Guardian of the Light: 48. Seclusion

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48. Seclusion

Chapter 48 Seclusion

Caladwen awoke to the feel of soft caresses on her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes to find the most beautiful silver-grey eyes looking down on her. Haldir's golden hair hung down around them like a curtain of pure silk. His fingers traced the outline of her jaw and up to her ear. He smiled down upon her and her heart fluttered uncontrollably. The love she felt emanating from him was beyond anything she could ever have imagined. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity until Caladwen felt an odd shyness wash over her. She giggled and looked away first.

"What are you staring at?" she said playfully.

"I could look at you like this every morning and still find something I did not see the day before. You are so beautiful my love. I have truly been blessed to have you as my wife." His words were sincere.

Caladwen reached up and touched the side of his face. Slowly, her hand moved to the back of his neck as she drew him down for a kiss. Their tongues entwined as their desire built. Yet, it was Caladwen who broke away first. "I could stay like this forever. There is no better sight than to see your beautiful eyes first thing. I wish we had more time but it has already been a week. My grandfather has been very kind and patient but alas, it is time we made our way out of this love nest. I have a classroom to set up and I shall not make my kin wait any longer. And let us not forget our dear friend Gimli. He has been on his own this week. I already feel guilty for leaving him alone like this."

"King Thranduil knows our situation and Gimli is… well… Gimli is Gimli and can take care of himself. We needed this time alone to fulfill our recent bond and I for one feel no guilt what so ever." Haldir boasted.

Caladwen sat up and smiled. "Yes my love. I know life goes on beyond these walls. It's just time we joined in is all."

Haldir leaned in and captured her lips once again, leaving her breathless. Then he looked at her with a smoldering desire in his eyes. "And what if I am not ready to share you with the rest of the world just yet?"

"Then the King will not learn of the ways of the world and our Dwarf friend may end up in the dungeons yet." she giggled.

Haldir rolled his eyes and looked up, as if considering his options. "I think I could live with that."

"You are incorrigible hervenn nin." she replied and kissed him again. Haldir seemed not to want to let it end but Caladwen pulled away. "It is time, my love. We need to make our presence known again. There is much to do and I am sure my grandfather will not wait much longer. It may be you who ends up in the dungeon." she said for added measure. Haldir merely smiled fiendishly and Caladwen could see the thoughts running through his mind. She picked up her pillow and threw it at him. "That will be enough from you Marchwarden. I know where your thoughts wander and it is not helping your cause." Then she got up from their bed and slipped into her robe. He watched as the silken material covered her bare skin, wishing they had just a little more time alone.

"What will you do first today?" he said as she poured a glass of juice for them both.

"I should meet with Aradar and see exactly where it is that I will begin my teachings. The size of the room will help me figure out how many classes I need to set up per week. I am expecting quite a turnout. I think I will be very busy in the beginning."

At this bit of news, Haldir frowned. He knew their time together would be less. It would put stress on them during the beginning of their marriage. Most newly bonded couples could not stand to be separated for long periods of time.

"I will hardly see you my love. What shall I do without you near?" he said with a pout.

Caladwen was not buying into it. She ignored him and handed a glass to him. "I am sure you will find something to occupy your time. It is only temporary hervenn nin. As soon as my teachings are underway, things will smooth out, I promise." Then she took his chin in her hand, tilting his head up. "Besides, we will have the nights to ourselves." The tone of her voice was low and sultry, setting Haldir's loins on fire. She sensed his need and quickly changed the mood. "Now, it is time to move on with the day. There is much to do. I am going to take one last bath in our beautiful pool. Surely, we will have a new residence set up for us when we leave here."

Haldir looked around the room. "Yes, you are probably right. This room is reserved for only those who need such privacy from the outside world. Go and take your bath. I will call for a proper breakfast to get our day started."

Caladwen headed for the bathing room and entered through the door. Just before she closed it all the way, she watched as Haldir got up from their bed and walked to where he rang the service bell. One ring meant they were ready for their morning meal. He then walked to the window in their room and hopped up gracefully to sit on the windowsill. She noticed that he wore only a pair of loose fitting white silk pants. She licked her lips as she observed his well-muscled chest. His fair skin shone in the morning light. The thought entered her mind to run her hands along his chiseled body. He was so very sexy and she could not help but want to feel him against her once more. "Haldir." she said wantonly.

