Taming the Wild: 14. When Hearts Collide

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14. When Hearts Collide

Chapter 14 – When Hearts Collide

"Are you almost ready?" Legolas called to her. Rhavaniel had been behind some bushes for longer than he thought possible. He was anxious to get started.

"Be patient. It takes forever to get out of one of these dresses. You have no idea what we go through to look good for you males.," she called back.

"Well hurry up. I cannot wait all night. My arms are getting tired. I think I'm done warming up. I don't want to spend myself before you have even started. It would not be fair for you to have all the fun." he said.

"So is it not true about the stamina of an ellon?" Rhavaniel said teasingly.

Legolas rolled his eyes. "You know I can last all night, but it is not the same without a partner. Now quick, get out here and let's get started already."

"Alright, I'm ready." she said and walked out from behind the thick bushes. Legolas eyes darkened at the sight of her. For so long he wished to see her like this. It was as if he were looking at her for the first time. Her long blond tresses hung loose around her chest. She had removed her dress and the rose circlet. She wore nothing more than her… battle attire?

"I love when you dress this way." Legolas said in a low sultry voice.

"Weapons or hand to hand combat?," she questioned.

"It is your begetting day. You choose."

"It is yours too Legolas."

"Yes but it is your maturity day. Come on, what shall we do then?"

"Definitely hand to hand. It was how I first bested you and it shall be how I win again.," she teased.

"And what does the winner receive?," Legolas asked, his voice now full of desire for her.

"Anything SHE wants." Rhavaniel replied smiling wantonly. She walked up to Legolas, capturing his lips. "Hold nothing back." she whispered, a fire burning in her eyes. "I want all of you tonight. Fight me as you once did."

They assumed their positions, devilish smiles on their faces. Legolas approached her slowly at first and then at a run. Rhavaniel did not move until he was almost upon her. She jumped out of his way at the last minute and turned to face him.

"First year training moves." she teased. "Come on Legolas, fight me."

"You asked for it." he growled. He charged at her again. She remained still until he was almost upon her. This time when she moved out of the way, Legolas guessed what she would do and he moved with her, capturing her and throwing her to the ground. She hit the grass hard and made a sound as if the wind had been knocked from her lungs. She was slow to get up and winced. Legolas immediately became concerned and went to her.

"Are you alright my love?" he asked.

Rhavaniel kicked his feet out from him and he hit the ground with a thump. She jumped up and waited for him to get up again. She laughed at her little trick.

"You fight dirty." Legolas said excitement in his voice.

"So will the enemy.," she laughed again.

They charged each other a few more times, escaping each other's hold. Legolas was quick with a bow but Rhavaniel was better with this type of a battle. Finally, she tried one of his moves. She ran straight at him and at the last second, jumped up and over him, kicking her foot out to knock him down. Legolas grabbed her ankle and she fell to the ground. Before she had a chance to get up, he straddled her hips and brought her hands above her head. She was trapped, lying on her back with Legolas on top of her. Their breathing was heavy and uneven. Their sweaty skin tingled where they made contact. Their eyes were dark with need.

Legolas looked down at his victim. "Do you surrender?" he asked.

She smiled slyly and began gyrating her hips underneath him. Legolas was instantly brought to a heated desire as she writhed against him. He felt himself harden with every thrust of her hips. "Legolas?" she moaned.

"Yes my love." he said as if under her spell. He let his guard down and lost himself to the feel of her willing body.

"Never… never…" she moaned slowly. Suddenly, with her last thrust, she managed to flip him off of her. He was caught off guard and released her hands, falling back on his bottom. Rhavaniel instantly jumped on top of him, clenching her strong thighs against his hips and pushing him flat on his back. "Never surrender." she finished. She brought her lips close to his so they were almost touching. "Game over." she whispered, her hot breath caressing his face. Not able to control her passion any longer, she captured his lips and kissed him with every bit of pent up desire she had for him. She felt she no longer needed to hold back. Somewhere deep down within her core, she knew she had always wanted Legolas. He was everything she wanted in an ellon. He was beautiful in every way. He was compassionate and giving. He was strong and determined. He could be calm and relaxed one moment then dangerous and deadly in a split second. Most of all, he loved her. This meant more than everything else.

Legolas stared into her dark eyes. In one swift movement, he rolled them over so that he was lying on top of her. He brought his lips to hers. She felt his smile and her heart pounded loudly. She let her tongue search for entry which he did not deny. The moment was heating up quickly. Legolas' want was very evident against her thigh. His hips ground into her. Her own body responded with an ever growing ache. Were they ready for this? Were they moving too fast? If they went any further, would it change everything between them? All of these thoughts played over and over in Rhavaniel's head, but his constant ministrations made her forget her anxiety.

"Legolas what are we about to do here? I mean, I am thoroughly enjoying this moment, but if you keep doing what you're doing, things will escalate and I'm not sure we are ready for this."

