Guardian of the Light: 52. Last Ship From Lorien

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52. Last Ship From Lorien

Chapter 52 Last Ship From Lorien

As it was, Caladwen decided to stay with Haldir in Lorien, at least until his duty was done. Eventually, Legolas and Eowyn made their way to Lothlorien. Caladwen told them their good news straight away. Eowyn was beside herself with joy. “I hoped and I prayed this day would come.” Then giving Haldir her famous glare she said, “Knowing Haldir, I thought it would never happen in my lifetime.”

Haldir’s face turned to stone as it often did when he spoke to Eowyn. “And just what is that supposed to mean Lady Eowyn.”

“You may have changed Haldir, but there is a part of you that will remain a Marchwarden. There will always be a stubbornness within you.” Eowyn jested. Haldir started to protest but Eowyn put a hand up to stop him. “Admit it Haldir. I am right and you know it.”

Haldir rolled his eyes as he looked to the side. “I hate it when she is right.” Turning back to Eowyn he said, “Alright my lady. I admit there are some things that remain the same, only now this stubbornness will be put towards my children.”

Eowyn laughed. “Then it will be put to a very good use. If they turn out to be anything like you, then your hands will be quite full.”

Haldir had not thought that far ahead. “Aye, what did I get myself into.” he said more to himself than the others.

Caladwen leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I will remind you later what it is you got yourself into melamin.” she said in a seductive way.

Haldir kissed Caladwen and smiled. “I will hold you to it a’ melamine.” Then Haldir went to Eowyn and looked in her eyes. He reached for her hands and held them. He gave her a smile, letting all their jesting lay aside. “It is good to see you back to normal my lady. You are happier than I have seen you in a long while.”

Eowyn nodded her head and fought back a few tears. “Thank you Haldir. It is good live again.”

There was a knock on the door and it slowly opened. Legolas had been in counsel with Lord Celeborn but now he joined the others. His smile lit up the room as he looked at his daughter. He went to her and embraced her. “You have done well Caladwen. You will make a wonderful mother. I’m sure your children will be bright and beautiful.” He then turned his attention on Haldir. “Can I have a word with you Marchwarden?”

“Of course.” Haldir answered and followed Legolas from the room. He glanced back at Caladwen but she only shrugged her shoulders.

“What is going on Mother?” Caladwen asked after they left.

“Do not worry. I have been working on your father during our journey. I think I may have softened him up a bit. He just needs some time alone with Haldir. They have some issues to work out.” Eowyn said.

Legolas and Haldir walked a ways in silence through the paths of the city before the Prince stopped. “I have been rather tough on you over the years. At first, I did not understand the relationship you had with my daughter. She was so young and naïve. I felt you were a threat to her and to me. She is my link to this world just as I am to my father. Our family has seen many desolate times and because of that, we tend to be overprotective of our loved ones. You have behaved in ways in which I disagree but have come to terms with it. You have done the one thing I asked of you so long ago. Do you remember, Marchwarden?”

Haldir stood tall and proud as he answered Legolas’ question. “You told me to prove myself to you, to prove how much I love and care for Caladwen. Yes, I remember quite well. I faltered along the way and that is no one’s fault but mine. Still, I feel I have been punished enough and set back on the right path thanks to Caladwen. I am a changed Elf. I may not be proud of my past but I have no regrets. It has made me stronger, made me more loving and helped me to stay true to your daughter.”

Legolas and Haldir remained silent, eyes fixed upon each other. Finally, Legolas spoke. “You have proven to be worthy.” Then, as is the way of the Elves, Legolas put his hand over his heart and nodded his head. “Welcome to my family, Haldir.”

The use of his name was proof enough that Legolas was being genuine. Haldir returned the gesture, hand over heart and a nod. “Thank you Legolas Thranduilion, Lord of North Ithilien. Your kind words mean the world to me. Caladwen and our children will have the best life possible. I will see to that.” It seemed the Marchwarden and the Prince finally made amends. As a last gesture of good faith, Legolas smiled at Haldir and held his hand out to him. Haldir took his hand and they shook, as is custom to the world of Men. Then, Haldir pulled Legolas in for a hug.

Legolas smiled and laughed slightly. “You are most certainly a new Elf. Now, let us get back to our ladies. I am sure they are worried about what we might be up to.”

They went back to the room and entered. Both Elves had long faces. Caladwen and Eowyn’s hearts fell, thinking something had gone wrong. Haldir went to Caladwen and stood by her side. Legolas went to Eowyn.

“Well…” Eowyn said. “What transpired between you two?”

Neither Elf answered or changed the look on their faces. Eowyn turned to Legolas, ready for an argument. Then in a raised voice she said, “Legolas Thranduilion, if I have to…”

Legolas grabbed Eowyn by the shoulders and drew her to him, covering her mouth with his own in a kiss none had witnessed in a very long time. Haldir and Caladwen were beside themselves. They had not known that there was anything more than friendship between these two.

Legolas released Eowyn and smiled. “Your plan worked meleth.”

