Behind the Mask: 3. Introductions

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3. Introductions

Chapter 3 – Introductions

Rumil made his way through the crowd. He came up and stood next to Laerwen, glancing around the room and acting as if his appearance by her side was merely a coincidence. He looked at her from the corner of his eye and noticed she was behaving in much the same manner. He took a deep breath and turned to her. "Good evening my lady. Would you care for a glass of wine?" he said offering her his extra glass.

"Oh, why thank you." she smiled and accepted the glass.

They stood there, watching the others in the room. Neither one knew what to say, but being Rumil approached her first, he felt he should carry the conversation.

"It is a lovely evening." he said making small talk.

"Yes, very lovely indeed." she turned to him and smiled.

Rumil melted. She was very beautiful. He had never been so close to her. "My name is Rumil. May I ask for your name my lady?" Even though he already knew who she was, he wanted to be proper.

"I am Laerwen." she replied. "I know who you are. You are Haldir's brother and a warden."

"Yes, it is a curse that I am related to the Marchwarden but nothing can be done about it." he teased.

Laerwen laughed. "I'm sorry. I did not mean for it to sound like that. All three of you are well known in the city. We have heard many tales of your fighting skills."

"Well, they are more than tales I'm afraid. There are many dangers associated with what we do."

"Oh, I would love to hear about some of your encounters, if you do not mind me asking."

Rumil smiled. "Well, let me tell you about the time that I saved Haldir from being shot through the heart by an angry orc." he started. His evening was off to a good start. Laerwen was definitely interested in him or at least with his occupation. It was a good ice breaker after all.

* * *

Gliriel took Orophin by the hand and led him to a quiet corner of the hall. He handed her a glass of wine. They looked at each other a moment before either one spoke.

"Gliriel let me start by apologizing. I should never have left you in that condition. I am sorry if I upset you and left. I love you and I do not want to hurt you."

"I am sorry too. I should not have started the conversation as you were leaving. But I knew I would not see you for another six months and I just had to make my feelings known. I love you too Orophin, but I am ready to move on to the next stage of our journey."

"I know." he sighed. "I just worry about leaving you all the time. What if something happens to me? If we are bound, you may fade and you do not deserve such a future. All I am saying is that maybe we should wait until things calm a bit. I want to take you as my wife one day, but now is just not the time. My job is too demanding. I could not give you everything you deserve."

Gliriel smiled. Even though he could make her so mad at times, his apologies were sweet. He was always thinking of her. She could sense his true concern for her safety and his. He did have a point. The times were unstable to say the least. More raids were evident, which meant Orophin would be away from her a lot more. Maybe he was right. Maybe they should wait until things leveled out. Still, she knew not how long this would be. If she loved him and he loved her, then they would last through this challenge. She felt very sure that things would come to an end and then they could spend eternity together, carefree and fully in love. "Alright Orophin, I will wait a while longer." she finally agreed.

An impish grin adorned his face. "Do you still want to go to the Masquerade or should we go home and finish our apologies in bed?"

She cocked an eyebrow. "We have waited six months. What are a few more hours? Consider this part of your punishment." she teased.

Orophin took her by the waist and pulled her close. He brushed his lips across hers and just when she expected to feel his full kiss, he released her. "Two can play this game." he countered.

* * *

Haldir strode right up to Aranel and handed her the extra glass of wine. "You look parched Lady Aranel."

She gave him an unimpressed look but accepted the glass. "You know my name Marchwarden?"

"And you know mine so there is no need for formalities."

"And you are quite bold Haldir." she answered. "Tell me, how long have you been watching me? I know your game. What makes you think I will play along?"

Haldir was instantly turned on by this audacious creature. "You are dangerously beautiful and the fire in your eyes says you are up for a challenge."

"You think you know me Marchwarden, but I would say it is you who might be in danger."

Haldir smiled a devilish grin. "I like your moxie. It is such a turn on." he said whispering into her ear, his warm breath caressing her.

Instantly, she was alight. She knew all the stories about Haldir. He was said to be a very zealous lover. This scared her a bit, though she did not let it show. She had never acted in such a way with an ellon. But how could she turn down the charms of the most sought after elf in Lothlorien? If you were lucky enough to be pursued by this most gloriously handsome sexual beast of an elf, then you had better not turn him away. He would not give you a second chance. Then again, she could play her own game couldn't she?

"I'll tell what. If you can find me at the Ball, then I will be your captive for however long you are in the city. I would most desperately like to know if all the rumors about you are true."

"My lady, I can guarantee that what you may have heard are not rumors but true accounts." Then he leaned in close, putting his face to her neck and inhaled. "I will find you tonight Aranel. You will be mine for I have longed for you a while now. You intrigue me to say the least." Then he ran his tongue along the outer edge of her ear. "I hope you are ready for what I have to offer."

Her body was on fire now. This was so unlike her but Haldir held her under his spell. Even if she could have just one night with him, she would be satisfied knowing she was one of his chosen ladies. There was no doubt in her mind that he would find her at the Masquerade. "And I hope to put the rumors to rest." she teased.

Haldir made a low growling noise into her ear and playfully nibbled her earlobe. "Oh the things I will do to you. I promise you will not be disappointed and maybe a little sore." he laughed. Then he stood up straight, raised his glass to her and smiled as if they had not just exchanged such sexual tension. "Until later Lady Aranel." Haldir walked off, leaving her there to imagine what the night held for them both. He felt very confident that he would find her right away. It would be a good thing too. He was sure they would need most of the night to satisfy their cravings. 

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