Guardian of the Light: 51. Careful What You Wish For

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51. Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 51 Careful What You Wish For

Haldir and Gimli had been gone for a few weeks now. Caladwen adjusted to her loneliness. She missed Haldir terribly but felt closer to him every time she rubbed her belly. She decided it was time to send word to Eowyn and Legolas about her condition. It was such an exciting time for her. So far, only Gimli knew of the child she carried.

Caladwen made her way to King Thranduil’s office. She needed his permission to use one of his best and most well trusted messengers. After all, this was a most important message. She knocked softly on his door and entered. Thranduil stood up from behind his desk when he saw her.

“Ah Caladwen, to what do I owe the pleasure?” he said. He wore a magnificent dark green robe over a silver tunic. Mithril bands were wrapped around his upper arms and a belt to match around his slim waist. The circlet on his head held a single emerald that rested on his forehead. Caladwen thought there was no one in Middle Earth more kingly than her Grandfather. He was a phenomenal ruler, loved by his kin and feared by those who knew him not. He was proud of his realm. He never swayed, even in the dark years. She was proud to have his blood coursing through her veins and her father’s homeland was definitely growing on her.

“Good morning Aradar. I come to ask if I can use one of the royal messengers to send correspondence to Mother and Father in Ithilien.” she asked.

Thranduil looked her up and down, curious as to why she needed one of his personal carriers. However, he had news of his own to share with her. “It is odd that you ask this now. I have received a message from your adar just this morning. It seems I have some despairing news to pass on.”

Caladwen looked horrified. “What is it Aradar? What has happened?”

Thranduil came out from behind his desk and took Caladwen’s hands in his. “It is your uncle my dear. King Eomer has passed.”

Caladwen felt her face flush as a weight seemed to press down on her being. “No. What happened?”

“Nothing tragic mind you. It was just his time is all.” Thranduil brought her head to his chest and cradled her as she wept silently. “Your mother and father are in route to Rohan as we speak. It seems they have taken to traveling as of late. They were just reaching Fangorn when news reached them. I know how much you loved your uncle and I have already established a party to accompany you to Rohan.”

Caladwen was about to agree to this when it dawned on her that she did not want to travel so far from Eryn Lasgalen or Haldir in Lorien. The journey to Rohan would be long and dusty indeed. “Thank you Aradar, but I do not think I will be able to attend. I will send my condolences with a written letter, however.”

Thranduil looked at her puzzled. “You will not go to the funeral?” he asked. When Caladwen did not answer, he started analyzing her. “There is something you are not telling me. Does this have something to do with the message you wish to send to your parents?”

This was not how she wanted to tell him, but there was no avoiding it now. “This seems bittersweet to tell you this now, with the passing of my uncle…”

Thranduil began to understand something that had been plaguing not only his mind but also all those in Eryn Lasgalen. He smiled slightly and Caladwen looked at him with confusion. “Go on my dear.”

Caladwen found it within her to smile. “I am with child, Aradar. Haldir and I…”

“Ah yes. So that was it.” he said more to himself than to Caladwen.

“What?” she questioned.

“A little while back, there was something in the wind. The trees were whispering but would not divulge their secret. Needless to say, they were very happy so I was not worried. I felt it as all your kin did too. We felt a great joy settle over the land and knew something good had happened. But what it was and whom it happened to, we could not say. As I said, the trees remained silent.” Thranduil took a step back and lifted Caladwen’s arm out. “Let me look at you.” he said then his eyes met hers. “I am surprised I did not see it sooner. You have a glow within your eyes, a telltale sign of new life. How long has it been exactly?”

“Almost a month.” she answered feeling ashamed for not telling him sooner. “I cannot travel to Rohan because I don’t feel I should at this time.” She sat down on a chair and pondered over the idea of not going. Thranduil felt her reserve.

“We will send a message to Rohan. I am truly sorry for your loss my dear. I knew how important King Eomer was to you.”

Caladwen was suddenly filled with concern. “I wonder how Mother is taking this.”

Thranduil smiled remembering the encounter with her. “She is of strong mind and heart. She will be fine. Do not worry for her. Now, you must see a healer soon my dear. You should be looked over to make sure everything is fine with you and the little one. You can go down in a little while. I will inform them of your coming.”

