Taming the Wild: 2. Legolas' Thorn

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2. Legolas' Thorn

Chapter 2 - Legolas' Thorn

Quite a few years had passed now. Legolas was still a youngling at the age of thirty. He had recently been given his first authentic bow and quiver, equipped with arrows of the Wood Elves. Still, it was only for practice. For so long he had waited for this day to arrive. He had always admired the woodland warriors and could not wait for his chance to become as fierce and strong as them.

As he walked proudly through the palace, he passed Rhavaniel who was sitting in the open space of the library. She eyed him as he walked by and saw the new addition to his normal princely attire. She jumped up and with the quiet stealth of the elves, she ran up behind him.

"What is that you have, Legolas?" she asked curiously.

Legolas stopped and turned to face her. He stood tall and proud. "Today I start my training as a warrior."

Rhavaniel eyed his bow. "But that is only for practice. It is not real like the one my ada uses."

"It is still a bow and it is mine." he looked her up and down. Rhavaniel had always managed to work her way into his business. She was a very curious elleth and he despised it. Rhavaniel on the other hand, sensed this about Legolas and always made it a point to irritate him.

"Well, one day I am going to be a warrior too." she said with a determined voice.

Legolas laughed a little louder than he should. "You cannot become a warrior. You are an elleth. Your future lies here in the palace to one day become a lady of the court."

"I can too become a warrior Legolas Thranduilion. My naneth is one as is my ada and I will be too." she huffed.

"Your naneth is not a warrior. She watches out for my naneth in case something bad happens and only then is she allowed to fight. But everyone knows that will never happen. Our home is well protected at the borders by warriors, the kind that I will be in charge of one day when I am made their captain." Legolas countered.

"You are only fooling yourself. You are a Prince. The King will never let you get so far in our armies. You say I am bound for life in the palace. Well, so are you princeling." Rhavaniel put emphasis on the last word, making Legolas see red, not just because of what she called him but because he knew there was some truth to what she said. His mother had told him many times that he should know how to fight should the need ever arise, but he was the son of a king and he would have his own protectors to watch over him. He did not want this. He wanted to become the best archer to ever live in Greenwood.

"You'll see, Legolas. One day I will become the greatest elleth archer in the Great Greenwood and you will eat your words. You will be the one stuck in the palace." she smiled sticking her tongue out at him and turned to leave.

Legolas merely stood there and shook his head. "I curse the day she was born. She will forever be a thorn in my side."

* * *

Rhavaniel marched straight to her mother. "I want to train as a warrior." she blurted out.

Faelwen rolled her eyes. "You saw Legolas with his training gear I suppose."

"Yes. And that arrogant ellon thinks he is better than me. He says I will never be an archer and that I will only ever wait on royalty." As she spoke, she plopped down on the couch of their family room.

"Ai, sell nin. Why do you want to become like the warriors? They live a hard life, always out on the borders. There is nothing wrong with life in the palace. As a matter of fact, you are very fortunate to be raised here." her mother said trying to convince her.

"I will not let Legolas be better than me. He already thinks he is anyway and I must prove him wrong." Rhavaniel said, anger adorning her young face.

Faelwen smiled and cupped her daughter's face with her hand. "Who am I to tell you what you can or cannot be? If this is what you want, then one day, when you are old enough, you will be trained as I once was."

"But you are not a warrior." Rhavaniel said.

"Now you listen here. I may not go out to the borders and fight with the others but my job is just as important, if not more. I am trained to protect our Queen. I know things no other warrior knows. You may not think I am fierce as our armies, but if the need should arise, no one will harm Queen Alastegiel. I would die first before letting any harm come to her. If you are to become a royal guard, you must learn patience, stealth and quick thinking. No border guard possesses the same qualities as a royal guard. We are a special breed. I think it is only right that my daughter train one day to follow in my footsteps."

Rhavaniel thought about this a moment. "How did you come to be a royal guard to the Queen?"

Faelwen took her daughter onto her lap and settled into the chair she sat in. "Queen Alastegiel and I have known each other since we were elflings. From the first time we met, a bond of friendship formed between us and we were inseparable. We were both raised to one day be lady maids of the palace. And so time went by and one day as we strolled through the forest, we were besieged by a group of hoodlums. I always carried a dagger with me, just in case such a thing was to happen. I had never been trained with any weapon but I had watched the others as they practiced. I took out my weapon and made short work of these traitors. Alastegiel was amazed at my stealth and courage, especially for someone with no prior training. She and I realized that being lady maids was not what we wanted and began training right away to become warrior guards. We felt we wanted to become something much more than mere servants. We would have been fearless together had Alastegiel not met Thranduil. They fell in love and married. Alastegiel never forgot me though. She remembered how I fought that day in the woods and asked if I would become her royal bodyguard. It was a dream come true for me. I could stay in the palace, close to my friend and still do what I have always loved doing. But the life of a royal guard is much different from that of the border guards. We are a rare breed for we live a quiet life. We are always on guard even if we seem carefree. We must blend in with the others of the court, never showing visible weapons. The training was much different. I worked long and hard to get to where I am now. All warriors of the Woodland realm are important though. We are all working towards the same goal, to keep our home safe."

Rhavaniel had never felt so proud of her mother. She lifted her head and looked at Faelwen. "Then this is what I want naneth. I want to be just like you, a royal guard."

Faelwen hugged her young elfling daughter. "And one day you will sell nin. You will be the best of any of us. You just wait and see."

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