“Plan? I have no idea…” Eowyn began to retaliate but Legolas stopped her.

“I know you have been dropping hints during our journey. You have helped me to see things in a new light. I am proud of our daughter and I fully accept Haldir as part of our family. I have watched Caladwen travel from realm to realm, changing the minds and hearts of many different races. But none more than I needed to learn from her teachings. I have been closed-minded and stubborn, but no more. Haldir has proved beyond a doubt that he is worthy of our daughter. He proved it a long time ago. I was wrong and I apologize.” This last part he said to Haldir.

“You need not apologize. I am just happy to have your blessing.” Haldir said and bowed his head. Legolas did the same.

Caladwen and Eowyn stood, open mouthed, and stared at the two Elves. Legolas raised an eyebrow. “What… Can’t an Elf have a change of heart?”

Caladwen ran to her father and hugged him. “I love you ada. Thank you. Thank you for this.”

“I love you too sell nin.” he whispered.

Caladwen then turned to Haldir and they embraced and kissed with joy.

Eowyn wrapped her arm around Legolas’ waist. “You never cease to amaze me… Elf.” she said

~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

Haldir and Caladwen stayed in Lorien for a while after Legolas and Eowyn left, but Eryn Lasgalen called to Caladwen’s heart ever since receiving a letter from Legolas. He and Eowyn traveled there after leaving the Golden Wood. Legolas’ restless heart was put at ease when he saw how much his home had changed. This was the way he had always imagined it had been before the dark days. Now he was at peace with his birthplace.

Now it was Caladwen’s wish that the babies be born in Eryn Lasgalen where they were conceived. Their birth would be greatly anticipated and would shed a new light in the Woodland realm, just as it had been with Caladwen’s birth in Lothlorien. Eventually, Haldir and Caladwen traveled back to Eryn Lasgalen. Haldir wished they could have stayed in Lorien but he understood his wife’s longing. He had the two little bassinets sent along with a few other items. They settled into their new home. Haldir eventually gave his title of Marchwarden over to his brother Orophin. Rumil was not disappointed. He had always known it would happen this way, being Orophin was second oldest.

Very soon, the day came when the babies were born. The girl was born first. The silver fuzz on her little head was a match to Haldir’s hair. Her eyes were as blue as the sky, matching Caladwen’s. Manathiel (Mah-nah-thee-ell) they named her, meaning ‘good’.

Only a mere thirty five seconds later, their son came into the world. Faelon (Fie-lonn) he was called, meaning ‘just’. His hair was more golden like Caladwen’s but he had his father’s silver-grey eyes. They were a mixture of both parents but soon took on their Sindarin side.

The twins grew to be quite a handful. Even King Thranduil helped from time to time. Haldir was thankful for the assistance, especially when Caladwen went out for the day, leaving the twins in his care. They were loved by all. Many of the Woodland Elves enjoyed teaching them their traditions and stories. The twins learned much of their heritage.

When they were old enough, the couple took their children to Ithilien to visit their grandparents, Eowyn and Legolas. They spent every waking hour with the twins. Ithilien was alive with the laughter of the children. Eowyn thought they were the cutest pair she had ever seen. Legolas taught them games and gave them each their own bow, child-sized of course, with play arrows. They played with them for hours on end.

While Legolas and Eowyn took over watching and playing with the children, Haldir and Caladwen took advantage of their alone time. As they were walking through the forest one day, they found themselves at the foot of a willow tree.

“Do you remember this spot, meleth?” Caladwen asked wrapping her arm around his waist.

“Of course I do. You practically threw yourself at me. Had I not had my wits about me then, you would have had your way with me.” he jested.

“Oh so I was the seductress and you were rational one. That is not how I remember it. The way I saw it, you…”

Haldir silenced her with a fiery kiss. He enclosed his arms about her and pulled her into his warm body. When he released her, Caladwen saw how dark his eyes had turned. Her own body reacted at the sight of his desire filled eyes.

“I want you… here… now Caladwen. I wanted you then but I could not have you. Now there is nothing stopping us.” Haldir said in a low growl into her ear.

“Your words set me on fire hervenn. I wanted you also on that day. I would have willingly given myself to you then. Make love to me Haldir.” she said as she reached up and stroked the pointed tip of his ear. Haldir moaned at her touch and took her hand, pulling her underneath the privacy of the willow tree.

They slowly undressed each other and stood naked. Haldir took her breasts in his hands and gently caressed them. They came together for another deep passionate kiss. Caladwen felt his arousal pressing into her belly. She reached down and stroked his hardened length, making him moan into her mouth. Haldir moved her and pushed her up against the trunk of the willow. His lips slowly made their way to her breasts, taking in one and then the other. His tongue played with her hardened nipples before lightly biting them, bringing Caladwen to ecstasy. Her hands entangled into his long golden hair.

