Taming the Wild: 40. To Look Through The Mirror

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40. To Look Through The Mirror

Chapter 40 -To Look Through the Mirror



Ten years had passed now. Legolas' forest city was coming along nicely. Galadriel's gift of Lothlorien soil had done wonders for the land. In ten years, the trees and foliage had grown greatly, like that of a forest twenty years older. He had become quite busy now, being ruler of his land. Yet, every spare moment he had, he spent with Rhavaniel.

She too had gotten busy. She loved her job and had grown quite close to Arwen. Often times Rhavaniel would think of her mother and Queen Alastegiel. This must be the kind of friendship they shared she thought. Now with Arwen's three children, it was even more exciting . . . and busy. They all three had that same adventurous spirit as their father, Aragorn. Still, when Legolas came to visit, Arwen made sure not to bother Rhavaniel. Their time together was precious. How she wished they could marry and be together all the time. Had Arwen known what a sacrifice they were making for each other, she may not have asked Rhavaniel to become her guard, but she was glad she did. It was a very special relationship they shared and no one but Rhavaniel would do, at least for now.

* * *

Rhavaniel was on hiatus and visiting Legolas in Ithilien. She sat at her vanity looking into the mirror. Legolas was on his way and would arrive at any minute to take her to dinner. When she visited him, they often met for get-togethers with friends and nobles of the court. Tonight was such a night, though it was more of a social dinner and not like those of the dignitaries. She was trying to braid her unruly hair in a different fashion. She no longer pulled it back in the warrior braids that Antien had taught her. Now she fashioned it a little more loose and feminine. She heard her bedroom door open and smiled. "Hello my love. How was your day?"

Legolas sighed deep. "It was very busy. There is so much to organize. More elves come to Ithilien everyday it seems."

"They come because of you. You are a great ruler. They love and respect you dearly," she said, brushing her hair.

Legolas walked up to where she sat and looked at her through the mirror. He took the brush from her hand and continued. "Oh, I am not complaining. I am happy to have every one of them," he said running the brush slowly through her hair. "I guess I am not used to so many depending on me. It can be overwhelming at times." Legolas noticed how she closed her eyes as he brushed her long golden waves. He could tell she had just washed it for it smelled sweet like honeysuckle. It was still damp and he could not resist running a strand between his long fingers. The feel of the coolness was very relaxing.

"Will we be joining the others to dine tonight?" Rhavaniel asked. She rather enjoyed the conversations and music at such affairs, but she still did not like the dress. After all these years, she still preferred her leather jerkin to any of those elven gowns.

Actually, they were supposed to join some of Legolas' friends for dinner, but now as he looked upon her beauty, his mind changed. "I think we will dine alone tonight."

She smiled. "I would like that. I have missed you lately."

"I promise it will not always be like this. One day Ithilien will run itself and they will no longer need their leader." His voice trailed off slightly and Rhavaniel could feel him slipping into another sea longing. He still did this from time to time.

"I will always need you Legolas," she whispered. Her words brought him back quickly and the urge to sail left his thoughts. Sometimes he thought if it were not for her, he would have a difficult time holding his oath to Aragorn, not to sail before his death.

Legolas finished brushing her hair and reached past her to lay it down on the vanity. Their eyes met in the mirror and neither one could look away. His hands came back to rest upon her shoulders. One of his fingers began tracing circles along her collarbone and then the side of her neck. She tilted her head to the side and enjoyed the electric jolts where their skin touched. Rhavaniel closed her eyes and parted her lips, allowing the moment to carry her away.

"What shall we dine upon tonight?" she asked.

Legolas leaned in resting his chin on her shoulder. "How about this?" he whispered and laid gentle kisses along her neck.

Rhavaniel smiled. "Are you sure that is enough to sustain you, my lord?" she said playfully.

He lifted her hair and kissed his way to the other side of her neck. "There is more than enough here to keep my satisfied."