“Thank you Aradar.” she said and hugged him. The closeness triggered something in Thranduil. There was a strong feeling of life emanating from her.

“Huh, that’s odd.” he said wrinkling his brow. “Either your child grows very quickly or you… Be sure to get yourself to the healer my dear. We want to make sure all is well.”

“I will.” she said and left, confused. What had Thranduil felt? Was there something wrong with the baby? Caladwen began to worry and decided to head to the healers sooner.

~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

The master healer examined Caladwen thoroughly. Every once in a while he made a noise, huh, oh, ah. It was driving her mad with curiosity and worry. Finally she spoke. “What is it? Is there something wrong? Is everything alright?”

The healer looked at Caladwen with a smile. “Everything is good my lady. Everything is very good, double good you might say.”

She did not know what to say. He was acting very peculiar. “The reason the King felt such a strong life force is because…” He took a moment before he continued. “You are having twins my lady.”

Caladwen’s jaw hit the floor. “Twins? Twins! I’m having twins?!”

The healer giggled. “Yes, you are having twins.”

A slow smile formed on her face. “I… I just don’t know what to say. Never in a millennia would I have thought I would have twins.”

“It is a rare occurrence but it has been known to happen. Usually they are of the same sex and identical, but you have one of each; a boy and a girl.”

Tears came to Caladwen’s eyes. “Haldir will be overjoyed. He wished for a boy and I wished for a girl. Now we will have both.”

After the exam, she went to Thranduil. She burst through the doors, interrupting a meeting with his head counselor. The King looked slightly annoyed with the disturbance until he saw it was Caladwen. “My dear, what is so important that it could not wait until we were through here?”

“I am having twins, Aradar. A boy and a girl. Isn’t it wonderful?” She was jumping up and down with excitement.

“That explains the feeling I got earlier. I was sensing two lives not one. Congratulations Caladwen. This is wonderful.”

Suddenly, Caladwen gasped. “I have to tell Haldir. He must know, but I hate to do this in a letter. I wish I could tell him in person. It may be a few more months until he returns. I cannot wait that long.”

Thranduil turned to his counselor. “Organize a group of Elves to take my granddaughter to Lothlorien. She is right about this. She must tell the Marchwarden in person. They are to leave in two days time. That should give them enough time to get ready.”

“Oh thank you Aradar. Thank you ever so much.” she said tears threatening her eyes again.

“Go now and prepare for the journey. Make sure to bring good food suitable for travel and pregnancy. You do not have much time.” Thranduil said.

Caladwen rushed out of the office and made her way to her and Haldir’s talan. She packed a bag and headed to the kitchens. They prepared for her dried fruits and meat. They also gave her herbs of different kinds, each one good for a different ailment. Soon she was on her way with her traveling party.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Three golden haired warriors sat upon their horses at the edge of the forest. No weapons were drawn and no worry adorned their fair faces. They knew who approached their realm.

Haldir’s heart began to beat rapidly as his wife came into view. It seemed like an eternity since he last saw her. His horse sensed his anxiousness and stomped its feet, shifting from side to side.

Orophin reached out and patted Haldir’s horse. “You are affecting all of us Brother.” he laughed.

Rumil’s sweet smile was infectious. “Why don’t you ride to her Haldir? There is no reason to stick to protocol now. Go. Go to your wife.”

Haldir gave no thought as he sent his horse into motion, shortening the distance between him and Caladwen. He could see that she had done the same thing, riding away from her company. They met in the middle. Haldir jumped down from his horse with ease and went to Caladwen. He smiled and held his hands out to her, helping her from her horse. Their arms encircled each other. The electricity was explosive between them. Then he put his hand on her belly. “You have grown much since last I saw you.” he said. Haldir captured her lips with his and kissed her with more passion than he thought possible. He could feel Caladwen smile as he did so. “I have missed you hervess nin. I cannot stand to be away from you like this.”

“I have missed you to my love. Haldir, I have something to tell…”

“I know meleth. I have been sent word. I am so sorry for the death of King Eomer. My heart went out to you when I heard.” He embraced her again, consoling her in this time of sorrow. “But why did you come all this way to tell me? Could you not have sent a messenger? You should not be traveling in your condition, my love.”

