Guardian of the Light: 44. From This Day On

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44. From This Day On

Chapter 44 From This Day On

Haldir stood behind Caladwen in the privacy of the hidden cave. His arms snaked around her waist, pulling her close. She could feel his desire against her backside. Her hands traveled along his forearms down to his hands. They were the arms of a seasoned archer. They were strong and the muscles were hard. Yet when he relaxed them as he did now they felt soft and gentle. She breathed deep as he nuzzled his face against her neck. The silkiness of his hair caressed her cheek. Already her own desire was evident as a fire burned within her core. Her breathing became uneven and her heart beat rapidly.

Haldir took in the scent of her skin. She smelled so delicate and he could not wait to find out what other treasures she kept hidden from him all these years. After tonight, he would know everything there was about her. His lips touched the soft skin of her neck and she tilted her head for him. He traveled down her neck to her shoulder. His hands left her waist and moved up her arms. He felt her intake of breath as the charge traveled between them. The anticipation of this moment, which built up for years, was ready to explode.

"Caladwen, you are so beautiful. When we touch, it is as if time slows down. Never have I felt anything as intense as what we have. It almost scares me to know such emotions exist. Yet, I cannot wait to call you my wife." As he spoke, his fingers undid the clasp at the back of her dress. He pushed the material over her shoulders, exposing her fair skin. "Let me look upon you and absorb your beauty for every time I see you, I will see you as you are now, my love."

Caladwen turned in his arms to face him. Her hands held the material so it would not slip down. She hesitated before she let the top fall to her waist, uncovering her breasts. Haldir let his eyes travel seductively down her body. A gentle smile spread on his lips and he pulled her to him once more. They kissed, but with more passion than before. Their tongues danced and twirled together. Her hands found their way to the mithril hooks of his tunic. After undoing each one painfully slow, she pushed the material off his shoulders. He slipped his arms out of the sleeves and let the garment fall to the cave floor. She studied every delicious muscle of his chest. Her fingers roamed over his well-toned abdomen, noticing how his chest heaved in and out.

He pulled her in again, this time feeling her naked breasts against his bare chest. Where their flesh touched felt like tiny jolts of electricity tingling under their skin. Their senses were heightening in anticipation of what was to come before the night was through. Haldir released her and she took a step back. Their eyes never left each other. Caladwen's hands went to her waist and she slid the rest of her dress down her legs, stepping out of the pile on the floor at her feet. Her long, wavy hair had fallen over her shoulders, hiding her breasts. Haldir stepped forward and reached for her golden locks but she stopped him and smiled. When he gave her a look of confusion, she smiled slyly and looked down at his leggings. She brought her eyes back up to meet his with one brow raised, gesturing for him to join her in her nakedness.

"Perhaps you would like to assist me?" he asked playfully.

"If you insist." she replied and reached for the leather laces. She carefully untied them, loosening them with her slender fingers.

Haldir closed his eyes and tilted his head back. It was almost too much to have her hands so close to his arousal and not feel her touch. It was pure agony but he held his composure. He looked back to Caladwen. She had loosened the laces and was folding down the flaps of material. She was only inches away from seeing Haldir as intimately as ever before. She suddenly became nervous and trembled slightly. His hands covered hers. "You do not have to do that, meleth. I would not have you tend to me. Tonight is about both of us." He brought her hands to his mouth and lightly kissed the palms.

"This is all new to you too isn't it?" she said watching his face. "You are used to having others tend to you."

"I have been intimate but not shared in the joy of the act. I had always kept a barrier up so as not to let myself become too enthralled with the moment. This is different. I would give you every ounce of pleasure and take none for myself if that would make you happy." The moonlight streaming in through the roof of the cave made the silver in his eyes sparkle.

"We will share this intimacy together, not just tonight but every moment for the rest of our lives." Caladwen said as she let go of his hand and reached up to touch the side of his face. "I think I have always longed for this moment with you, even when I did not know what I was feeling."

Haldir kissed her to distract her from what he was doing. He slid his fingers into the waistband of his leggings and eased them over his hips until they slipped down his legs. Then he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. His hands went around the small of her back and he pulled her to him.

Caladwen gasped when she felt his hardness against the flesh of her belly. She imagined in her mind what he looked like, not having the nerve to glance down just yet. Until now, she had only seen the bulge in his pants. Now there was nothing hiding either of them, except for her hair. Haldir was thinking the same thing as he pushed her golden waves over her shoulders. Then he stepped back. They kept eye contact, neither one wanting to be the first to look. He sensed this and laughed. "How about on the count of three."

Caladwen giggled at how silly they were being. "Alright then… One…"

Haldir smiled. "Two…"

"Three." they said in unison and let their eyes travel down each other's bodies.