Legolas slowly made his way to the clasp at the back of her dress, unhooking it without her taking notice. He held the material in place so it would not slip down too quickly. Then he stood back up and gazed at her in the mirror, his eyes darkening like a stormy sea.

Rhavaniel knew that look all too well. She was caught by him. He needed only to look at her like this and she was paralyzed. "Legolas I--"

"Shhh," he said stifling her. "Let us not speak with words but only with our eyes meleth nin." With that said, he pushed the dress from her shoulders. He watched the slight look of surprise on her face. She did not know he had unhooked her dress. Legolas smiled fiendishly.

His hands slipped inside the material and he pushed it further down until the tops of her breasts were showing. Rhavaniel watched him lower his sight to her chest. She noticed how his lips parted as he was about to reveal her breasts. To watch, one would think this was the first time he was seeing her. The idea made her body come alive. An ache began to grow deep within her core.

Legolas pushed the dress slowly down, letting each breast become exposed. Her nipples were already erect and he yearned to take them one by one into his mouth and ravish them with his tongue. His hands roamed to the curves at the sides of her tits. Then his eyes came back to meet hers. She had been watching him and this made him spring to life painfully hard. He quickly glanced down to her breasts and back to her eyes, gesturing for her to look at herself.

Rhavaniel was a little uncomfortable with the idea, but she did as he implied and slowly let her eyes lower. She sat there a moment, studying herself. It was something she never really did before. Sure, she had looked at herself in a mirror many times, but she never studied herself before. They were round and full, much more than some of the ellith she had seen. She had always found her cleavage quite seductive, even looking down at it now. Glancing back to Legolas, she found that he had been watching her face not her body, and a blush fell upon her.

Legolas saw the tinge of pink and smiled. "It is alright to admire yourself and it makes me want you badly," he said seductively. At this point, his hands reached down and captured her breasts, massaging them, thumbs brushing over her nipples. Rhavaniel watched how his hands carefully squeezed and released them, how his thumbs lingered over her hardened nubs. They became even more firm and it was almost painful. She brought her hands up and placed them over Legolas'. He then removed his, urging her to leave her own hands in place and covering them with his own. Now she was feeling her breasts and allowing Legolas to move her hands where he wanted them to go.

Rhavaniel could feel herself moisten as the ache spread throughout her lower region. What she wanted to do more than anything  was to get up from this vanity and throw Legolas to the ground, straddle his naked body and plunge herself onto his hardened cock. This was what the old Rhav would have done. She would have wanted to be in charge. She would want to have the last word. She could not be this anymore and it was a difficult transition.

Legolas could feel her desire rising to the surface. He could feel her need to take over the moment. It always ended with her on top, writhing away and riding him into oblivion, not that there was anything wrong with that. She was very sexy in this state, but he needed to be in charge every once in a while. It was something they had talked about recently. Now he could see how she worked to stay in the moment and not let her authority get the better of her. He knew she was doing this for him and that was so alluring. Tonight, Legolas would rule her. He would slowly torture her and have her begging for release. Now if he could only keep himself in check for he was about ready to explode.

"Stand up," he demanded.

Rhavaniel was taken aback. There was a tone to his voice that she never heard before, not with her anyways. She decided it best not to argue and stood from her chair, still facing the mirror. Legolas kicked the chair away and closed in on her. He ground himself into her backside. "See what you do to me." His hot breath caressed her neck before she felt his lips kissing her. His arms snaked around her waist as hands once again made their way to her breasts.

Rhavaniel arched her back, rubbing against him. He moaned against the skin of her neck, his long soft hair now falling over her shoulder. Yes, she watched him in the mirror. It was not only exciting to feel his eagerness but to see it in his expression was bliss.

Legolas felt her eyes upon him and looked up. Their eyes met in the mirror, both sets of eyes dark with desire. He released her, but only for a moment so he could unlace his leggings. Rhavaniel knew what he was doing and started to turn around, wanting to do this herself.