"Yes my love?" he called from where he sat.

"Maybe there is time for just one more bath…together." she said from the doorway.

He jumped down without hesitation and went to the bathroom door. "I thought you were in a hurry to get started." he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I will never be to busy for you my love." she said and kissed him deeply. Then she let her robe slide down to the floor. Haldir wasted no time and scooped her up in his arms, carrying her to a sofa that sat along one wall of the bathing room. Gently, he lay her down and covered her with his own body. His kisses were warm on her neck and chest. His arousal pushed against her thigh. Thoughts of their many lovemaking moments entered Caladwen's mind. He was a beautiful lover, unlike anything she suspected. She remembered the stories she had heard about him in the past. You had to have been quite a seductress to win an evening with the Marchwarden. He seemed nothing like those old rumors. He was loving and passionate. Every move he made was deliberate.

Haldir finished kissing her neck and met her stare. He could tell her mind was elsewhere. "What are you thinking about hervess nin?"

"Oh it is silly and not worth talking about." she replied.

"No, no. Something plagues your mind. Now tell me what it is so that I might answer your question."

Caladwen smiled. "You know me quite well. Is there nothing I can keep from you?"

"Not any more now that we are bond mates." He kissed her quickly. "So tell me, what do you want to know?"

"Well, I know you have been with many ellith in the past but you are only my second lover." Her face flushed to a new shade of red. "You know… this is silly, Haldir. I will not continue."

Haldir wrinkled his brow. "If there is something you want to know, if something bothers you, please tell me. I do not want to be kept in the dark."

Caladwen knew she had started a conversation she did not want to continue. Maybe it was curiosity that got her talking, but now she regretted her decision to even bring it up. However, Haldir was insistent and she could not turn back now. "I knew some of the ellith you have lain with and they were very… well… experienced with the ellon. They were very mature and knew just what to do and say to satisfy any craving. They considered you their prize winning trophy."

"And they knew of nothing else." Haldir interrupted. He was beginning to understand Caladwen's dilemma.

"I want to please you. I want to make you happy every time we are together. Yet, I do not know all there is about lovemaking. I do not know what it is that would satisfy your cravings." Caladwen admitted and felt her blush return. She averted her eyes from him. "I know you have been quite adventurous in the past."

Haldir gently took her chin in his fingers and turned her attention back to him. "All those ellith from my past are nothing compared to you. I will not lie. They satisfied my every whim, but none of those females every made me feel as satisfied as you do. I would rather lie next to you and just hold you in my arms then to ever reflect on any of those silly ellith. There was no love, no affection with any of them. I only sought release and nothing more. To hear your sweet voice when you say you love me is more satisfying than anything I have ever experienced. I love you Caladwen. With you, I am whole and there is nothing better than that feeling. I do not need physical touch to be pleased. To just look upon your beauty and know you are mine for eternity makes me the happiest Elf in Middle Earth, or Valinor for that matter."

Caladwen's heart swelled three sizes from his words. She would never again doubt him or her own abilities. "I love you too Haldir." she said before capturing his lips. Their kisses were long and deliberate as they fondled each other on the couch. Without missing a beat, Caladwen sat up, pushing Haldir up also. She flipped them over so that she was straddling his hips. He still wore his white silk pants but she was in her bare skin. Her fingers ran along the waistband to the laces in the front. She looked up to see Haldir placing his hands behind his head and wearing a sly smile on his face, eyes closed. There was still an arrogance about him that would never go away and she liked that fact.

Haldir noticed she paused what she was doing and opened his eyes. "Well…?" he said and glanced down to where her hands rested at his laces. He bucked his hips slightly, letting her feel his desire for her. She once again began untying the laces but at an unbearably slow speed. Haldir's boasting had stirred up Caladwen's mischievous side and she decided to torture him in the most delicious way. As she finished with the soft strings, her hands lightly brushed his straining arousal. She heard a quiet intake of breath from him and new he was not as laid back and relaxed as he made out to be. He wanted this just as much as she did, but she could wait a little longer. Slowly, Caladwen pulled down the flaps of his pants, revealing her prize. He was beyond ready, a pearly essence shining on his tip. She moved her finger across it spreading the liquid around the rim. She glanced up to see his expression, which had gone from disdain to anticipation of her next movements. However, she was not ready just yet to let him have his satisfaction.

