Behind the Mask: 8. The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

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8. The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Chapter 8 – The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

It was almost ten years since that fateful night of the Harvest Festival. Today there was a different celebration about to get underway. A joining of two souls would happen this day. The Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood were to perform the ceremony and tonight, the bond would be complete. Haldir, Orophin and Rumil were once again together waiting for their loves to arrive.

"I for one am surprised that it happened so quickly. I did not think a marriage would happen anytime soon." Rumil said.

"Yes it came as quite a shock for me too." Orophin added.

"I was caught off guard myself. Never in my long years could I have imagined it to happen now." Haldir concluded.

Soon, they were being asked to enter the hall and make their way to the grand stairs where the Lord and Lady would descend and perform the ceremony. All three brothers walked shoulder to shoulder down the long aisle to their destination. Then they stood off to the right side and waited for their ladies to show. No sooner had they assumed their positions when the three beautiful ellith took the same long stroll. They stood at the bottom of the stairs but on the left side. Everyone gazed across the way to their respected love.

Finally, Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel descended hand in hand down the stairs. They reached the bottom and looked left then right at their company. They nodded and each pair of elves came together with their partner.

Rumil stepped to the center and met Gliriel. Orophin stepped up and took Aranel's hand then they moved to the right of Rumil and Gliriel. Finally, Haldir met Laerwen, took her arm and they moved to the left side. Now, all three couples were lined up in front of the Lord and Lady.

Galadriel smiled to each in turn before she spoke. "Today is a blessed day indeed. All three of you are like my own sons. I have seen you grow from rambunctious elflings into strong, handsome and very well disciplined wardens. I am so very proud of you all. You have each made a wise choice in your mates."

She turned to Rumil with a smile. "I always knew you would be first to bond. You are the youngest but you are the most ambitious. You have done well Rumil."

He smiled and turned to Gliriel, kissing her cheek and making her blush. Gliriel turned around when she heard giggles. Sitting in the front row were three small elfling boys, triplets but not identical, a set of three new Lorien brothers. They always laughed when they saw their parents express their love. Gliriel held her finger up to her lips to hush them and they quieted down.

Galadriel let out a quiet laugh as she watched them stop and sit up straight, listening right away to their mother. "You are doing a fine job raising these three. They remind me very much of their father and two uncles when they were that age. Never was I more proud than the day I married Rumil and Gliriel."

It turns out that Rumil and Gliriel wasted no time in getting to know each other. They went to Galadriel right away and asked that they be allowed to forgo a proper courtship and bond instantly. The Lady saw how much they loved each other and within a couple of days, Rumil and Gliriel bound their souls, conceiving three new lives on the same evening. They had agreed not to wait another moment and started their family right away.

Galadriel looked to Orophin and Aranel. "It has been a long road for the two of you, but you have no need to feel misplaced any longer. Your love shines brighter than the stars above for it has been nurtured carefully."

Then she turned to Haldir and Laerwen. "Perhaps you have made the biggest change of all Marchwarden. I need not say anything more, at least not yet.," she said with a warm and loving smile. "Let us begin then. Will the happy couple please come to the middle."

Rumil and Gliriel moved from their spot and took a seat next to their sons. Then Orophin and Aranel met Haldir and Laerwen in the middle of the stairs. Orophin and Haldir embraced as did Aranel and Laerwen. They smiled and congratulated each other. Finally, Haldir and Laerwen took a seat next to Rumil and Gliriel. Orophin and Aranel stood before the Lady of the Light.

"I am happy to once again bring two very special elves together in a union that will never be broken. May you walk along your chosen path in love and grace for all eternity." Galadriel continued with the ceremony and soon, Orophin and Aranel were verbally joined in elven matrimony. Tonight, after the festivities, they would bond their souls together, never to be separated.

* * *

The party afterwards was grand to say the least. Caras Galadhon was once again alive with music, food and wine. Couples danced the night away. Everyone congratulated Orophin and Aranel. It was a wonderful evening and one that the newly married couple would never forget.

While the three ladies went off for some alone time, the three Lorien brothers once again sat around their table looking at each other and smiling with satisfaction.

"Long has it been since the three of us were together like this, sharing wine and conversation." Haldir started. "It has been an interesting journey thus far."

Rumil laughed. "Indeed dear brother, it started off much different didn't it?"

"Yes… quite different." Orophin added. "We were so sure we knew what we wanted. Had we not attended the Harvest Festival then, our lives may have taken a completely different turn."

After a few glasses of fine wine, they were feeling quite warm and tipsy. Rumil decided to joke with Haldir. "Well, there is only one more of us yet to bind. Have you given it much thought lately Haldir."

He smiled and chuckled to himself. "No." he said simply.

"Come now Haldir. I have seen the looks you and Laerwen share. Deny it all you want, but I see something brewing just below the surface. You are in love my brother." Orophin jested.

"And you are drunk." Haldir said as he signaled to a server to bring more wine. "I am perfectly fine with the way things are."

"What are you fine with?" said Laerwen as she and the other two came strolling up to the table.

Haldir stood up as did the other brothers and helped the ladies into their seats. Then they sat back down next to them. "Orophin and Rumil believe that our turn comes next. What do you think meleth?"

Laerwen secretly reached under the table, letting her hand run up the inside of Haldir's thigh until she found her bulky prize. "I think we are happy just the way we are."

Haldir felt himself harden in her hand. She was such a naughty little elleth he thought. "You see, this is why we were meant to be together. We share the same thoughts."

"Come now Haldir, I think you would make a wonderful father. Couldn't you just imagine a little one running around at your feet?." Gliriel said as Rumil kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Haldir and Laerwen gazed deep into each other's eyes. She squeezed his arousal and in unison they answered. "No." They were enjoying their freedom. Haldir hadn't been with another elleth since finding Laerwen, but he was not ready for such a commitment. Laerwen wasn't either. They liked the freedom of being with each other when their moods matched. Marriage and elflings were not a part of that lifestyle. But then, you never know what the future holds.

The End… ?

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