Behind the Mask: 4. Choices

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4. Choices

Chapter 4 – Choices

Again a bell rang and the guests took these last few moments to finish their conversations. It was time to get ready for the Masquerade. Those who would participate went to a table and picked up their mask. Along with the masks were simple white garments for the elves to wear; a long white flowing robe for the ellith (f. elf plural) and a white loose-fitting tunic with white leggings for the ellyn (m. elf plural). It was important that everyone look the same. It was all part of the game for tonight's Ball.

As Haldir picked up his attire, he glanced to his side to find Aranel beside him. He kindly picked up hers and handed it to her, bowing his head. Their fingers made contact and another tingling sensation spread up her arm. She hoped he would find her quickly.

Rumil grabbed his mask and clothes. As he left the table, he passed by Laerwen and smiled, a blush of color spreading across his face. She smiled and quickly looked to the ground shyly. She thought Rumil was sweet and secretly hoped they would recognize each other tonight.

Orophin and Gliriel walked hand in hand after picking up their outfits. They remained attached until they had to separate to get dressed. Males went to the left and females to the right. They went to side rooms where they would get dressed and become just another white clothed elf like all the rest.

The elves remained in the changing rooms until they were told to meet back in the main hall. Finally the announcement was made.

"Now that everyone is in disguise, you may gather in the hall. The rules are the same; masks must remain on at all times. You may not take them off until you are called back to your dressing rooms. If you choose to go off with your mate, you may do so. All grounds are accessible tonight. Again, masks must remain on. This year we have decided to add one extra rule. There will be absolutely no talking to each other. We want to make this night as mysterious as possible. Let the magic of the evening guide you. We believe you will find this new rule to be a pleasant surprise. For those of you who do not like this new rule or think you cannot abide, please feel free to leave now. Otherwise, we will begin the Masquerade Ball shortly."

The three brothers stood together, dressed except for their masks.

"No talking? Well this will be quite different won't it?" Orophin commented.

"That's no problem for me." Haldir boasted. "I find too much conversation a waste."

"It actually makes it easier for me too. I never know what to say it seems." replied Rumil apprehensively.

All three slipped their masks on and waited. Soon another bell rang and the doors opened. A sea of elves in white poured out into the main hall. Heads turned this way and that, looking at the odd scene. No one was distinguishable from the other. The only thing that could be judged was who was male and who was female. Everyone stood around in silence. Finally, the doors to the ballroom were opened. Music was already playing as they entered. The room was decorated beautifully with flower garlands and hanging lanterns. Incense burned filling the air with a woodsy scent. The roof of the hall was naturally made by the canopy of the tree in which it was housed. The stars showed bright through the leaves, adding to the magic.

Instantly, elves started dancing with one another. The way it worked was simple. Elves paired up and danced. They each looked into the others eyes. If no connection was made, they respectably bowed to each other and moved on to the next elf. If a connection was made, the lucky couple moved off to the side, whether they continued to dance or not. It signaled to other's that they were no longer available. They had found the one.

The three brothers split up and started dancing, looking their partner in the eyes. This went on for a little while. Then it happened. Haldir was the first to find that certain spark in his partner's eyes.

'That did not take long.' he thought to himself as he led the elleth from the dance floor. He stood with her looking deep into her eyes. His desire was building quickly. For so long he had wanted to get close to Aranel. He had no doubt that he would find her. He noticed her sparkling eyes and saw the slightest trace of fear in them, something he did not see earlier. She had been so bold before. Maybe she was not expecting him to connect with her so fast. In order to ease her worried mind, he smiled and touched her cheek. Then his finger went to her lips and traced their fullness. She seemed to relax at his touch. Suddenly, without any warning, she captured his lips. Haldir's hands instantly went to her hips and pulled her close. Her tongue went in search of his and he obeyed, parting his lips. Her hungry mouth devoured his. This was not what he expected from her. He thought she would be much more difficult to persuade. Still, he was glad for her hasty response. It would only mean he would have more time to ravish her.

