Thrill of the Chase: 5. 5 The Final Battle

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5. 5 The Final Battle

The Final Battle

"Raina, please stay." Thranduil whispered, his voice sounding desperate. Why was he making this more difficult than it already was?

"Why? You do not want me here. You think I tricked you… and maybe I did. Let me go Thranduil." she pleaded.

"I tried to do that and… well, here I am." he said honestly.

"You don't want me. I am damaged goods. You are a King with a reputation to uphold. I have to go." She took a step away from him but he caught her by the arm and pulled her to him.

"You are right, I am the King. It is my choice and I ask that you stay." He turned her so she was facing him but she would not look up into his face. She began to wriggle free of him but he held her fast.

Raina was becoming angry. "Let me go Thranduil." she said in a raised voice.

He took her chin in his fingers and tilted her head up, but her eyes remained closed. "Look at me." he said sternly.

"No, let me leave." she argued and fought his grip to no avail.

Thranduil took her head in his hands and forced a kiss upon her unwilling mouth. She fought him every step of the way. He held her there, pulling her tighter against his naked body and kissing her passionately, tasting her tears.

Raina tried to fight him. She tried to refuse his kisses but in the end, he won and she gave in, kissing him back with passion and fire. His strong arms wrapped around her and her hands went to his hair. Their breathing became heavy in the heat of the moment.

"Raina I want you here, but not if this is just a game and you are going to run away. I do not play these games when it comes to giving away a piece of my heart." he said looking longingly into her blue eyes.

"Why do you want me? What could I possibly have to offer such a mighty King besides shame to his good name?" she cried.

"You are not this elf Raina. I have looked into your eyes and I have seen who you are and who you are meant to be. I heard it in the sound of your laughter." he said kissing her forehead. "I want to know the real you." His fingers fondled the tips of her ears. "Will you stay… for me?"

His mouth covered hers and tongues danced and twirled. Thranduil's lips traced down her neck as his hands reached inside her robe, pushing it from her shoulders. It fell into a pool of silken white on the forest floor. His hands squeezed her breasts before his mouth covered her nipples.

"Stay Raina." he whispered onto her skin between kisses. Once he had her under his spell, he lowered her to the forest floor.

Thranduil covered her body with sweet kisses, the kind she was not used to. She felt very vulnerable in that moment. He had captured her heart, which she was still unwilling to feel with. Anger once again came to the surface. "Thranduil please stop. This is too much for me. You are… you are making me feel things I should not. Why are you doing this to me? Why do you not hate me?"

Thranduil stopped what he was doing and came to rest at her side. His eyes searched hers and found emptiness. "Hate you? Why do you use such strong words?"

"I have just confessed to trying to seduce your son away from his betrothed, but you still want me. I don't understand why you have not sent me away."

"My dear Raina, we have all done things in our past that we are not proud of. We are not perfect. I am sorry if I became angry. I will admit, at first this felt like it was just a quest. But I remembered your laughter and I realized that this is not who you are. There is someone inside of you that I want to know, that I want to be with. I am not saying what you did in Ithilien was excusable. You made a bad choice, but you were just following a confused heart. In the end, your actions brought you here and for that I am thankful. You must let go of the past. Do not dwell on these bad decisions for they cannot be changed. Instead, look to your future."

Raina looked at him with confusion. "My future? I'm not sure I have ever looked ahead since I have been chased by the past for so long."

Thranduil climbed on top of her. Their warm flesh seemed to melt together. His mouth covered hers and a fire began to build. She felt him harden against her stomach. Soon he would want inside her. Could she let him take her without involving her heart? Could she play along like it was a game and walk away from him this night?

He wanted to feel the warmth of her depths. He needed to hear her say his name. He wanted something more from her than just one night. He was a hunter after all. He captured his prey and she resisted, but now he needed her to give in and relinquish any hope of escape, to give up the fight and accept defeat. He would not take her unless she did this.