Caladwen took in the sight of his muscled chest and tight abs. She went lower to the indents at his pelvis. Finally, she was seeing him in all his glory. He was magnificently large. It was a thing of beauty and masculinity. He looked as if he were carved from stone. Haldir was pure perfection.

Haldir studied her perky breasts and erect nipples. Her waist was slender but there were also feminine muscles toning her stomach. Her hips were slightly wider than an elleth. This is what made her look more human. It also made her look more desirable. The curves of her body were beautiful and he could hardly wait to run his hands over her sumptuous lines. He wanted to feel her and taste her. He wanted to smell her scent of desire. More than anything, he wanted to feel the charged that only they created with each other. There was nothing stopping them now and soon they would be one.

"Until now, I have only dreamed of your beauty. You are far more alluring than I could have ever imagined, Caladwen. I have desired this for so long. Now that you are here with me, it seems almost too much. I love you more than words can explain. You are my center, my world. You have made me who I am now and I cannot wait to explore the future with you. I do not ask you to become my wife but rather to take me as your husband from this day on if you think I am worthy of your love and light."

Caladwen had never seen Haldir in such a submissive stance. She had only known him to be in control of any situation. Yet here he was, bearing his heart and soul to her. He was letting her make the choice. She moved closer to him yet again. "Since the day you came back to Emyn Arnen, I have felt the pull of your soul. You have always been important to me, even as a child. I looked up to you as a mentor and friend. To have you offer yourself to me makes me feel so special and my love for you is undying. Haldir, I gladly take you to be my husband and offer myself to you as an equal, as your wife, from this day on if you find me worthy of your love."

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to a part of the cave covered with vines and moss that made natural bedding on the cave floor. He had already laid his cloak on top for more comfort. Very gently, Haldir laid her down and sat next to her. "First I would give you my full attention." he said and kissed her. His hands covered her breasts, kneading them softly. Then his mouth covered one of her nipples. His tongue circled the hard nub and Caladwen moaned quietly.

His mouth was hot on her skin and it drove her insane. "Oh Haldir." she whispered arousing him even further. He moved to her other breast, giving it the same attention. Her hands entwined in his smooth hair, pushing it from his face so she could watch his enjoyment. One of his hands slowly traveled down her side to her waist. It came to rest on her hip where he caressed her skin. His touch was tender and deliberate as it wandered to the top of her mound. She eased her legs apart allowing him access to what it was he sought. His warm hand moved lower and stroked the outside of her folds. Haldir noticed her labored breathing and smiled to himself. He would give her the release she sought before they continued with the ceremony.

"Do you find my touch… enjoyable?" he asked in a breathy voice.

"At the very least." she managed to say. The static charge was making her body tingle and setting her on fire. "One more touch of your hand and I may lose myself."

"Then let us see what happens when I do this." he said and his fingers delved into her moist warmth.

Her hips gyrated upward on their own. She felt she was no longer in control of her body. She was under his spell, merely a puppet moving to his touch. Just when she thought she could take no more, Haldir released her, positioning himself lower. As he moved, his tongue traveled between her breasts, over her stomach and playfully caressed her mound. He moaned as he took in the scent of her desire. This would be etched into his mind forever. "Your sweet scent is invigorating." he groaned and she brought her knees up giving him further access.

The next thing Caladwen felt was his warm tongue on her folds. He swirled it around tasting every part of her. The feeling was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Tiny stars seemed to explode behind her closed eyes. Her hands grasped the Lorien cloak beneath her for she felt as if she could float away.

Haldir stopped a moment to look up at her. She was in pure bliss from his ministrations. He continued with his fingers delving in and out of her depths and his tongue tickling her most sensitive spot. She moaned louder and more rapidly, saying his name every time he licked her delicate nub. He continued until her body could take it no longer. Her hips jolted up and she screamed his name. Haldir lapped up every last drop of her release, covering her with his mouth and moaning.

Caladwen yelled his name aloud as her orgasm washed over her. Every inch of her body felt as though it were charged with electricity. Her flesh felt raw with nerve endings exposed but it was not pain. Pleasure flowed through her entire being as Haldir brought her to the height of ecstasy. Finally, he came back up to join her on their makeshift bedding. He stretched out beside her and watched how her muscles moved involuntarily. He waited for her breathing to become regular again and smiled to himself.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and turned her head to look at him. "That… that was… well… there are no words to explain it. Will it be like this every time?"

Haldir laughed. "No meleth, it will only get better. I will let you recover a moment while I get us something to quench our thirst." Haldir got up and went to the cave entrance. He found a piece of wood that looked as though someone had carved it into a bowl shape. It held enough water for both of them. He brought it back to where Caladwen lay. He offered it to her first and watched as she sat up. She was glowing with the aftereffects of her recent release. She handed the bowl back to him and he drank. Then he leaned forward and kissed her deep and with much passion. As he did, he lowered her back down and lay on top of her. He rested on his elbows and gazed lovingly upon her.

