Guardian of the Light: 7. How to Please A Warrior

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7. How to Please A Warrior

Chapter 7 How to Please A Warrior

Nieriel approached the door of her talan with Haldir following close behind. Her hand grasped the handle but she paused before opening the door and turned to Haldir. "I know we have discussed this before but I want to make sure we know what it is we are about to start. It has been a long while since I have engaged in such an act and quite frankly, I hadn't imagined it to happen with someone like you." The words sounded a bit harsh once she said them. She closed her eyes and shook her head, immediately sorry she had said them. "I did not mean for it to sound that way…"

"It is alright, Nieriel. Long has my reputation been that of an Elf on the prowl and I will admit to living by that standard. Times are very different now than they were a millennia ago. The world has changed and so have I. I do not feel as carefree as I once did. I would like some stability in my life now. There was a time when I would not have pursued an elleth such as you. You would never fall for my charms. I would have thought of you as dangerous."

"Dangerous as in able to fall in love with you?" she asked cocking her head to the side.

Haldir looked to the floor. "Or I with you." he said in a whisper only audible to an Elf's hearing.

His answer surprised her for she thought he could never love anyone more than his precious Lorien. She pretended not to hear his words. "And what makes you think I will not still fall for you?" she questioned.

"You said it yourself. You would not want to leave these shores with a broken heart only to spend eternity in Valinor, to never again know love. I would not want that for you either and I trust you when you say you could not love me in that way. Yet neither one of us wants to be lonely. I think we have a lot more in common than we first thought." Haldir took her hands in his and leaned in to kiss her lips. "I trust you Nieriel and that is not something I take for granted. There is something about you that tells me you are true to your word. I feel comfortable with you like I have not felt in a long time. Like I said, I need some stability now and you have what I need."

Nieriel admired his honesty. "Had I met you during your earlier days, I would not have had anything to do with you. But that was not your true self. The one who stands before me now is the Elf you were always meant to be and the one with whom I would willingly spend the rest of my days with. I give myself freely to you with trust in my heart that you will hold true to yourself and not falter. I could never forgive myself, or you, if this is still only a game."

Haldir let go of her hands and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into him. "You have my word, my lady, as I stand here before you, I swear upon my home Lothlorien and to the Lady of the Woods herself that I am being completely true to you." He kissed her passionately and felt her lean into him. She reached behind her and unlatched the door to her talan. She broke away from the kiss, took two steps backwards into her room and waited to see what Haldir would do. He did not move but merely stood there waiting to be invited in. Nieriel smiled, as she was satisfied with his response.

"Won't you come in then, Haldir?" she said in a sensuous voice and a fire shown in her eyes. She had claimed him for her own, not for love but for companionship and trust. Something told her Haldir was here for the long haul and that she could trust him.

Haldir walked into the talan and looked around at the uniqueness of it. The room was quaint and feminine, decorated with florals and muted pinks and smelling of fresh flowers. It was obvious that no ellon [male elf] had lived there in a long time if ever at all. They had not gotten around to discussing past loves just yet. Haldir's story would be too long to tell. One thing did catch his eye for it seemed out of place. Above a fireplace hung a beautifully made bow. Its quality and elvish writings were indicative to the style of Mirkwood, her birth home. Haldir stood by and looked upon the weapon. "You have skill with a bow?" he asked surprised.

"Why of course. This was a gift from King Thranduil himself. Many battles have I fought against the spiders and the evil in my forest using this bow. Thank Eru those dark days are behind us now."

"I had no idea you were a warrior. I thought you were merely a maid… well a Head Mistress rather." Now Haldir understood her strict demeanor. The thought of being with a warrior made his blood race and he went to her immediately. "This is exciting news to say the least. Why did you not speak of your training before? I am always eager to listen to the accounts of a fellow combatant."

"It is for this very reason that I never found a soul mate. Once an elleth is labeled as a warrior, she is only looked at for that quality. Warriors are well respected and seen as unapproachable, as you well know, and not many ellon find that trait attractive. They would much rather discuss tactical maneuvers than something more sensual." At this point, she turned away from Haldir; afraid he would be like all the others and ask her to share her stories of past battles, especially those with spiders. Suddenly there were lips nibbling at her neck and Haldir's warm breath set her body on fire.