"I want you Rhavaniel. I have waited years for this day. You are my heart's desire. But if you are not ready, I will not push. It should be mutual, our first time." he said with such compassion in his beautiful voice. He rolled off of her and she sat up on her elbows.

Rhavaniel was considering going through with this. Her mind kept going back to his words of protecting her and keeping her safe. He would hold her back and she knew it. Was it worth giving up her dreams to be with him and love him forever? As their eyes connected, Rhavaniel saw his love. There was no mistaking his honesty. Everything he did was because he loved her. And she loved him. In that one moment, her mind was made up. Legolas was everything she wanted and if he loved her as he said, he would understand her needs and desires for battle; at least she hoped he would.

Coming back to their current situation, Rhavaniel looked around at the practice field. "Here? Aren't you afraid of someone seeing us?"

"These are my private grounds. No one ever comes here besides me. We are safe here. We are completely alone." he explained.

Rhavaniel wanted Legolas too, but it scared her at the same time. She was a virgin. So was Legolas for that matter. "I don't know Legolas. I'm not sure we're ready for this yet."

"We will take it slow. If at any time you want to stop just tell me. I will not force you to do something you do not want to do." He tucked a stray hair behind her ear, brushing the tip in the process. "There is no other for me. I would wait throughout eternity for you. I love you Rhavaniel."

His words made her heart swoon. He was genuine and meant what he said. There was no reason for her to feel frightened. Legolas would do just as he said. There was no one else that she had ever imagined sharing her first time with. Actually, tonight would be perfect. It was their begetting day and she was finally of age, if just barely.

They both sat up facing each other. Rhavaniel leaned towards Legolas and he followed suit. "This is the perfect time Legolas. This is the perfect place. I want you. I love you." she whispered before bringing her full lips to his. The ache, which had been growing deep in her body, was now very prominent. Whatever happened tonight, whether it be pain or pleasure, there was only one she wanted to experience this with. Legolas would comfort her, take care of her with his gentle ways.

Slowly, he began undoing the silver hooks of her tunic. Their eyes locked onto each other and a spark was lit. He pushed the garment from her shoulders and looked down at the thin undershirt. Her hardened nipples could be seen through the light material.

Legolas got to his knees and stood before her. He extended a hand to her and helped her up. Her hands moved to his tunic, fingers undoing the clasps of his silver shirt, exposing his bare chest. Rhavaniel let her hands roam over his warm smooth skin, memorizing every ripple. Finally, they came to rest at the top of his leggings. She looked down and saw the evidence of his desire.

The handsome Prince lifted her shirt over her head and off her body. His eyes came to rest on her bare breasts, perky and full. He very gently ran the palm of his hands over her erect nipples before squeezing her beautifully round tits. Rhavaniel watched the expression on his face as he was engulfed in what he was doing. "Legolas?" she said bringing his attention back to her. "Please be gentle." Her voice was a little shaky, so unlike her usual self.

He smiled and kissed her with such compassion. Rhavaniel knew that everything would be alright. "Let me look upon you for the first time before we go any further.," he said as his eyes scanned her body. When she did not resist, he began undoing the laces of her leggings as did she with his. Legolas pushed the leather material down around her hips and thighs. Rhavaniel stepped out of them and pushed his down. Legolas stepped out of his leggings. There they were, standing before one another, completely naked and shaking with fear and anticipation.

Legolas went to her and embraced her, feeling her warm skin against his. His arousal pulsated and ached for her warmth. He ravished her neck, lowering his head until he sucked each tit in turn, making her moan aloud. No one had ever touched her in this way before and the feeling was exquisite.

Legolas lowered her to the ground once again and came to lay on top of her. He nudged her legs apart with his knee. "Are you ready meleth nin? I will go no further if you are not sure."

She smiled up at his handsome glowing face. "Deep down I have always been sure. I felt it when we battled during training. I felt it the night of the dance when we almost kissed. I have seen it in your eyes many times. You are my one and only Legolas. We have been a part of each other since the very beginning. I love you and I want you." She spread her legs further apart and his hips came forward, bringing his arousal to her entrance.

Slowly, he pushed into her body, feeling her resistance. He backed out and then pushed in a little more. He did this a few times until he finally broke through the barrier, making her wince at the pain. He brought her gaze to his and smiled warmly. "I love you so much Rhavaniel. Look at me. Focus on me not the pain."

Rhavaniel felt a burning sensation as she tried to adjust to his size. Each time he slid in a little further and the pain became a little less. Before she knew it, he was completely buried within her walls. It was still not very comfortable but the pain was less. "This is not how it will be every time is it?"

