's Lament

Ellynn - 05 Nov 11 - 3:32 AM

Ch. 1: The Lament

Really well done. I can feel his (her?) sadness and despair.

A Maia's Lament

curiouswombat - 05 Nov 11 - 8:56 AM

Ch. 1: The Lament

Beautifully done - so sad, such yearning.

A Maia's Lament

Armariel - 08 Nov 11 - 8:26 PM

Ch. 1: The Lament

Very sad.  I feel that way sometimes.

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