Taming the Wild: 23. The Battle-Lust

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23. The Battle-Lust

Chapter 23 – The Battle-Lust

Orophin rushed to the edge of the platform and looked to the ground below. "Haldir… Rhavaniel… Are you alright?" he yelled down. He did not see them anywhere.

"We are fine brother. Give us a moment." Haldir answered. He still held Rhavaniel in his arms, captured by his seductive stare. She could not take her eyes from him, as if caught by a magic spell. His words ran through her mind. He was right of course. She did want this life. She felt no regret in killing the enemy. She lusted for it. The sound of her blade cutting through their flesh was satisfying. Fighting with them made her blood rush through her veins. But sharing this feeling with another who felt as she did was ecstasy. Haldir had felt her and she had felt him also. This made her body warm in her most secret places. His silver-grey eyes captured her and she felt his need and desire to ease his pain. Their senses were heightened and they still wanted to kill, but there were none left.

"The battle- lust is still strong is it not?" he asked.

"Yes. It pains me. I need more Haldir." she moaned.

"We can alleviate each other but you must let go of your past and everything you know. Trust me, I will not hurt you. I can take this pain away and replace it with pleasure. I want you Rhavaniel." he whispered against her skin. Haldir lightly bit her neck and shoulder. "Take it out on me. Hurt me if you want, but you must let the blood lust run its course. There are no more orcs to kill this day."

"What you are suggesting I do not think I can do. I do not love you Haldir, but I feel you in my soul. Why? What is happening to me?" she begged.

"Our warrior souls have found one another. They need to connect. I have heard of this but never thought it was real."

Unable to think straight, his words made sense to her. The excitement of killing wedged itself deep in a part of her soul. It was there that she felt Haldir the strongest. Haldir's own desire to keep killing rang throughout her senses too. She wanted to feel flesh being sliced open. She wanted to smell the blood of a fresh kill, but there were none left. The only connection she had with this lust was Haldir. She knew he could offer her relief with his own flesh. It seemed like the only way to end this. Otherwise, the pain she felt was unbearable. Without thinking on it anymore, Rhavaniel grabbed the back of Haldir's head and pulled him to her. She crushed her hungry lips upon his. Her fingers wrapped tightly in his silken hair and she pulled his devouring mouth away from hers to look him deep in his eyes. Although this felt completely wrong, she knew it was what must happen. With one last effort to spare herself of this lust, she asked. "Is there no other way? Just a couple more orcs and I think I can get this under control."

"They are all dead." Haldir said and he covered her mouth again, his tongue going in search of hers. She accepted it and reveled in the feeling of his caresses.

Rhavaniel was not herself at that moment or she would not have agreed to this. But the pain of her hot blood traveling through her body combined with her aching desire was too much to control. She felt like a savage animal and instincts took over. "Take me Haldir, but not here. There are too many around us."

Haldir smiled an almost evil grin and yelled once again to Orophin. "Gather the troops and clean up this mess. We cannot have the Golden Woods spoiled by these fell beasts. Take the bodies into the glade and burn them. This area shall be purified."

"Aye." Orophin answered and got to work.

"And what of Rhavaniel?" Rumil yelled down next.

"She is fine but the excitement of her first real battle has… affected her. Let me deal with her. We will join with the others later."

Orophin and Rumil looked at each other. "I don't like this one bit." Orophin said.

"We cannot stop them. They have bonded in battle. Warrior's hearts they both have. They smell the blood and crave the spilling of it. Let us hope the killing was enough." Rumil answered his brother trying to comfort him.

* * *

Haldir took Rhavaniel far away from the battle scene. The smell of the orc blood was still strong enough that they were still crazed by it. As soon as he got to his chosen location, Haldir grabbed Rhavaniel by the waist and pulled her to him. He covered her mouth with his, kissing her with a passionate yearning. She responded quickly and began untying his cloak and unhooking his jerkin. She needed to feel flesh under her fingers. The warmth of his body was making her insane. She pushed these garments from his body and gazed down upon his naked chest. He was built like a marble statue, rippling muscles and strong arms. There was nothing lithe about him. She started nipping at his broad shoulders. Her tongue traveled down his chest as she bit roughly on each brown masculine nipple, making him suck air between his teeth. He reached for the bracers he still wore on his forearms. "Leave them." she growled. She needed to know he still wore some sort of armor. The smell of the tough leather was very arousing to her and she ripped his shirt from his body.