"No my sweet, not this time. Tonight you will do as I say and you will stay facing the mirror," he commanded softly.

Rhavaniel did as he said and did not turn around, but watched as Legolas took a step to the side and came into full view in the mirror. He wore only a loose fitting silver shirt and dark grey leggings, not to mention his worn leather boots that he swore he would never part with. Long slender fingers began undoing buttons until the shirt hung open exposing his smooth chest. Then hands made their way to a mithril belt he wore and undid the hook letting it fall to the floor. Next, Legolas slowly untied the laces of his dark grey leggings, loosening the strings that held back his straining arousal. The whole time he watched Rhavaniel in the mirror as she watched his slow seduction. She held her bottom lip in her teeth as if trying to restrain herself, and she was. Legolas smiled with a crooked sneer and dipped his hand beneath the wool material. His lips parted, eyes closed and he threw his head back as he took himself in his own hand. A moan escaped his lips setting Rhavaniel on fire. It was like music to her ears.

Her body was aching and wet as she whispered. "Legolas." It was all she could manage to say for the moment and still she watched through the mirror.

He opened his eyes to find her almost lost to her need, her own hands now squeezing and rubbing across her breasts. He moved so he was standing behind her once more. The rustle of material told Rhavaniel that he had lowered his leggings. Then she felt the skirt of her dress being hiked up in a deliberately slow manner. Suddenly the hot hard flesh of his cock pushed against her bare backside. Their skin made contact and a fire sizzled between them where they touched. Legolas' hands reached around to the front and came to rest at the v shape formed by her closed thighs.

"Spread your legs for me. Spread them wide," he insisted.

She did as he said and his finger instantly delved into her hot moisture. She was slick and ready for him. It was all he could do to keep from pounding into her in one swift movement. He was right there and ready to feel her engulf him. Instead, he let his fingers delve into her treasure, so wet and ready. Rhavaniel gasped slightly at the intrusion, needing to feel something inside her to alleviate the pain.

"Bend over," he demanded. Rhavaniel looked at him in the mirror unsure of what he wanted from her. "Trust me now, my love. Let me take away your pain," he whispered into her ear while watching her eyes soften. She once again did as he said and bent over the vanity, hands firmly planted on the edge of each side.

Legolas pushed her dress up so that it now lay across her back. His hands roamed across her backside and he moaned. "Ai Elbereth, such a lovely ass you have." He noted the slight worry on her face and let her mind ponder this before he spoke again. "But this is not the treasure I seek." He nudged her legs apart a little more with his knee, put a hand on her back to bend her forward slightly, and with the other hand he held his cock. Then he rubbed it along her slickness until he was well covered. Rhavaniel arched and pushed back hoping to capture him and force him inside her. She saw him smile impishly in the mirror and their eyes met yet again. He brought the head to her entrance, barely entering her and teasing her. "Is this what you want?" he said teasingly.

"I want you inside me Legolas. Please stop this torture. My body aches for you," she pleaded.

He slid in a little further and she gasped, but when she pushed back to take more of him he pulled away. Rhavaniel was in pure pain. "Do you want me to beg? Is this what you want? Please Legolas. I need you."

Her words were igniting his fire further and it took everything in his being not to come right at that moment. Legolas breathed deep and regained his composure. "Though your words warm my blood and set my pulse racing, it is not what I want from you, my beautiful warrior." They looked at each other in the mirror as she waited for his request. "I want you to watch yourself as I bring you pleasure."

He might have well asked her to jump from the highest mountain at this point. Panic spread across her face. Anything but that. She would watch him. She would even watch her own body but to look upon her own face while he rode her into the abyss was something she just could not do. "I can't," she whimpered and they both stilled any more motion.

Legolas tilted his head and looked at her questioningly. "Why is that so difficult? Rhavaniel, you are so beautiful to watch when we make love. I want you to see what I see."