"I don't think so." he replied. He held himself still within her body but his burning ache was growing fast. Even though he did not move, her internal muscles massaged him in her tight space. Suddenly, he felt his need rise to the surface. "Oh Rhavaniel. Oh yes." he moaned as he seed spilled forth. It was unexpected  and a little embarrassing to say the least. Elves were known to be able to go for very long periods of time before spending themselves. He knew she was nowhere near being ready to climax, but he could not stop himself. It felt so good, like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Rhavaniel felt his warm essence wash into her. Actually, she was glad he went first. She was rather uncomfortable but his intrusion would ready her for the next time. She felt his embarrassment and stroked his back with her fingertips. "Did it feel good my love?," she whispered.

"Your body feels wonderful. I'm sorry. I could not stop, but I promise not to leave you unsatisfied. It was only our first try." He slid out of her, making her wince as he did. It was killing him that he had found pleasure while creating pain for her. He came to rest at her side and they lay there for a while in each other's arms. Then he felt her shiver. "Are you cold meleth?"

"A little." she answered. As Legolas got up from the ground and walked over to the side of the field to fetch his cloak, Rhavaniel watched his every move. He moved with such grace. She noticed how his muscles moved beneath his skin. His body was thin and lithe but there was a hidden strength about him. His arms were delightfully muscled, the arms of an avid archer. And his rear… oh his tight little rear that she wanted to sink her teeth into.

She felt her desire build as she gazed upon his glorious beauty. Then he turned and she saw that he had not softened in the least. His arousal stood tall and proud making her body ache to try this ancient dance once again.

Legolas came back to her and lay down next to her again, covering them with the cloak. Instantly, her hand went to his hardness, stroking him. "I want to try again Legolas."

He rolled over onto her and kissed her with all the passion he felt for her. This time he would control his desire. This time he would make sure she experienced their love for each other. He felt her legs wrap around his strapping torso and brought himself to her entrance. "Are you ready?"

"Yes.," she whispered and braced herself for the pain. This time, the pain was less. He slid into her more easily. It was still a little uncomfortable but she got used to him quickly. He held still while buried deep within her walls and looked down at her.

"You are glowing my love." he said smiling down upon her.

"I am in love." she smiled back.

Legolas pulled out of her and then slid back in, slowly at first until she became used to his movements. After a few slow pumps, she started to react to him, bring her hips up to meet him. "How does it feel now?" he asked.

"There is a burning deep within my  core. It is not like the pain I felt before."

"You are close to completion. Just let this wave of pleasure carry you away. Do not try too hard. Relax and soon you will feel the ecstasy of it all. But if you want me to stop, please tell me." he said to her and resumed his rhythm.

Rhavaniel felt the building fire he mentioned. It started deep and traveled further up her body. She wanted more. She needed more. "Faster Legolas. Move faster." she moaned and he obeyed.

Legolas buried his face in her neck and whispered sweet elvish words of love. His warm caressing breath on her skin combined with his smooth movements made her body react quickly. Soon she was writhing beneath him, moaning uncontrollably. "Oh yes Legolas. I feel it."

"Come with me meleth nin." he begged as he thrust deep into her warmth.

"Oh Yes!" they yelled in unison as a wave of delicious passion washed over them. Legolas held himself deep inside her body as her muscles contracted around his length. He collapsed on top of her. Their breathing was irregular and heavy. They were in total bliss being connected like this.

After a brief recovery, Legolas slid from her body, missing the feel of her surrounding him. He lay once again at her side and brought his cloak up around them both. The night air was cool on their moist bodies. Rhavaniel rolled onto her side and lay her head on his chest, fingering the muscles of his stomach. She found a faintly visible line of silver hair that traveled from his bellybutton to the base of his length. She caressed it and reveled in the feel of its softness beneath her fingertips. It became her favorite spot on his body. "That was wonderful Legolas. You have made me so happy. I love you so much. I wish this night would never end."

"It is only the beginning Rhavaniel. I want you in my life. I never want to leave you. And I hope that one day, when we are ready for such a commitment that you will bind your soul to me and be my forever love."

Forgetting her fears of what it meant to make such a commitment to him she asked teasingly, "Are you asking me to marry you Thranduilion?"

"One day, yes. Will you Rhavaniel?," he said in a loving and passionate voice.

She smiled. "Best out of ten?" she said making Legolas laugh. "You win… I marry you."

"And if you win?" he questioned.

"You will wait for me." she jested, eyebrow raised.

Legolas kissed her deep, tongue swirling over hers. Then he held her eyes with his ocean blue stare. "I would wait an eternity to have you for my own and make you my princess." He wrapped his strong arms around her and smiled with complete satisfaction. Then they fell into a short reverie before getting dressed and going home. Nothing would ever compare to this night. Legolas had no doubt she would be his wife one day. Rhavaniel still felt her reserve at the mention of the word princess, but pushed the thought to the back of her mind. Tonight was too special to let such thoughts ruin this blissful moment.

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