"Raina, I want to make love to you but I cannot have you just once. I want you to be with me." he whispered.

"In what way Thranduil? I am not royalty material." she laughed. "I could not be a queen."

"No you cannot. There was only ever one queen in my life and she died many long years ago. She holds a large part of my heart and always will. Still, there is a part of me that needs companionship again. I need a constant in my life. There are not many years left for me on these shores. Soon I will sail to the Undying Lands. I do not want to spend eternity alone. My queen will not be there waiting for me. She is gone forever. And then I looked into your eyes and I saw the one I thought I could spend my days with. You proved to be a challenge for me. You dared me to love you and I am telling you now that I see this future for us."

Raina thought his words were too good to be true. "Why do you see all of these good things in me and I cannot? This is not how I feel about myself. I am not but a fallen elf, shamed by her own actions and undeserving of anyone's love, least of all a King's."

"This is not who you are. I see it in your eyes Raina. We are but two lost souls, afraid to spend eternity alone. I am here to ask you to spend eternity with me as lovers, as friends. I am not asking you to bind to me for I cannot. There is a bond that already exists with my queen that can never be broken. I am asking you to take the one piece of my heart that she left behind. I give it to you freely if you will stay with me."

Raina did not answer him right away. She felt as if she were being ripped in two. The old Raina wanted her to remain the way she was now, unbound and aloof, a wild untamable elf. That was the only way she recognized herself. Now, Thranduil is offering her a better life, one she never thought she could have. Her whole life had been a game and she had never lost before. To give herself to him would mean to accept defeat.

"No more games Raina. Do not see me as a King. Do not see me as a father to the one you deceived. None of that matters now. See me as myself. I want you with me. Say you will be my companion for the rest of our days on this earth and in Valinor." He kissed her again but this time with love and caring. "Stay." he whispered against her neck and her breast.

His seduction was working on her. With each pleading whisper, Raina fell deeper and deeper under his spell. Thranduil could be good for her. She felt comfortable with him. She admitted to herself that she never did feel right about seducing him. He deserved more from her. It was she who felt undeserving of him, but his kisses and sweet whispers were changing all of that. He was being honest. He could love her. He could set her on the right path where loneliness had no place. All she had to do was surrender.

"The hunter has caught his prey. I have begged and pleaded for my life but now I see that this life was false. I will lay myself down to you, give myself over. Consume me. Destroy me. Tear me up and separate me from my former self. Then lift me to you and show me a real life, one full of happiness and love. Take me away from this despair Thranduil. I give myself to you. I surrender oh mighty hunter."

Thranduil smiled down upon her fair face. In that one instant, she looked so vulnerable. Tears filled her eyes as she gazed back at him. He kissed them away as they fell. Then he brushed his lips against hers. She did not resist nor did she try to take over. She submitted to him completely, something she had never done for anyone in any situation before now. "You are so beautiful right now. I wish you could look in a mirror and see this side of you. This is who you truly are. This is how I see you."

He nudged her legs apart and brought his arousal to her opening. She was ready for him, slick with desire. He slowly slid into her body. Both of them gasped and moaned in unison. Raina's legs clamped tight around his muscled waist. His lips met hers as he pulled out and slid back into her depths again. He repeated this motion several times and Raina looked deep into his eyes. There was something new in them, a sparkle of a different kind. It was not desire. It was not lust. It was love, the love he felt for her. She had never been loved before. It was pure and sweet. She did not resist him any longer but let these feelings flow freely. That was when she discovered her own heart beating for him. The sensation was ecstatic. To love someone and to be loved while engulfed in this ancient dance of two willing bodies was the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Thranduil pushed deep into her body. Suddenly a giggle escaped her lips and Thranduil brought his attention to her. This was the sound he heard when he realized he loved her. He smiled down at her. "And what is so funny." he said, holding himself deep within her walls.

There was something different in her eyes and he waited for her to answer. "You have made me so happy. I've never felt this way nor have I ever been able to say this before but… Thranduil… I love you."