* * *

Rumil was the next one to find his match. He had just changed partners for about the fifteenth time when he looked into the elleth's eyes and saw something special. His heart beat loudly as she returned the same feelings with smiling eyes. He took Laerwen's hand and led her from the dance floor. They went off to the side, still gazing at each other. He had never felt this way before. Love seemed to emanate from her and from him. They were instantly enraptured with one another. Rumil knew instantly that this was his forever love. For so long he had searched for the one that would steal his heart. To think it was Laerwen all this time and he had waited so long to act on it, now it did not matter.

She reached up and caressed his cheek. Rumil leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips, savoring their very first kiss. Their eyes met again. It was true love for them both. It was killing him that he could not speak for he wanted to tell her how he felt right now. Instead, he placed his hand on his chest and tapped his finger twice over his heart. Then he placed the same hand over her heart and repeated the notion. She smiled wide and placed her hand over his, nodding her head in agreement. Love was in their eyes and it spoke volumes above anything else. They remained in their secret world a while longer before Rumil took her hand and led her out of the hall. They went along a walkway that led to a sitting area. There they got cozy on a bench, kissing and caressing each other. Their hearts were soaring ever higher as the night's magic enveloped them.

* * *

Orophin was the last of the three brothers to find his mate. Her eyes twinkled and he felt comfort radiate from her. He looked long into Gliriel's eyes. Suddenly he felt an understanding come from her being. Their relationship had been a bit rocky lately with her wanting to settle down and him wanting to wait. He leaned forward and kissed her, reveling in the feel of her lips. Something was different yet so familiar. He was confused at first and it showed in his eyes. She smiled and took his hands in hers, leading him from the dance floor. She was still looking him in the eyes and Orophin took her chin in his fingers. Complete comfort and recognition washed over them both. It seemed he had finally gotten through to her. She seemed to understand his line of thought about waiting until he was not needed at the borders so much. Now he was sure that she would wait for him. They would marry one day and then everything would be as it was meant to be. Orophin seemed to relax as he took her into his arms. She rested her head against his chest and they slowly began to sway to the music. There was no more anxiety between them, no more miscommunication. For the first time in years their souls were in complete harmony. They remained entwined in each other's arms; dancing the night away and feeling their souls connect on a whole new level.

* * *

Meanwhile, Haldir had led Aranel out of the dance hall, down the ladders and to the forest floor where he had a quiet spot picked out for just this occasion. It was secluded and far enough away from prying eyes and ears. Tonight he would have her screaming his name. Oh… but they could not speak. Damn rules he thought to himself. If all went well, he would have her again when they were not playing this silly game and then he would get his wish.

As soon as they were engulfed in the close growing trees, she was on him like butter on toast. Haldir laughed to himself. Earlier she seemed so in control of her demeanor. Now she was a writhing vixen and it seemed she wanted to take the lead. Far be it from him not to let her have her way. She wasted no time and began unhooking his shirt. As she did, Haldir kissed her with lust and passion, his tongue twirling with hers. She became impatient with the hooks of his shirt and ripped it open. Haldir was beside himself. No elleth had ever shown such strength and vigor. He hardened beyond being comfortable. She pulled the shirt from his body and let her hands roam over his finely muscled chest. As she did, she bit her bottom lip as if she was trying hard not to speak. It was difficult for either one to keep from breaking the rules. Luckily, there was no rule for keeping their clothes on.

Next she began working on the laces of his leggings. Haldir undid the clasp at the back of her robe and pushed it down her shoulders, exposing her perky breasts. He took each one into his warm mouth and sucked on her hardened nipples. Her hands squeezed his arousal through the material of his white leggings then nimble fingers began untying the laces once more. Finally she accomplished her task and pushed the confining garment down his hips. Haldir's erection was finally released from its prison. He grabbed her rear and pulled her to him, grinding his hips against hers and letting her feel his need.