Haldir went lower still, finding himself at her mound. He looked up at her with a wanton smile. Caladwen responded by lifting her leg and draping it over his shoulder. Haldir moaned and she thought she would lose herself right then. She gasped as she felt his warm tongue invade her bundle of nerves. Haldir was a master at his craft as he brought her very close to completion. Caladwen was writhing uncontrollably now. Just when she was about to fall over the edge of pleasure, Haldir lowered her leg and stood up. Caladwen reached for the back of his head, grabbing a hand full of soft hair and pulled him in for a kiss. She tasted her own desire upon his lips and tongue, further exciting her. She wrapped her leg around his waist. “I want you now Marchwarden.” she commanded him. Haldir knew she was at her very height of need by the tone of her voice. He took her other leg and lifted her up. Caladwen wasted no time as she reached for his arousal and stroked him. “I want you inside me.” she whispered. Haldir lifted her, bringing his hardened desire to her awaiting body. She impaled herself onto him, letting out a loud moan as she did. Haldir pushed her against the tree and set his rhythm. Caladwen captured his lips. Tongues danced in their all too familiar way.

Haldir felt her inner body squeezing his length and knew it would not take long, at least this first time. He buried himself to the hilt and called her name, spilling his seed into her as he did. Caladwen felt his pulsing arousal and the warmth of his seed spread. He had touched that one place that sent her over the edge of ecstasy and she too yelled his name aloud. Electricity seemed to charge the air surrounding them. Their bodies had become one. Their souls found each other once again. It was a most delicious feeling, one they would never become accustomed to. Each time felt like the first when they came together.

After a little while, Haldir lowered her to the ground, instantly missing their connection. He helped her to lie on the leaf-covered ground and then joined her at her side. He stroked her arm and laid delicate kisses upon it. Caladwen twirled a lock of his silvery hair between her fingers. As they basked in the afterglow of their pleasure, Haldir smiled. “I remember back then, walking through the garden and coming upon Eowyn and Faramir sitting under a tree. I watched them for a while before I made my presence known. I longed to have the kind of love they had. I long no more, for I know what it is like to love without hindrance. You mean everything to me Caladwen. You have been the love of my life, even before I knew of it. There is truly no greater love than ours.” With that said Caladwen leaned her head against his chest and smiled to herself. “I am the lucky one, Haldir. You have been a part of my life before I came into this world. No one else can say such a thing. It is truly a blessing from the Valar. Now we leave our own mark on this world through Manathiel and Faelon. They will continue where we leave off when we one day sail.”

“Aye, they will become teachers and pass on their knowledge. The goodness of the Elves will be instilled in every man’s heart.” Haldir said and he began trailing kisses along her shoulder, up her neck and eventually to her pointed ear. “I love you Caladwen.” he whispered, his hot breath caressing her ear.

Caladwen rolled onto his body, sat up and straddled his hips. “I love you too, Haldir.” she said as she lowered herself on his awaiting arousal. They made love many times under the willow tree that day and many other days while they visited Ithilien.

~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

Nearly a century had passed by now. Caladwen and Haldir’s love remained strong, a bond never to be broken. Caladwen weathered the passing of Eowyn and of her brother Elboron. She had gone with Legolas to see him set sail along with Gimli. Haldir was with her then. Haldir saw his brothers off at the Grey Havens and Caladwen was with him. They never separated again. Their love was an inspiration to others. It was felt far and wide, lighting the way for the future of mankind.

They had seen Manathiel and Faelon grow, fall in love, marry and start their own families. They both married human mates. Their children were only half-elven but not Peredhil as Caladwen was before her Deciding Day. They would live long lives but eventually die along with their loved ones. The bloodline of Caladwen and Haldir remained strong in the hearts of every generation. Legend became truth as the Light of Lorien was embedded within every heart she touched. Mankind was better off and survived, eventually to be the only race on earth.

~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

The day came when Caladwen and Haldir were meant to sail to Valinor. Lord Celeborn had stayed until Lothlorien emptied. They were the last of the Elves to leave Middle Earth to the race of Men. The last ship from Lorien would soon sail into the West. Haldir kept his oath and did not sail before his ruling lord. It was quite a different future than the one he foresaw so many thousands of years ago. He would not go alone but with his great love, Caladwen. It was hard for them to leave Manathiel and Faelon behind for they knew they would not see them again. However, this was to be the last ship to sail from the Grey Havens.

The day Caladwen and Haldir sailed was not a grievous one but instead full of great joy and anticipation. They would once again be reunited with loved ones and friends that were waiting for them in Valinor. Caladwen could hardly wait to see her ada Legolas and aradar Thranduil. Haldir would once again be reunited with his brothers, Orophin and Rumil. Rumor had it, Gimli the Dwarf befriended these two Lorien brothers. Their adventures were never ending. Even Haldir was anxious to see the Dwarf once again. It would indeed be a wondrous day when all were united in Valinor but none more anticipated than the return of Haldir and Caladwen. Their love survived the tests of time. It began as a friendship that would never end and turned into a love that would never fade. Caladwen would always be known and the Light of Lorien. Moreover, Haldir would always be the Guardian of the Light.

The End ...

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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