Thranduil's laughter was filled with relief. "And I love you Raina. Now let me show you just how much." His kissed her and resumed his rhythm, moving a little faster now that they had admitted their feelings towards each other.

Raina's hips gyrated up to meet his thrusts. She moaned when he plunged deep within her body. She could feel the fire building with every movement of his body. His long golden hair draped across her like a curtain of pure silk. Her hands felt his muscles moving beneath the skin of his back. He was magnificent.

"You feel so good Raina." he whispered thrusting his arousal deep once more. He could feel her inner muscles squeezing him and knew she was close to completion.

She definitely was close. Her body was aching to let go and climax, but there was still a part of her that could not just give in. She smiled fiendishly, catching Thranduil off guard. Then she rolled them both over and straddled his hips. She never knew she had this kind of strength. He made her this way. His love and affection made her stronger than ever before. "It seems this prey has life in her still. One final battle my hunter. I will never just lie down and die." she teased.

Thranduil was amazed at just how quickly she switched positions, both physically and emotionally. "You will fight me to the end won't you?"

"Before this goes any further, let us get a few things straight." she said sliding down on his hardness and making him hiss through his teeth.

"You have chosen an awkward moment to discuss this." he said creasing his eyebrows.

"I have your full attention right now. Do you want to continue?" she said in that sultry voice that made his blood race.

"Yes my love." he said submissively.

"Then you will hear what I have to say. First of all, you do not own me. I am my own elf and I will come and go as I please. This means that I will not live with you in the palace. I want nothing to do with royal life. I like my talan home and that is where I choose to live. Is this understood?"

"I thought you would want to live with me." he started to protest. Raina acted as if she was about to get up from him but he grabbed her hips to make her stay, not ready to abandon her warmth. "Alright. I see how this is going to work. Fine… but I will ask you to stay with me once in a while. Is that agreeable?"

She tilted her head to the side as if thinking. Then she lowered herself down upon him once more and circled her hips, massaging him from the inside. "Fine." she said watching his face change to an enjoyable comfort.

"And I will, of course, want to come to your home from time to time." he said pushing his hips up and burying himself to the hilt, making her moan.

"Oh yes… I mean… yes I will agree to that." She knew what he was doing and she needed to keep her composure.

"And what else would you ask of me?" he said.

"You will never stop being the King. You will never stop being the warrior. You will never stop being the hunter. I do not want you to change because of me." she answered.

"I have been a King for too long to forget how not to be one. The same goes for my warrior side. And as long as I have you, the hunter in me will never die. You will keep me young and vibrant. You are my greatest challenge. I have fought too hard to get to this place with you. I never want to lose that. Now, I have one thing to ask of you." As he said this last part, he sat up and took her by the waist, flipping them over so that he was once again lying on top of her. "Don't ever stop being you. You are made up of many different personalities and I love them all. And never stop laughing. It is contagious."

Raina giggled and Thranduil's heart sang. "All right then. I promise to stay somewhat the same though the sadness is gone. I will love you when you need love. I will lust for you when you are naughty. I am yours Thranduil."

"That is all I ever wanted." he said and thrust deep inside her again. This time his rhythm increased rapidly. He needed release and could wait no more. Raina was giving him everything he asked for.

Raina's hips came up to match his thrusts. They moved faster as the heat between them became unbearable. Sweat beaded on their skin making their bodies slid easily against each other. Her legs came up to wrap around him. Her hands reached down, fingers digging into the flesh of his taught behind and pulling him into her. He moaned louder with every drive of his hips. Her voice went higher and louder. Their bodies were one, moving like a machine of pleasure. She felt his length pulsating inside her. He was close and so was she. Her inner muscles squeezed and massaged him, making her own climax build until neither one could hold off any longer.

Thranduil pushed deep inside her and spilled his seed, her muscles tightening around his pulsating member. She watched his face as he came inside her. He was so beautiful in that one moment. Her own orgasm washed over her and she yelled his name out loud. He captured her lips and kissed her deeply. Nothing but passion was between them now. Their bodies were tingling with the sensations of ultimate ecstasy.