Now she was truly scared and the moment of sexual tension seemed to be escaping her. "Please don't ask this of me."

"But why meleth nin? What is the matter?" he asked.

"Because . . ." she started then paused. "Because the only time I am vulnerable is when we make love, and I do not want to witness this weakness first hand." The words just flew from her mouth as if trapped there for centuries.

Legolas forgot about the moment at hand and laid his hands upon her bare shoulders. "Rhavaniel, it is alright to be vulnerable at certain times. It is necessary to let go and live in the moment. You do not always have to have your guard up. I love you and I know you love me. If you cannot be vulnerable in my presence, you will never completely be able to free yourself. Trust in us. Trust in this love. Sometimes I need you to be weak. When it is just us, I want you to feel this subjection and know it is alright."

Rhavaniel looked deep in his eyes for a while longer without saying a word. Legolas' hands roamed down her arms, down her sides and came to rest at her waist. After a long pause, she let her eyes wander to where his hands touched her. Legolas watched her sight roam across her hips and then her breasts. He began rubbing against her again. "Release yourself from this burden. Let yourself be consumed. There is nothing to fear," he whispered before sucking the tip of her ear into his mouth. His hands once again roamed to her folds and teased, dipping in and out of her body. Unable to resist him or his request, she looked at him with such passion and want.

"Take me Legolas. I am yours completely," she said submissively.

"Oh, Rhavaniel," he moaned, and without waiting another moment, he sheathed himself into her depths. Her body was so hot and wet. Her muscles pulsed wildly around his cock. He pulled from her almost completely and delved deep again. He steadied himself, letting her writhe around him before pulling from her again. He looked in the mirror. "Now . . . Watch," he growled and Rhavaniel turned her attention to her own reflection. This time he plunged deep and set his rhythm. Rhavaniel's face contorted in passion, mouth open, bared teeth as she felt her ecstasy rise to a whole new level. Watching herself was like nothing she ever experienced before. She would occasionally sneak a peek at Legolas and her experience was heightened to see his passion. She was not sure she had ever truly watched him as they made love. He was absolutely beautiful. His muscles convulsed beneath the skin of his arms. He was like a well-oiled machine, every movement connected to the other.

Her legs were spread wide, fingers digging into the wood of the vanity. Legolas was pounding into her, sometimes fast sometimes slow. The little table was nearly shaken from its bolts. The mirror wobbled. Small glass decorative bottles of oil and rose water tipped and fell over. The silver brush worked its way to the edge and fell to the floor, and all the while, they looked into the mirror watching themselves as their climax neared.

Unable to contain herself any longer Rhavaniel said to him. "I am close now. Come with me Legolas. Come now." It was the only time she showed any dominance, but she wanted to see both of their faces as they came together.

Legolas leaned forward a little, one hand grasping at her hip and the other reaching to her shoulder for more leverage. He wanted to go as deep inside her as he possibly could. Then he felt it and knew he would not last. "Ai, Rhavaniel. Now my sweetling," he said looking into her eyes, his flaxen hair brushing along her back.

Rhavaniel felt him go deep and yelled. "You are magnificent Legolas." Then she pushed back into him, pumping at a quick pace.

The sensation was too much and Legolas stilled himself letting her inner muscles milk his cock. He clenched his teeth, making a hissing noise as he breathed through them. Another jolt of her hips and he came long and hard into her awaiting body. He opened his mouth wide and let out a primal yell as he rode out this wave.

Rhavaniel rode the same wave, her tits still bouncing as she leaned over the vanity. She could feel his hot seed spill into her body. Licking her lips, a devious smile appeared as she watched herself climax. Panting and moaning, she saw nothing ugly about herself. Both of them had such satisfied expressions. They were both vulnerable. They were both contained in the same moment in time. They were both safe within each other's presence. They were one.