Haldir reached for her cloak and removed it. He watched her as she studied his body. This only made his desire for her spread quicker to every part of his being. She seemed to be quite intrigued with his physique. He smiled and chuckled under his breath. "See something you like?"

"You are not built like the Mirkwood elves. Though my people are strong, we do not look it at a glance. But you… your body looks amazingly strong. Every muscle defined." she said as she ran her fingers along his stomach."

"Let me see you Rhavaniel." he whispered into her neck. Suddenly, he remembered what she said about permission. He reached for the hooks of her jerkin. "Let me feel your flesh against mine."

Rhavaniel knew they both needed this contact and undid her jerkin, tossing it to the forest floor. Next, she unbuttoned her undershirt. The loose white shirt hung open but still covered her breasts. She watched Haldir as he brought his hand to her throat. Lightly calloused fingers traced her skin down her chest, between her breasts and all the way to the waistband of her leggings. His touch worked wonders for this ache from the battle. Her skin seemed to sizzle with static where he touched her. "What is this chemistry between us Haldir?"

"We share the same need to spill blood. We affect each other when we are in this state. We have bonded in the way of battle. We will always need each other when we fight together. But it only happens when we are together. We are like warrior soul mates." As he spoke, his finger traced over her skin back the way it came, but he stopped at her breasts. "Have you ever felt such sensations as this before?"

"I have only fought in one battle, but this did not happen then." she answered.

"Not even with him?" Haldir questioned.

"The Prince was not there. He remained in Mirkwood to rule in the King's absence. But we have fought before and this never occurred."

"He has not the battle-lust as you do. Tell me, what does he feel when he kills?"

"He has never spoken of it, but I know it bothers him that he must slay even orcs. He feels that part of them that used to be elvish and it hurts him slightly. I have never sensed this. I only feel their hate and anger. It fuels me and I crave the kill." As Rhavaniel spoke, Haldir cupped her breasts under her shirt, not yet exposing them to his eyes. She moaned slightly and arched her back, begging him to take more of her into his hands. "Your touch eases my pain. It soothes me. Does it have this affect on you?"

"Yes. The pain lessens slightly with every touch of your beautiful body." His breath was staggered.

"Then let us not torture each other any longer. Rid me of the pain Haldir. Make it go away. I can stand it no more." she begged as she pulled the shirt from her body.

Haldir pulled her to him, their flesh finally making full contact. She noticed how warm he was. He indulged in the awareness of her full breasts pressed firmly against his chest. Her hands went in search of greater treasure and was awarded by the bulge in his tight leggings. Haldir gasped from her touch, almost too much to take all at once. "Slowly pen vaelui nin [my lustful one]. We should not spend ourselves too quickly. It is almost like poison in our systems. It must be drawn out slowly."

Rhavaniel laughed to herself. "I have never been very good with patience." she said. Her fingers went to the lacings of his leggings and began undoing them, grazing against his straining arousal as she did. Finally she had access to him and slipped her hand inside the loosened material. He was rock hard in her hand. She moaned in his ear then licked the outer edge up to the tip. She came back to look into his eyes.

"Your eyes are so dark. What do you see?" he asked.

"Everything has an aura around it. Different things are different colors. Yours is blue. Orcs are black like their souls." she said and laughed. "Yours turns darker blue when I do this." she said squeezing his shaft and making him moan.

"Yours is red but not like blood. It is translucent." he said when he caught his breath.

"You see this too?"

"Yes." he said playing with the laces of her leggings. They were finally untied and he dipped his hands inside pushing the material down around her hips. He reached back around to feel her firm rear. "But I have never seen this before. It is only because of our bond."

"But your eyes are not dark. They are bright silver and shine like the stars." she said grinding her hips into him.