Soon, the rest of their clothes were lying scattered on the grassy ground. They wore nothing more that their masks. They came together once more, her hands stroking his well endowed elfhood and his hands caressing her breasts. He reached down to her nether region and spread her moist folds. She was beyond ready, dripping with desire. Her leg came up to allow him better access to her sweet treasure.

Haldir was painfully hard and wanted inside her warmth. He grabbed her raised leg with one hand and reached for her other thigh with his free hand, lifting her. Her legs wrapped around his waist, clamping him tight and feeling the girth of his shaft rubbing against her being. He pushed her up against a tree for better leverage and lifted her up until the tip of his arousal sat at her hot entrance. With one swift movement, he entered her. He slid in easily since she was so well lubricated. It was all either one could do to keep from vocally expressing their pleasure. She wanted to moan his name but could not. Instead, she bit his shoulder, not too hard but enough to mark him. This turned him on even more and he pushed his full length into her convulsing walls. His hardness pulsated inside as her inner muscles squeezed him.

Haldir set his rhythm, pulling almost completely out of her then burying himself to the hilt. She easily took in his whole length, grabbing him each time and massaging him from the inside. He pumped into her harder and faster. Their lips met and they kissed hard and passionately trying to keep from screaming each other's names. His rhythm increased and soon the sound of skin slapping skin was the only noise they made.

Haldir could contain himself no longer. He thrust deep into her body and held himself there, spilling his hot seed deep into her awaiting warmth. Her body convulsed against his as she rode out a wave of pleasure like none she had ever experienced before. Not being able to express themselves vocally was the biggest challenge and it made it more exciting. They held onto each other as their ecstasy washed over them. Their breathing was heavy and their bodies were moist with perspiration. Haldir looked into her eyes. The spark was still there. There was something different about Aranel that set her apart from any elleth he had ever been with before. She took love making to a whole new level. Her body was exquisite, inside and out. She did things to him that no one had ever done before.

Reluctantly, he pulled from her moist heat and lowered her to the ground. They kissed once more, but this time it was more relaxed. Their bodies were satisfied and now they could concentrate of the finer things like lips, tongues and earlobes. They explored each other's bodies, learning every muscle, dimple and ripple.

For the first time, Haldir wanted to take his time getting to know her better. He could not say it was love but desire to know everything about her. She was definitely someone he would want to join with again and again, so long as she would let him. This was a new sensation for the Marchwarden, one he was not familiar with but wanted to explore more thoroughly.

They recovered from their activities and after much caressing they were ready to start all over again. This time, Haldir took his time with her, laying her carefully on the ground and licking her body all over. His touch was gentle, slow and deliberate. He wanted her again but he was not in a hurry to satisfy his cravings as he was the first time. No, this time he would bring her about slowly, making her next orgasm last much longer until she thought she might die from the overwhelming feeling of passion. What he wasn't expecting was feeling the same thing himself. He slid in and out of her body and when he reached the point of no return, he felt as if his seed would never stop flowing. Her inner walls clamped around his length. The sensation was completely alien to him. She held some kind of magic within her.

They made love two more times after that, each time just as fulfilling as the last. Haldir knew it was getting close to the end of the evenings events and reluctantly kept himself from taking her just one more time. After a brief rest, they got dressed. It was not a moment too soon for as soon as Haldir laced up his leggings, a bell could be heard ringing in the distance. It was time to head back to the main talan hall and to the dressing rooms.

The last thing he put on was his shirt. He reached for the silver hooks and quietly laughed as he noticed the torn shirt. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle and stuck her bottom lip out making a pout as if to say she was sorry. Haldir merely shrugged his shoulders, captured her lips once more for a fiery kiss, and then took her hand in his as he led her back to the festivities.

They reached the main talan, looked once more into each other eyes, nodded and went to their dressing rooms. Haldir had finally met his match. This one he would not let get away. If she was the only one he saw from now on upon returning to the city, he would be satisfied. She did things to him that no other elleth had even come close to accomplishing. She held just as much lust and passion as he did, if not more.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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