"I care not for battle stories for I know all there is about such things, though it would be a lie to say my curiosity is not peeked. To be honest, I have never known the passion of a warrior, besides my own. The ellith of Lorien do not wield weapons. The thought of you firing that bow sends my blood racing." As he said this, he pulled her against him and Nieriel felt his arousal against her backside. He continued to suck and nibble her neck and shoulder.

Nieriel stepped away from him. "You seem quite eager, Marchwarden. Is there a reason for your haste?" she said, her back still towards him and looking over her shoulder.

"There is nowhere else for me to be this moment. You do this to me. Your beauty and allure is setting my mind in a frenzy." He stepped up to her and held her close once again. "I have wanted you all along, since first laying eyes upon you." He kissed her neck. "Let me show you what I have to offer." His hands traveled from her waist, up her sides and to the curve of her breasts. "I give you my word to be with you until you depart these shores. There is no other besides you, my dark haired beauty." His hands covered her breasts and lightly squeezed them through the silky material of her dress. At the same time, Haldir's tongue ran up the edge of her ear all the way to its sensitive tip.

Nieriel inhaled deeply and said his name slowly as she let her breath out. It was a breath she felt she had been holding for many years. She was letting go of all her inhibitions and anxieties. She trusted Haldir and let him have her complete being. "I want you, Haldir. I need you." she whispered, lost in his strong arms.

There was a time when Haldir would have smiled to himself at this point, knowing the elleth was trapped by his seduction. This was different for he was also letting himself go, his own hindrance being torn away by this writhing she-elf in his arms. There was no fear blocking his mind for they had been honest about their feelings. He tossed caution to the wind and maybe for the first time let himself completely indulge in the moment. He released her breasts and undid the buttons on the back of her dress, pushing the garment off her shoulders. She wiggled slightly and the dress pooled on the floor at her feet. Haldir kissed the back of her shoulder and let his hands return to their former position. His palms covered her erect nipples as he kneaded her firm breasts. He felt her hands travel along his hips to his backside and pull him into her even more.

Nieriel squeezed his tight rear as she felt his hardness against her backside. As soon as Haldir loosed his grip on her breasts, she spun around to face him. She captured his lips while her hands undid his robe and tunic. She pushed the clothing off his body, leaving him standing there in only his leggings. She released his lips and gazed down to the bulge in his pants. She felt Haldir smile as a bit of arrogance came back into play.

"Does it please you my lady?" he said swaying his hips slightly, an audacious look upon his face.

"I cannot answer you for I have yet to taste your wares." she answered lustfully and dropped to her knees. She quickly pulled his boots off before focusing on her main objective. Her fingers began untying the laces of his leggings and brushing against his arousal. It seemed she could not work fast enough though her demeanor was calm. She loosened the straps and pulled down the fabric, releasing him in all his glory. She worked his pants the rest of the way down so he could step out of them and join her in their nakedness. Slowly, her hands traveled along his muscular legs, above his knees, to the inside of his thighs and finally come to rest on the one place she had only dreamt of. This was better than any dream, she thought as he pulsated from her touch. She took him firmly in her hand and began stroking his hard length. He was magnificent and her body ached to feel him inside of her. Nieriel felt his hands caressing her hair and wanted to have them all over her body. There was just one more thing she needed to know, as she looked at the pearly essence exuding from his tip.

Haldir looked down and watched as his body disappeared into her warm mouth. The feeling was exquisite as her tongue caressed his length. "Ai, pen vaelui!" [Oh, lustful one.] he whispered as he tossed his head back. He was so lost in his rapture, he did not notice when she got back to her feet. Her hands were roaming over his broad muscled chest.

Nieriel leaned to him and whispered into his ear. "You are exquisite. I should say that I am very pleased… so far." she teased.

Haldir smiled impishly. "I am quite sure my lady will not be disappointed." He scooped her up and carried her to the bed. Nieriel giggled as she felt weightless in his strong arms. He carefully laid her down onto the feather soft sheets and looked down at her writhing body.