"I do not understand it. I have not experienced this before either." Haldir took his hands from her pants are returned to her breasts. He lowered his head and sucked on each tit, teasing her erect pink nipples with his wicked tongue. "I have only read about this bond. It is rare but the warrior mates always seem to find each other, especially in a time of war. There is a reason you came to Lothlorien and I think it was to find each other." He buried his face in her neck, kissing and nipping at her soft flesh.

"It still hurts." she said. Haldir could see her anguish. He crushed his mouth to hers again. "Help me Haldir." she begged.

They separated and removed their boots, tossing them carelessly on the forest floor. Haldir wasted no more time. Stepping back from her, he removed his leggings. Rhavaniel followed his movements as he strode over to her. She could not move as she studied his well defined body. He was her cure and she needed him badly. Nothing else mattered anymore.

Haldir pushed her leggings down and she stepped out of them. Now they stood facing each other, naked and vulnerable. He pulled her to him and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around him. He walked them to the nearest tree and pushed her up against it. Their eyes met again and their blood seemed to pulse in time.

"Are we making a mistake?" she asked.

"The pain will not go away until you kill or you connect with someone like you."

"But… Legolas…" she whimpered. Even being consumed by this new state, she still thought of him.

"The choice is yours pen vaelui. The orcs are all dead but the pain will continue. If it is not stopped, you will weaken to the point of death. This was your first time and it will be the strongest reaction you will experience. As you learn to control it, it will get easier. But as for now, I'm afraid we only have each other. I will never hinder you Rhavaniel. I will let you become this warrior every time. I will never tell you to stay in the city. I would fight alongside you. The Prince may love you and you him, but he can never help you the way I can. We are one in the same now. We are forever connected to our souls, not in love but in battle and blood. We have found each other. It was meant to be."

Every word he spoke made sense to her. She forced any thoughts of Legolas out of her mind. He had no place here. This was her life now. This was what she wanted. Her hips ground against him. Her body knew Haldir was her cure and it called to him. "Make it go away Haldir. Make all of my pain disappear. Give me this new life." she begged.

To her surprise, Haldir lifted her slightly as if she were as light as paper. He brought his hardened arousal to her entrance. In one smooth movement, he entered her and buried himself to the hilt. They cried out together as if it were painful, but it was quite the opposite. He pulled out and then slammed back into her body again. Each thrust came a little faster as he pushed her back up against the tree. The rough bark cut into her back, adding to the pain but she did not care. Her legs clamped tight around his waist when he thrust into her as if she was trying to take more of him. Her fingernails dug deep into the skin of his back and he winced. Haldir tilted his head back and his long golden hair whipped through the air. He let out a guttural moan as he did and thrust into her again.

The sensation was raw and animalistic. There was no love but only need, passion and lust. The pain was slowly subsiding but it was not enough for Rhavaniel. Haldir was in command as he had her pinned to the tree. She needed control now. It was the only way she felt she could ease her pain. "Put me down Haldir." she muttered in his ear.

"Not yet pen vaelui." he said between heavy breaths.

"Put me down now." she demanded.

"But this feels so…" He was interrupted by a burning sensation on his back. Rhavaniel had scratched him hard enough to make him bleed.

"Let me go Haldir!" she yelled and she pushed on him.

He released her legs and she pulled herself off of him. The loss of connection was unbearable for them both. They stood staring at each other. Then Rhavaniel pushed him in the chest making him falter and stumble backwards. He came back towards her and she pushed him again. "Get on the ground now." she said in a primeval voice. Haldir only gazed at her, confused. "I said now. Do it."

He could see that she was not through and did as she said. He laid down on the leaf littered ground not worried about his bleeding scratches on his back. He just blocked out the pain for it would soon be replaced with pleasure.