“Yes I know, but Aradar gave me permission to come. Haldir, I have other news.” she said.

Haldir was not sure how to take this. “Other news? What has happened? Is everything alright? Is the baby fine?”

Caladwen smiled slyly. “Haldir, that night when we agreed to conceive, what were you thinking about? What was your deepest thought at the time?”

Haldir thought is was an odd question. He thought back to that moment. “I wished for you to become pregnant with our child, of course.”

Caladwen laughed. “No, what did you really wish for?”

Haldir’s eyes widened as he realized what she was asking. “I wished for a healthy boy. Is that it, hervenn? Are we going to have an ellon?”

“Yes, Haldir you are going to have a son, but…”

“But what?” he said as worry once again invaded his voice.

“But I wished for a girl.” she said. Caladwen cupped her hands to his face. “I got my wish too, hervenn.”

Haldir’s mouth dropped. “But that means…” His voice failed him.

“Yes my love. That means we’re having twins.” She backed away and took Haldir’s hands so she could watch his reaction.

“Twins? Twins! We’re having twins?!”

Caladwen giggled. “That was my same reaction when the master healer told me the news. So you can see why I came. I could not do this in a letter.”

By now, Rumil, Orophin and Caladwen’s riding party caught up to the couple. Haldir looked around at them all and said loudly. “We are having twins.”

Rumil and Orophin jumped down from their horses and embraced their brother, nearly knocking him to the ground.

“I knew you had it in you.” Orophin yelled and slapped Haldir on the back.

“Congratulation, my dear brother.” Rumil said, hugging him.

After a brief visit, they all mounted their horses and rode on to the forest. Eventually they made their way to the city where they were greeted most warmly. Haldir spread the word quickly about his children. That night there was a feast to honor the couple. The food was plentiful, the wine was ever flowing and the music was beautiful. When things began to die down, Haldir took Caladwen to his childhood talan. He had made it a point to reside there with his brothers.

Caladwen stopped just outside of the door. “Haldir, do you realize I have never been past this door except in a vision?”

“I guess you haven’t. Well then welcome to my home, our home.” he said as he slowly opened the door.

Caladwen looked around and noticed how cozy and warm it felt. It was not cold and dark as it was in her vision. She saw the rooms where Rumil and Orophin stayed. Then Haldir led her to a third door. “This is our room.” he whispered, opening the door. It was beautifully decorated with soft greens and golds. It reminded her of the room they lived in for their first week in Eryn Lasgalen, just on a smaller scale. Fresh flowers decorated a table. The hearth held wood ready to be burned. A majestic canopy bed was arranged to one side of the room and next to that was a bassinet to match. A tear came to Caladwen’s eye. “You have done this? For me? For us?”

Haldir kissed her cheek and laughed to himself. “Well, I’ll have to get another bassinet now, but yes. This is for us. For so long did this talan represent sorrow. You have changed that. You have given it hope and love. This is how it should have always been.”

“Oh Haldir, you have made me so happy.” Caladwen cried.

He took her in his strong arms and held her tight. “Let us truly make this our home, for now hervess nin, though I know where your heart lies.” Haldir said as he gently laid her down on the bed. Slowly, he undressed her and then himself. He lay down next to her on the bed and let his hand travel along her body. He inspected ever inch of her, noticing how she was changing. Her breasts were slightly larger and her belly was swollen. She glowed with a special life he had not seen before, like a golden vessel that held a special treasure, two treasures to be correct.

“Make love to me Haldir. It has been far too long since I felt your touch. I want you.” Caladwen whispered.

Haldir carefully climbed on top of her and her legs wrapped around his waist. He wasted no time and entered her warm body. “Aye, meleth nin. It has been much too long.” He set his rhythm, slowly sliding in and out of her convulsing body. Her inner muscles squeezed his hard length every time he delved deeper. He quickened his pace as Caladwen began writhing beneath him.

“You feel so good Haldir.” she said between rapid breaths, urging him on to completion.

They came together as one being, sharing the same pleasurable waves, static charging the air around them. Finally, they came to rest at each other’s side. Haldir put his ear to her womb.

“Twins. Who would have ever thought?” Haldir said smiling to a satisfied Caladwen.

“Be careful what you wish for.” she said reaching down and playing with Haldir’s soft hair.

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