"Come to me." she purred and Haldir laid down stretching out next to her. He covered her mouth with his own and kissed her with every ounce of passion he had. Nieriel moaned into his mouth.

He rolled over so that he was on top of her, holding himself up on his elbows and searched her green eyes. They were darker than emeralds as she was lost to a carnal lust. "You are a vixen, melethril. [lover, f.] Never before have I seen eyes so dark with desire." He lowered his head and began sucking on her breasts, flicking her nipples with his tongue.

"I want you inside me now, Warden." she said in a low growl. Haldir almost came undone just by the tone of her voice. Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist as she pulled him down to her. He noticed she had the strength of a warrior. This was no ordinary elleth he had captured. She wanted to be in charge and Haldir was happy to let her have her way. His hand reached down to feel her moist folds but before he had a chance, Nieriel somehow mustered the strength to flip them both over so that she was now straddling his thighs. Her hands traveled up and down his chest. As she looked at his face, she saw confusion and smiled. "Didn't know I had it in me did you, melethron?" [lover, m.]

"You are the strongest elleth I have ever known." he said astonished. He reached up and caressed her perky breasts. "The heart of a warrior is still strong within you. Never in all my long years have I met anyone as bewildering as you and I want you even more." As he said this, he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her bringing himself to her entrance. She smiled down slyly at the excited Elf beneath her. Without warning, she forced herself down onto his awaiting arousal. She moaned loudly as he filled her completely. "Oh Haldir, you are magnificent." she said as she found her rhythm. As she came down on him, he thrust upward and felt her inner muscles squeeze him. This first time would be quick as they were both very close to completion already. Their pace quickened and Nieriel leaned back to change her position. Her dark hair hung down and brushed against Haldir's thighs, driving him insane. Her moans became louder and quicker every time he thrust into her. Haldir changed his own position by sitting up so that they were facing each other as she rode him into oblivion. Their lips found each other once again and their tongues engaged in a sensual dance. They wrapped their arms around one another so there was no distance between them as their climax approached. Nieriel managed to continue sliding up and down on his hardness and Haldir matched her thrusts. His silver hair was entwined with her black hair. They looked as if day and night had come together. He felt his orgasm begin to crest as her inner muscles massaged him. She was moaning loudly and felt like she would stop breathing as she climaxed. "Oh yes, Haldir." she screamed repeatedly.

At the same time, Haldir thrust deep one final time and spilled his essence into her writhing body. "Nieriel, oh Nieriel." he yelled in response. Their bodies were still shuddering as they sat connected, letting the satisfying experience of victory wash over them. Once again, they wrapped their arms around each other and remained that way as they recovered. Their breathing slowed a bit before either one could speak.

Haldir felt he could no longer hold himself up and collapsed backwards, his head hitting the pillow and looking up at Nieriel. "That was incredible, melethril."

Nieriel moved her hair over her shoulder and leaned forward, lying on his chest, still connected. "No one has ever let me be so free to be myself. You are a wonderful lover, Haldir."

He smiled, proud to have pleased her. For some reason, he felt an urgency to know she was satisfied. He could tell she was strong willed and not easily appeased. He would try just as hard every time to make her happy for she deserved it.

After a while, Nieriel rolled off him and came to rest at his side. Her fingers traced the muscles of his chest as his fingers twirled in her hair. They lay there without saying a word but finding it very comfortable all the same. They did not need to exchange words, as they were satisfied with merely being in each other's company.

Nieriel finally broke the silence. "You have left me parched. Do you want some wine?" she asked.

"Allow me." Haldir said remembering his civility.

"I will get it melethron. You just lay there and relax." She stood up and strode gracefully across the room. Haldir rolled onto his stomach and watched how her naked body moved, as if she floated. He still could not imagine her being a warrior. She was too beautiful and refined to have seen war. He laughed to himself and thought it was probably a good thing he had not fought alongside her. She would have distracted him and his aim would definitely have been off.

She returned with two glasses of wine and caught his laughter. "And what is so amusing?" she said playfully. He sat up and took the glass from her, watching as she sat next to him on the bed.

"How is it your fellow companions were able to fight off any spiders with such a delicious distraction fighting alongside them?" He took a sip of his wine and smiled fiendishly at her.