"Are you ready my love? Will you bind yourself to me?" he asked, his voice merely a whisper.

"We shall never part again." she answered and broke away from his stare to look toward the moonlight streaming through the cave roof. "Let it be known that the Light of Lothlorien has chosen her soul mate and Guardian." Her eyes came back and met his. "I love you Haldir and I will love you until the last grain of sand turns to dust and the world is no more."

Haldir buried his face in her neck and kissed her gently. His lips traveled to her ear and came to the delicate pointed tips. The sensation she felt was ecstatic. Never had she felt so alive. Never had she wanted someone as much as him. Her soul was screaming out to join with his. Caladwen brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. She felt his arousal resting at her entrance. "I am ready."

Haldir slowly slid into the warmth of her depths. Instantly he felt her walls surround him. Never had he felt such safety before. All the years he spent protecting himself from this moment washed away. His life was renewed. His heart beat freely for Caladwen. His soul yearned for her and now there was no more waiting.

As he entered her, she moaned aloud. He filled her completely but not just physically. The tingling static current consumed her inside and out as he set his rhythm. With every thrust, he went deeper, touching her innermost secrets, touching her soul.

"You must look into my eyes meleth. Do not look away. This is how it is supposed to be." he said and their eyes locked on each other. Haldir watched as the blue of her iris turned dark as a stormy sea. The feel of her body beneath him was like silk. She was writhing to his own rhythm. They were a perfect match as they continued their dance.

Caladwen saw the silver outline of his eyes suddenly grow and take over. It was like staring up at the heavens and seeing paradise. He was like the wind and he carried her off to another dimension. The fire deep within her core was bursting forth.

Everything around them seemed to disappear as if they were floating on air. She could no longer feel the floor beneath her. Haldir could no longer feel the cave roof above. A bright light illuminated the space around them. Its warmth encased them and cradled them as they made love. It protected them and brought their sensations to new heights. They wrapped themselves around each other. Their bodies were one as there was no separation between them. Time seemed to stand still.

Haldir spoke first. "Your light is so strong. It could illuminate every dark place on this earth. You have brought me out of the dark. I can see our forever in your eyes."

Caladwen giggled, still reeling in the feel of his body connected with hers. "You are healed, my love. You will never again walk in loneliness. It is your strength that gives me this light."

At first, they thought they were inside a sort of ball of light. Soon they realized they were the light.
Everything was in slow motion as they realized their souls were meeting once again, this time to become one. She smiled. "It seems we meet again." This out of body experience was their souls connecting. Both eternal lights were entwined with each other.

Haldir continued his sensual rhythm. "I bind myself to you, my beautiful Caladwen. I will keep you safe for all eternity. I will love you forever. You have my soul for it was only ever meant to belong to you."

Caladwen was nearing climax. "And I bind myself to you, my brave Guardian. You have my love and my soul for it was only ever meant to belong to you. I will love you forever."

Time seemed to speed back to normal. The light surrounding them was brighter still. Haldir slid in and out of her body. Her hips came up to match every one of his thrusts. Her moans of passion were like music in his ears. He would not last much longer.

Caladwen felt her release rising to the surface of her skin. Her fingers dug into his back pulling him as close as she could. Her breathing was rapid. Her moans became louder. "Oh yes, Haldir." she repeated.

Her encouragement brought him to new heights. Her inner muscles squeezed his thrusting length. The friction caused him to moan her name over and over. Then it happened. They reached the heighth of ecstasy together as a wave of every emotion possible washed over them. The light surrounding them crashed down upon their naked bodies. They melted into one life force and their souls were forever bound. Their skin exploded with the electric charge they had always felt. If they remained this way from that moment on, it would be utopia. They held on to this experience as long as they could and hoped that every time they made love it would feel like this.

The light slowly faded and the scenery around them returned. Haldir remained buried deep within her walls. He did not want to let go just yet. He needed this connection. He yearned for her body touching his. "I do not think I can part from you. This feels much too wonderful." He looked around the cave, his breathing still very rapid. "What do you think meleth? Should we make this cave our home and never leave from this spot?"

Caladwen laughed between panting breaths. "I think that I could live at the bottom of a well just as long as you were with me."

Haldir looked longingly at her. "Hello hervess nin [my wife]." he said realizing what they had just accomplished.

Caladwen's face was radiant. "Hello hervenn nin [my husband]." To say the words aloud made her heart pound.

The experience took every bit of energy they had. Haldir came to rest at her side, pulled the cloak over them and they fell into the closest thing an Elf could call sleep, a deep reverie. They remained encompassed in each other's arms until the first rays of the sun shown through the falling water. Caladwen and Haldir were finally together… forever… heart and soul.

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