After a brief recovery, Legolas reluctantly pulled from her and helped her to straighten up. She still faced the mirror and watched him wrap his strong arms around her and squeeze her tight. He buried his flushed face into her hair and allowed his breathing to become normal. "I love you, Rhavaniel," he whispered a few times in her ear.

It was at this very moment that Rhavaniel realized what it was she had been running from all these years. It was not from her father wanting to see her as a court noble. It was not from Legolas' proposal and becoming a princess. It was not even from Haldir and their warrior bond. All these years she thought she was running from these people and situations when it was herself she was running from. She was so afraid of becoming defenseless that she threw herself into training and becoming a warrior. In doing so, she denied herself the one true thing that would make her stronger than any warrior. She had to let go of her own fears. She had to come to terms and realize that it was alright to be vulnerable. Like a candle instantly lighting a dark room, Rhavaniel could see her mistakes and knew what was missing all these years and that was trusting herself. No matter who she was, what she did or who she was to become, she would always be true to herself.

Suddenly Rhavaniel was no longer afraid of her future or that of Legolas'. Whatever happened she could trust that she would never change. Vulnerability did not mean weakness and even when she was like this, Legolas still loved her. She turned in his arms and pressed her cheek into his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Just a moment ago she submitted to him, let him rule her and she was still here, still Rhavaniel. Her strength was not lessened. It did not take over her mind. It was only another state of being.

Rhavaniel looked up and brought his head down capturing his lips. Then she looked deep in his stormy blue eyes and saw the spark that until now she had only felt from his touch. "Legolas?" she questioned softly.

"Yes, my beautiful love." he smiled, looking back into her deep blue irises.

"I want to be with you through all eternity. I want to fight by your side. I want to make love to you like this every day. I want to stay with you in Middle-earth and sail when you are ready to leave these shores. I want to become your Princess." As she spoke, a single tear fell down her cheek. Then the old Rhavaniel made another appearance as she felt the need to dominate. However, this time she did not think he would mind. "Bind to me Legolas. Bind to me and let us never be apart again."

Legolas smiled, his dimples prominent and the light in his eyes shining bright. Then a bit of mischievousness took him. "I don't know," he teased. "Maybe a contest. Best out of ten. If you win, we get married. If I win we --." His legs were suddenly kicked out from under him and Rhavaniel was now straddling him on the floor. "Just like old times," he laughed.

"You will never beat me, Thranduilion. So what's it going to be?" She waited for him to answer.

Somehow, Legolas managed to quickly sit up, grab her by the arms and flip them over so that he was now straddling Rhavaniel. He leaned forward as if to kiss her but stopped short. "I say . . .," he started in a teasing voice, but then his demeanor changed and he was serious as a fire burned in his eyes. "I say you bind to me this night. No announcement. No courtship. No more waiting."

"But what about your people?" she asked. It was unheard of for an elvish lord to wed without his people knowing first.

"They are our people and they love you, Rhavaniel. They do not need to know their lord is to bind. They accepted you long ago," he answered.

"And what about your father? He will be furious to know his only son wed without his permission or--."

"My father foresaw this union before we did. We can have a ceremony later." Legolas got up and helped Rhavaniel to her feet. Then he scooped her up in his strong muscled arms and carried her to their bed. He finished undressing her and then himself. Then he crawled onto her body, hovering just above her and looking deep into her eyes. "If you trust us, if you trust me, you will not hesitate anymore. I will not wait another moment to bind to you. We do this now, Rhavaniel. What say you? Do you give your soul to me to keep safe, to protect, and to love forever until time ceases to exist?"