"Why Marchwarden, you seem a bit anxious for someone who is not in a hurry." she teased. "Perhaps I can help alleviate you." Her fingers still caressed his hardened member.

"Perhaps you can." he said coolly, yet Caladwen heard the slightest bit of urgency in his voice.

"But then again, the morning is getting late. Maybe it would be wise to…"

Haldir did not let her finish as he quickly sat up, grabbing her by the waist. "It is too late to change your mind now meleth. You should not have invited me in to your bath."

She giggled and released his hands from her sides. "Some things never change." She laid her hands on his chest and pushed him back. "Relax and let me take care of you hervenn nin. This past week you have been very attentive to my needs. Now it is my turn to satisfy you and you alone."

"I would not have you attend to me and not have you satisfied also." he argued.

Caladwen shook her head. "Let me do this. I want to do this. You can be in charge tonight love. Now lay back and relax. But first let me rid you of these." She pulled his pants the rest of the way down, throwing them on top of her robe. Haldir settled in and made himself comfortable. He was not used to letting a female do all the work. He had always needed to prove he was in charge. It was just one more thing they were to learn about each other. Caladwen also needed to prove to herself that she could be in charge. She had always let the man take over when it came to love making. She looked down at the glowing Elf lying beneath her. He was most definitely the handsomest being she had ever laid eyes upon. His silver hair covered the pillow where his head rested. His chest heaved up and down in anticipation of what was about to occur. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Haldir allowed himself the pleasure of massaging her breasts. Caladwen moaned into his mouth. He was going to make it very difficult to take her time with him.

When he released her breasts, she leaned down and laid delicate kisses on his muscled chest. His skin was warm and moist from the humid air of the bathing room. She allowed her fingers to roam over his muscles, memorizing every bump and curve. He was pure perfection.

She finally came back to the object of her desire. He was fully erect as droplets formed on his straining member. She sat up and took him in both her hands, rubbing his arousal from tip to base. The look on his face told her that he was succumbing to her ministrations. Caladwen smiled to herself. This was exactly what she wanted this time.

Caladwen readjusted her position, nudging his legs apart so she could settle in between them. Haldir followed her lead. Again, her hands roamed over his chest, down his belly and finally come to rest on his arousal. His hips gyrated upwards, wanting to feel more of her. She gave him what he sought when her tongue flicked across the tip, tasting his essence. Haldir hissed through his teeth at the unexpected touch of her wet tongue. She licked him all around, moistening him and readying him for what she was about to do. She took her time in the process and Haldir thought he might lose himself too soon. He held his composure as best he could. Suddenly he felt her lips sliding down his length. "Oh Caladwen, hervess nin." he moaned aloud. She took as much of him into her mouth as she possibly could then traveled in the opposite direction. When she became comfortable with his rather substantial size, she quickened her rhythm. Her hands helped her with the process. Haldir's hips thrust upward every time her warm mouth swallowed him. The feeling was exquisite and he could hold off no longer. With one final thrust, he let his essence flow forcefully into her awaiting mouth. She moaned at the feel of the warm liquid swirling over her tongue. The taste was wonderful, unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She swallowed every last drop and finally came to rest at his side. Haldir's breathing was labored and his hand rested on his forehead.

"I have seen the stars, meleth. That was wonderful." he said, eyes still closed.

Caladwen rested her head on his chest as her fingers fondled with the tight muscles of his stomach. "That was very satisfying my love. You are delicious."

After they recovered, Caladwen and Haldir made their way to the bathing pool and washed up. Haldir was in such a blissful state, he let her do all the washing of his body and hair. Finally, they finished up, dried each other off and dressed. They left the bathing room and found a tray of bread and fruit waiting for them. They ate quickly for the morning was getting late.

"I should have already met with the King by now. There is so much to do." she said worriedly.

"Relax meleth nin. King Thranduil knows our situation. If he were so anxious for you to arrive, he would have sent for you by now. Eat up and finish getting ready. Then we will meet with him together."

She smiled and fed him a strawberry. "Alright my love. I will not worry any longer." A bit of juice remained on his bottom lip. Caladwen kissed it away. Haldir deepened the kiss and their bodies tingled with an electric charge. When she sat back, she looked into his silver eyes. "Will it always feel like this hervenn nin?" she said dreamily.

Haldir cupped the side of her face with his hand. "For always, hervess nin."

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