Taming the Wild: 4. Game Over

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4. Game Over

Chapter 4 - Game Over

In the weeks that followed, Rhavaniel and Legolas worked hard together. He taught her all he knew of hand to hand combat and eventually worked in small weapons such as daggers and knives. She was a quick learner and began to understand Legolas better. They came to a silent understanding that this was business. Their differences were set aside and for the first time, they were as equals.

The day of their final test arrived a few months later. Student and teacher were to enter onto the field for one more battle. They were to use every technique they were taught. The outcome of the battle would depend on how well they executed their skills. If the teacher felt they were properly trained, they would recommend advancement.

Rhavaniel felt very secure that Legolas would treat her fairly. She would hold nothing back and use every skill. She felt he had become the best mentor she could have asked for, though she would never admit this to him.

As they sat on the bench awaiting their turn, Legolas spoke. "Give me everything you've got today. This will determine your advancement. You have what it takes to become a royal guard."

Rhavaniel was taken aback by his kind words. "Thank you Legolas. Thank you for believing in me. You will not be disappointed." she said sincerely.

Then an evil smile spread across Legolas' face. "Though you will never outdo me." he laughed at her expense.

Rhavaniel suddenly felt very foolish to believe he had a tender side. The wild determination she had kept at bay began to boil to the surface. Today of all days, she would not be outdone by him.

Finally, they were called out onto the battlefield, the last of the group to compete. As they walked, she noticed how arrogantly he strolled beside her. A fire built within her. "May the best elf win." she said in a low tone.

"You may congratulate me when it is over." he answered, antagonizing her even more.

They stood in the middle of the field and assumed their positions. Rhavaniel checked her practice weapons once more, making sure they were properly secured. Finally, a whistle blew and the fight began. Legolas made the first move with catlike reflexes. As he was about to approach her, he jumped up and flipped his body over hers, kicking her to the ground as he did. Rhavaniel quickly got up and spun around. "Never keep your sight from your enemy." she told herself. Legolas repeated the same move only this time, as he leapt over her, she grabbed his booted ankle, stopping him in mid-flight and bringing him crashing to the ground. As she lunged at him, he rolled to the side. She landed face first in the dirt. "Do not remain on the ground too long." she said again, reciting the rules. "And always keep an ear tuned in." She heard Legolas approaching her, spun onto her back and flipped an unassuming prince over her body. Unfortunately, Legolas landed on his feet. Quickly, she got back up and faced her foe.

The battle went on for some time now and Rhavaniel countered every one of Legolas' challenges. He was no longer toying with her but fighting the good fight. She could sense his determination and it fueled her. It was exciting to finally battle Legolas and hold back nothing.

Legolas could also sense her warrior soul. She was a true match to his cunning and strength. It made the fight exciting for him and he was enjoying every minute of it. She was like a wild untamed animal and it made his own spirit for battle come forth. This was a side of Rhavaniel he had never seen before, not even in training. There was something very alluring about her and it raised his temperature. He felt her savageness and it brought about a new level of curiosity.

Finally, Rhavaniel saw his weakness and as he was about to seize her and claim his win, she turned the tables with a move that no one saw coming. It was the same move she had used on him in training. Flipping him to the ground, she jumped on him, thighs clamped tightly to his hips. Her hand reached for her blunt dagger. Legolas tried one last move in order to stop her but she was quicker. She grabbed his hands, pinning them to the ground above his head. They lay on the ground, their faces mere inches away. They felt each other's breath, hot and heaving. Their eyes met, dark from the excitement of battle within them, but there was something more. Desire. They became oblivious to their surroundings as they felt an unnamed fire burn between them.

Somewhere in the distance, a whistle sounded, ending the fight, but neither one moved. Rhavaniel was rather enjoying the moment and stayed her position.

Legolas felt something stir deep within his loins. What was this feeling deep within his core? No, he thought. Not for Rhavaniel, his rival. In order to put a stop to these feelings, he forced anger to the surface. He was angry that she had beat him, but even more so he was angry that he had felt the stirrings of desire for the one person who had made his life thus far miserable.

Rhavaniel smiled. "Do you surrender?" she panted, still out of breath. Then she sensed his mood change from desire to anger and it confused her.

His brow furrowed and his eyes turned to slits. "Get off of me." he whispered through clenched teeth.

As she got up, he pushed her but she did not falter. It seemed the Prince did not like being bested in battle, especially by an elleth. They stood once again and faced each other, this time as foes. She raised an eyebrow as the corner of her mouth upturned in a slight smile. She had won fairly and it upset him. "Game over." she jested.

Legolas did not back down but came up to her bringing his face to hers. "This is not the time to gloat. I must still decide your recommendation." Legolas heard snickering coming from some of his comrades. They were obviously surprised to see the Prince beat in battle by no other than an elleth. He had a reputation to uphold and this did not look good for him. Would he be teased, gaining the disrespect of his people? He took this into consideration.

Rhavaniel was instantly sorry for her comments. She was not sorry, however, for her just victory over the Prince. "Legolas, I…" she started, but he held up his hand to silence her. She was sure he would not recommend her now. She had made him look weak in front of his own people, the very elves he may one day rule over. Maybe this was his plan all along. Maybe he let her win just so he could ruin any chance she had of fulfilling her dream. She silently awaited his decision.

"Legolas." called the Captain. "What is your recommendation? Does Rhavaniel deserve the chance to train with the guard?"

You could have heard a pin drop that day. No one moved or made a sound as they awaited the Prince's decision.

Legolas watched Rhavaniel's expression as she waited to hear his words of yea or nay. He held her future in his hands. Her fate depended on one word to be uttered from his lips. He was upset and knew how easy it would be to ruin her life. Maybe then she would leave him alone, disappear from his life completely. As he thought about this, he realized that life would not be the same without her around. He could not deny the feelings of desire he felt towards her as she straddled him on the ground, nor the way they battled together as if consumed by some lustful dance. He would lose more respect from his people if he let his anger make his decision. And so he answered honestly.

"My Captain, I, Legolas Thranduilion hereby recommend Rhavaniel to train for our most noble position as guardsman." he said.

Cheers and clapping immediately followed his announcement. Rhavaniel and Legolas stood there a moment, regarding each other. Finally, she put her hand over her heart and bowed low. "Thank you Prince Legolas. I hope to not disappoint you." she said in her most submissive voice. It was an honest and fair response.

Legolas bowed his head in answer to her courtesy then turned to leave the field. Rhavaniel's fellow students came up to her, surrounding her, laughing and smiling. She smiled along with them but her eyes searched past them looking for Legolas. He was already gone and she wondered how long it would be before he would speak to her again. That did not matter now. There was celebrating to do with all of those students who passed their training. A feast and a dance would commence within the next couple of days and secretly, Rhavaniel hoped to see Legolas then.

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