"You could not tell me from an ellon when dressed in my armor."

"I could tell melethril." he whispered.

"And how would you know?" She sipped her wine.

Haldir sat his glass on a nearby table and leaned into her ear. "I could smell your desire for it is very strong and fills my head leaving me wanting more." His hot breath sent shivers down her spine and she closed her eyes.

"Tell me what you would do if you captured me and I was your prisoner." Her voice was seductive and it made his arousal come to life once more.

"First, I would blindfold you." he said looking around. He went to his pile of clothes and picked up the velvet belt from his robe. He went back to where she sat on the bed. "Turn around prisoner." he demanded very sternly. Nieriel liked where this game was going and did as he said. Haldir took the wide belt and covered her eyes, tying a knot in the back. He grabbed her rather forcefully by the arm and made her stand by the bed. Next, he looked around her room and saw a silky scarf tossed carelessly on a chair. "You will not move from this spot unless you wish to feel my arrow pierce your heart." he whispered in her ear and then ran his tongue up to the point. Nieriel inhaled deeply and then let out a quiet moan. He picked up the scarf and went back to where she stood. "That is good, prisoner. The less you struggle the easier this will be for the both of us."

"And for what am I being charged with, my lord." she said mockingly.

"You have been caught trespassing beyond the borders of Lothlorien. This is my land and no one enters without permission from the Lady of Light. That is the least of your worries. It is my decision to make, whether to take you to my city and be questioned or to deal with you myself." He walked around her in a circle letting his hand brush over her skin here and there. Every time he touched her, she shivered slightly. "You seem to be weaponless and not carrying anything of importance." He came back around behind her and grabbed Nieriel around the waist, pulling her to him. Then he whispered in a low tone into her ear. "You will have to deal with me. I see no reason to take you any further into my realm but first I must search you, make sure you carry no secret weapon." His hands traveled down her belly, over her mound and dipped towards her folds. Nieriel captured his hands and he stopped. "I see you want to make things difficult, prisoner." He grabbed her waist again and turned her so she was facing him. Then he took the scarf and tied it around her wrists, binding her hands together. "You will not resist me she-elf."

"I'm sorry, my lord. I did not expect…"

"You will speak only if I allow you to. Is that understood?" Haldir spoke in a smooth silky voice. He looked around her talan. He had an idea but he needed to find just the right place where he could… 'Ah. I think that will do' he said to himself as he looked at the tree growing through the middle of her talan. There was a small branch growing just high enough for what he had planned. "You will come with me." he said guiding her to the tree. He turned her so her back was against the trunk then took her wrists and lifted them, hooking them on the short branch. It was high enough that she could not free herself. She was helpless and totally under Haldir's control.

"At this point I would begin my questioning but you have not cooperated. I think I will move right on to torturing you. Don't worry; I will not do anything too harmful." He laughed under his breath. He looked at her long body from head to toe. He could do anything he wanted to her in this position but this was not for his own enjoyment, as it would have been at one time. He would give her his full attention and have her screaming. He hoped she would repay him in the most delicious way.

Haldir stood before her and brushed his lips across hers. When she tried to kiss him, he backed away. "Now who's the eager one, melethril?" His hands massaged her breasts then he drew one into his warm mouth. He bit down on her nipple until he saw a look of pain on her face. His tongue caressed the pain away. He moved to her other breast and repeated his torture upon her again. This time she moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure. Haldir blew cool air on her to soothe her. Groping hands once again kneaded her breasts as he sucked on her neck bringing more pain as he bit her tender skin.

Nieriel seemed surprised as he brought her more pain than she thought he would. "You bit me." she said with a tinge of anger in her voice.

"I have merely marked you as my prisoner." he said letting his hands roam over her body. They traveled down her sides, along her hips and came to rest on her rear. He squeezed her and pulled her against him, letting her feel his hardened arousal. She bucked her hips forward wanting to feel more of him. His hands went in search of sweeter treasure as he found her moist folds. She was very slick and he could not wait to slide into her but he had something else in mind first. He tenderly kissed her neck where he had bitten her. The skin was red and was sure to be more noticeable in the morning. Quietly he laughed to himself as he wondered how she would explain her injury to her staff. Perhaps he should have picked a less conspicuous place but it was too late now.