Rhavaniel looked deep into his eyes. A part of her was disappearing even now, the part that always made the last decision, had the last word. Legolas would no longer accept this from her. She realized that to bind to him did not just mean to become a princess. It meant completely giving herself to him, to trust him with her very soul, and to become vulnerable. One last time, Rhavaniel felt her former dominating personality take over, but she quelled these thoughts. Now was the time. This finally felt right. She would not run away anymore. Her hand came up to touch the side of his face. As she smiled, a tear formed in the corner of her eye. "I do, Legolas," she answered in a whisper. "I want to be with you. I love more than words can say, but I cannot do this." She paused a moment then continued. "I cannot do this without telling you that I am sorry for ever doubting us. I was a fool, but you stayed with me. I hurt you, but you did not turn from me. I was blinded by my own twisted thought, wants and needs, but your love was always a beacon of light for me to follow. Even now, you overlook all my faults and ask for my soul. Just tell me one thing, Legolas. Why?"

Legolas smiled down into her beautiful face. "Because I always had hope. I think I always knew this side of your personality was there. It was buried deep, but I saw it. I would have waited for an eternity; for there is no one else I could ever love. It has always been this way. We have been together since the day you were born. It was always meant to be and I knew you would see that too."

With a tear rolling down her cheek, Rhavaniel smiled. "Then I give you my soul to keep safe, to protect and to hold in your heart until the ends of time."

 Legolas captured her lips, smiling and laughing as he did. Rhavaniel joined him, not able to keep her laughter under control. Such a heavy weight lifted for them both. Finally, Rhavaniel released him. "Then shall we do this now?" she asked innocently.

Suddenly a thought came to Legolas. He rolled off her body. "Wait one minute meleth. There is something I should have done ten years ago." Then he jumped up from their bed and went to the closet.

Rhavaniel watched as he fumbled around, looking in boxes and shirt pockets. "Legolas, what are --?"

"Here it is!" He exclaimed. He came back and sat on the edge of the bed. Rhavaniel sat up and watched him as he held something in his hand. "Rhavaniel, I was going to give this to you once before, but again, our lives took separate paths for a while. Now I want you to have this. It belonged to my mother," he said and opened the palm of his hand to reveal the silver brooch with the beech tree engraving. He took Rhavaniel's hand and placed it upon her palm. She looked down at it and smiled.

"It was the day I told you about Arwen's offer to be her bodyguard. That was the day you were going to propose," she said with a slightly sad tone.

"Yes it was, but how . . .," he started.

Rhavaniel looked up with only her eyes, batting her eyelashes.

"Antien," they said in unison and laughed.

"Is there nothing he does not know?" Legolas asked, shaking his head.

"Well, he did not tell me what it was you wanted to give me. Actually, he did not mean to tell me. When we ran into each other, he saw how ecstatic I was. He thought it was about us and I told him about Arwen's offer and . . ." She smiled to think of it now. "Well, after some confusion, we figured it out. He made me promise not to tell you and wait until you approached me again. Legolas, I felt so bad. Here you were about to ask me to . . . and I completely ruined it."

Legolas put his arms around her and pulled her tight. "It just was not the time. I know you always wanted to assume your mother's role. I could not stand in your way. Besides, I knew the right day would eventually come."

"And that day is today, my prince. Legolas, I love you so much. I am ready to stop being the warrior. I am ready to put aside the jerkin and tunic, and hang up my bow if it means your happiness. I will even put on those horrid dresses just to be able to be by your side for always." She paused and let out a giggle. "Just don't tell me I have to make tapestries."

Legolas watched the way she laughed, how her eyes sparkled. He scooted back onto the bed, bringing her along with him. Then he crawled onto her body, pushing her gently back against the pillows. Her confession and the sound of her laughter made him come alive once again. Rhavaniel felt his arousal and it made her own body respond with an ache deep inside. She still held the brooch in her hand, brought it to her lips and kissed it. "I will always treasure this. I know how special it is to you, and now it is just as special to me." She carefully laid it on the nightstand.

Legolas nudged his knees between her legs. She responded instantly, spreading wide for him. Then he smiled down with loving eyes. He lowered himself until his arousal was at her entrance. "Be my wife," he whispered.

"Until the end of Arda," she replied and he slid into her awaiting body.