Then, Thranduil relaxed and lay on top of her, reveling in the feel of softening within her convulsing body. Neither one wanted to separate so they remained this way for some time. He brushed a stray hair from her sweaty brow, looking down on her with love in his eyes.

Raina felt this love and returned it with her own. She let her fingers trace his jaw and pulled him in for another kiss. "I love you Thranduil. I don't think I will ever get tired of saying it."

"I will never get tired of hearing it. You are all I need now. I can finally feel content knowing I will not sail to Valinor alone." he said sleepily.

"I am here for you my love." she said closing her eyes and letting a single tear escape the corner.

Thranduil reluctantly pulled from her body. He left her for only a moment, to find his robe. He came back, lay down next to Raina and covered them with the soft garment. They were too tired and spent to make it back to their homes this night. They fell asleep in each other's arms, both happy and content.

* * *

Thranduil hardly stirred all night. The sun was just beginning to peek through the leaves of the lush forest. He moved his arm, expecting to find Raina by his side but she was not there. He sat up quickly and looked around. The first thing his noticed was his clothes neatly folded and stacked close to where he lay. He looked around for Raina but she was nowhere to be found. Even her white robe was gone. She was gone. His heart sank. Did she play one last game with him? Was this all for naught? Was she gone for good this time? All these thoughts raced through his mind. Maybe last night was too good to be true. Maybe he could never really claim her for his own. She was too set in her ways to settle down with him, a fool who thought he could find love once more.

He got up and dressed, looked around the forest once more and started to leave. Surely by now, his staff would wonder where he was. His heart ached to think that Raina was really gone this time. Why did he believe her when she said she loved him? One last game, one final battle and she won.

He didn't get far when he heard someone call his name. He turned but there was no one there. He must be imagining things he thought. Then again, he heard his name called in the distance but from where did it come?

"Thranduil, up here." He stopped and turned back to the tree they made love under, looking up. She looked like an angel falling to earth as she leapt down from a branch wearing her white robe. "Thranduil, where are you going?" she called. "Are you leaving me?"

His heart, which was breaking a moment ago, was now soaring ever higher to look upon her beauty. "Raina when I awoke and you were not there I thought you left me. I thought you changed your mind and ran off anyways."

"Silly elf. I was only looking from the high place you took me to. I wanted to see the sunrise this morning. It has been a long time since I have seen it or even wanted to see it." she said smiling, but it quickly disappeared. "Is that what you thought? Did you think I was still playing a game and left you?"

Thranduil nodded his head, afraid to admit he did not trust her to stay. "I am sorry. I don't know what came over me. You were not there and I assumed…"

"I meant everything I said last night Thranduil." she said cupping his face in her hand. She finally saw his vulnerable side just as he had seen hers last night. "I love you and I will not leave you. I may not always be where you can see me or sense me, but I am not far. And I will be there by your side when you sail. There is nowhere or no one I would rather be with than you… right here, in Mirkwood." She ended by kissing him and pouring every ounce of love into it. Thranduil pulled her tight into his embrace. Their kisses were slow and lingering, loving and deliberate.

"We better get back." she said. "They might send an army out looking for you."

He laughed. "You might be right. I have done nothing like this in many long years. They might think I have gone off the deep end."

They walked a few paces before he spoke again. "Will you come to the palace today, after you have rested and cleaned up of course? I would love to show you my special places."

"I think I would like that very much, just as long as you will come to my talan this evening." she said wantonly. "I would like to show you MY special places, if you know what I mean."

"Aye, I think I like this arrangement." he smiled leading her from the forest.

"Just be prepared to be the hunted tonight my love." she said in that sultry voice that drove him mad.

"For you my love, anything." he answered wrapping his arm around her waist and nipping her neck once more. "Anything at all."

The End… 

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