Rhavaniel got down on her hands and knees and crawled her way up his body. "I will be in charge now Marchwarden." She bent down and kissed him with such fervor it almost took his breath away. She released him and took the tip of his ear in her mouth, tongue rolling around and caressing it in a deliberate fashion. She smiled to herself when she felt his hips buck, needing to once again be buried in her warmth. Next, she sucked on his neck. Oh the things she could do to his smooth unmarked skin. She could brand him letting others know that this was her toy and no one else's. She decided it best not to leave any visible markings, released the skin held in her teeth and made her way down his chest. Her tongue swirled around his nipples, caressing ever so lightly. She slid back some, lifted her body until she found her prize and moved smoothly down onto his erect shaft. He filled her completely.

Haldir gasped as she did. Her body was moist and hot, almost burning. "Ai, pen vaelui the heat is almost intolerable. It burns from within."

"It is the battle-lust. Every vein in my body burns with pain from the heat." she said. Then she set her rhythm, sliding up and down his stiffness. Her inner muscles squeezed him and she moaned. "Oh Haldir, you fill me. You touch every part of me."

As she slid down on him again, Haldir thrust up, touching her deeper than even Legolas had ever gone. It hurt but it felt sensational at the same time. "Again." she demanded as she pushed down again.

Haldir thrust up into her, his rear coming off the ground. He held this position as she started bouncing quickly. Her hips swirled around and her muscles squeezed him from within. Now he matched every one of her thrusts, pushing deeper if he could. The pleasure she was bringing him was mind numbing. The first signs of climax began to rise, slowly filling his body with electricity. Their moans and growls were becoming louder with every thrust. Their bodies were alight and sensitive to every movement. The friction and heat between them brought them higher and higher until finally they exploded in writhing, screaming unison. Haldir's hot seed spilled into her convulsing body. Rhavaniel came forward, her wheat colored hair draping across his chest. She studied his face as he was lost in his own world of ecstasy. It was not pain he wore on his fair countenance but pleasure beyond words. It was obvious neither one had ever experienced such passion as they did with each other.

Haldir opened his eyes to see her studying him. She was truly enthralled with him as he was with her. Rhavaniel watched as his bright silver eyes faded a bit and wondered if her own had done the same thing. As long as their bodies were connected, she felt no pain. He was still quite hard inside her, pulsating and hot. She leaned back, her spine straight now, and continued to watch him as a smile slowly spread across his full pink lips. "Ai, pen vaelui. I see you must have control. I shall not question your intentions again."

Rhavaniel let her guard down slightly and laughed at his comments. But she did not expect what he did next and her victory for dominance was extinguished with another earth shattering thrust of his hardened shaft. She was still very sensitive and with that thrust, Haldir touched her deep and in the one place that brought her pleasure instantly. "Ai, Haldir." she gasped and he hit her pleasure zone again. The third time was the charm and she screamed. "Oh sweet Eru. Yes, Haldir. Yes!"

 Instantly the Marchwarden was back in control as her essence covered him at the base of his shaft making him slick and wet. He let a low laugh escaped his lips as he watched the pleasure on her countenance. "That was payback for tearing at the skin on my back." he said, knowing she very well wanted to stay in control of the situation.

When she could finally speak again, she narrowed her eyes and gazed down at the elven warrior beneath her. She smiled impishly. "For that you will pay dearly."

"I hope so." he said in return.

Rhavaniel leaned down and captured his lips once more. Tongues danced, licking and tasting. Then she buried her face in his neck, inhaling his musky masculinity. His scent had managed to cover up the smell of battle and her mind and body began to relax. She licked the side of his neck and then sucked the skin into her mouth, biting him rather hard. Haldir inhaled through gritted teeth and finally pushed her to make her stop. She let her eyes come back to meet his and smiled a devilish grin. "We are even. Consider yourself marked. From now on I fight with no one else."

"Done." he agreed.

Finally, as they were both completely devoid of any more energy, she pulled herself from his half softened arousal and collapsed on his chest. Haldir wrapped his strong arms around her back and they let their breathing even out. Rhavaniel rolled from his body and came to rest at his side.

"How do you feel now?" he asked as he played with a strand of her hair.

"The pain is gone. I will be fine now." she said sleepily.

Haldir whispered in her ear. "Sleep now my warrior vixen. The battle-lust has passed. It will be easier next time."

"Mmm." she moaned and they both drifted off into elvish reverie.

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