This time there was no rush. They made love slow and lovingly with purpose as their souls joined into one. They did not hurry to achieve climax, but let the moment carry them away until they felt as if they were floating above their bodies. With the blessing of the Valar, Legolas and Rhavaniel bonded.  They were finally wed, husband and wife, forever.

* * *

The next day they prepared to make their announcement, but first, they just had to tell Antien and Glandur.

"I knew it. I knew it," Antien said, bursting at the seams after Rhavaniel told him. "I told Glandur last night. There was something special in the air. Oh, how I hoped it was this, and it was. I am so happy for you, my best friend." He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her until she thought she would suffocate. Then he released her and a serious tone appeared on his face. "Now, what about a ceremony? Just because you two bonded does not mean we cannot have one. Everyone from Mirkwood to Minas Tirith will want to attend. You cannot cheat the people out of this grand celebration."

Rhavaniel gave him one of her famous looks of annoyance. "You mean, I cannot cheat you out of your dreams of organizing such an occasion," she said with a cocked eyebrow.

Antien faked surprise. "You mean you would want me to do this for you?"

She laughed and hugged him. "I love you Antien. You are truly like a brother to me."

Meanwhile, Glandur looked at Legolas and shrugged his shoulders. He could not help but smile. This was such an 'Antien' moment as he had ever seen, and the reason he loved him so much.

Legolas could just about hear Glandur's thoughts and laughed. "We must give them the spotlight. They have waited a very long time for this moment."

Still smiling, Glandur shook his head. "Better to leave such planning up to them. I think they will be busy for a while. Care to go into the town and join me for a glass of wine?"

Legolas nodded. "That's a splendid idea. I'm afraid I won't be seeing much of Rhavaniel in the next few months," he laughed.

"Nor me of Antien," Glandur chuckled. "Maybe we better make that a glass of Ithilien's strongest ale."

Rhavaniel and Antien never noticed their beloveds leave the grand hall, where they originally met. They were too busy arguing over a dress for her to wear. Of course, Rhavaniel did not like the idea. Antien knew he had his hands full, but he was never happier. "I will make a lady out of you yet, my dear," he scolded.

* * *

Therefore, messages were sent out from Mirkwood to Minas Tirith. Antien planned a most luxurious ceremony and all were invited. It was the grandest of celebrations since Aragorn and Arwen or Faramir and Éowyn. So many came to see the Prince of Mirkwood marry his lifelong love, Rhavaniel. As a result, quite a few found North Ithilien to be a wondrous place to live and asked to settle there. Legolas was happy to have such a nice mixture of elves and men living in his land.  Meanwhile, Legolas made Glandur the captain of the guard for North Ithilien. With the different races living amongst each other, it caused a stir every so often. This was all just part of the learning process, and soon they all learned to live in harmony. North Ithilien was once again, the fairest of all the lands. They finally had their Princess, who never ever made a tapestry, though she learned to like wearing the dresses.

Rhavaniel gave up her job as the Queens royal guard. This was something she knew would happen eventually and was training new guards for the Queen. They became her replacements so that she could move to Ithilien permanently.  Arwen understood completely, and asked if she could still call upon Rhavaniel's services when she traveled abroad, after her first year of matrimony of course. Rhavaniel agreed wholeheartedly, for she had grown closer to Arwen as a friend than as a guard.

Rhavaniel found that she was not bound to court life after all. Legolas would not hear of it. He asked her to work with Glandur and be in charge of any guard training, which she happily agreed to do.

Even in the days of peace, there were still scuffles or small attacks upon the borders. Whenever this happened, Rhavaniel and Legolas led the troops, which comprised of both elves and men. Many were lucky enough to witness the beauty and skill of the female elf warrior and her princely husband. After that, she became known as the Fighting Princess and was loved by all. Her adventures went on and, though she had changed over the years, Rhavaniel always stayed true to herself and true to her name.


The End…

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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