Haldir continued with his ministrations making her even slicker with her desire. He could smell her want and it drove him mad. He got down on his knees and laid delicate kisses and nips on her belly, then lower until he was lapping her essence with his tongue. Nieriel was moaning, needing more but unable to do anything as she was strapped to the tree. It was sweet torture indeed, as she could not make him do what she wanted. He was doing a good job on his own though. His tongue caressed her sensitive ball of nerves and it was amazing but she wanted to feel more. She lifted her leg and rested it on Haldir's shoulder. Now he could give her the full attention she needed. His finger went in search for something but it was not what she expected. He dipped into her quickly, moistening his finger but he was looking for a more torturous place. She felt him massage her other entrance and she tried to move away, shocked by the invasion.

"You will not deny me melethril and will instead be rewarded. Have you never been touched in this way before?" he questioned, still preparing her.

"No, my lord. Other ellith have mentioned it but made it sound quite painful. I do not wish to be hurt in such a way." Her voice sounded rather serious.

Haldir smiled against her mound and kissed her. "Then they were unfortunately broken in by the inexperienced. I will make you want it every time." he said and inserted his moistened finger into her tight entrance.

Nieriel gasped at the invasion not sure she wanted to continue, but Haldir moved in such a way that before too long the pain was replaced with a newfound pleasure. Her breathing became heavy. Haldir filled both cavities as his tongue focused on her hardened nub. She used her leg to try to pull him in closer and he quickened his movements. One hand released her as he reached up to grab her breast. The other still moved within her tighter entrance and his tongue continued its dance. She was moaning uncontrollably and her hips were gyrating as her climax closed in. She saw stars as a wave of ecstasy crashed down over her entire body and she screamed Haldir's name. He drank in her desire, savoring every last bit. He only gave her a moment to recover while he got back to his feet. She was still hooked to the branch and Haldir thought she had been tortured enough. He kissed her with a deep passion and felt her body still quivering from her recent release. His hand reached down and took her thigh, lifting her leg to wrap around him. Before she could object, he lifted her other leg and held himself at her entrance.

"Please… Haldir… I just need a moment…" she panted but he would not listen, still in control of her. He entered her and she gasped.

"You are still my prisoner, melethril, and it is my turn to feel your pleasure." He thrust deep into her body and she moaned. "To take you now when your senses are heightened will increase my pleasure." He thrust deep again and she yelled in ecstasy.

"Please, Haldir release my hands. I need to feel your body. My agony is great though it is sweet." she begged.

"Very well then." he said slyly. This time as he thrust into her, he lifted her up so she could unhook her tied hands. She brought her arms down and slid the blindfold from her eyes. Nieriel looked into his silver eyes. "You are an expert tormentor. Had I been a real prisoner I would have told you anything you wanted to know and begged to be your slave."

"I am not done with you yet." he said thrusting deep and increasing his rhythm. She buried her face in his neck and felt another climax approach.

"Come with me melethron." she moaned in his ear and sucked on its tip.

Haldir pushed her up against the tree and continued thrusting into her, feeling her muscles contracting, squeezing him until he could take no more. Her legs clamped tight around his waist. Both Elves reached the very height of a climax as neither one had ever experienced. Their moans of passion carried across the forest reaching the ears of a few Elves out walking the gardens that night. They smiled knowing a union had been made.

Nieriel collapsed in Haldir's arms. He carried her to the bed and untied the scarf from her wrists.  She brought her hands up to his face and held him there a moment, smiling. "You are a beautiful lover. I have chosen well to spend my remaining days with you."

Haldir kissed her with a deep emotion he did not know existed within him. "I swear to you, I will not leave your side while you walk these shores, maethoren vain. [my beautiful warrior] You make me feel so alive and free like I have never felt before." He lay next to her on the bed and brought her head to rest on his chest, holding her in his arms.

"Ai, pen dolog, [loyal one] if it wasn't for you my remaining days here would be unfulfilling. Thank you for giving this to me, melethron."

They spent the remainder of the evening making love slowly and with as much meaning as either one could spare. They were two lost souls that found contentment with each other in an ever-changing world.

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