Thrill of the Chase: 3. 3 The Elleth's Reward

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3. 3 The Elleth's Reward

The Elleth's Reward

Thranduil picked up the belt from Raina's robe. He smiled slyly and looked at her through devious eyes. "So you like to play games?" he asked. "Then you will like this one. So it seems you have won the first round, but you won't be so lucky this time."

"It depends on what you consider lucky." she answered in a sultry voice, eyeing the belt and licking her lips.

Thranduil took her wrist and tied one end of the satin belt to it. Then he took her breast into his mouth and roughly devoured it, pushing her against the tree. As he did, the elleth moaned with pleasure. He worked his way up to her neck and nibbled on her soft flesh. Then he ran his tongue along the outer edge of her ear until he came to the point, which he sucked into his mouth and moaned in a low growl in her ear.

Raina lifted her leg and wrapped it around Thranduil, trying to hold him there, trying to feel him against her. Thranduil gently pushed her leg back down. "Impatient are we? Come now, you must have more restraint than that."

"And a hundred years of flirting is not a sign of my patience?" she countered. "Do not make me wait much longer Thranduil. Just to feel you this close to me makes me want to come undone. I am ready for you. I am slick with desire. I want you inside me my mighty King." she begged, twisting and rubbing her body against his.

Thranduil wanted nothing more than to give her what she asked for. He could hardly wait to plunge into her warmth and bury himself deep. However, he knew she was playing a game, trying to hurry him along so she could be the victor once again. He was in charge this time. She would be satisfied but only when he chose to end her suffering. So, he ignored her pleas and stood back, gazing upon her with lustful eyes. "Do not move." he said and walked around behind the tree Raina was leaning on, taking the other end of the belt with him. He wrapped it around the tree and came around on the other side. "Give me your other hand." She did as he said and he tied the other end of the belt around her second wrist. Now she was strapped to the tree, arms behind her. She was vulnerable, open to any torture he wanted to instill on her. He smiled to himself. This would be delicious torture indeed. Since she chose to make him come first, he was now much more tolerable to her pleas for satisfaction. He could wait for the ultimate prize. Now he would slowly and painfully make her experience the pleasures of the King.

Thranduil started with a passionate kiss, tongues dancing and twisting with each other. His hands cupped her breasts, massaging them, squeezing them. His mouth moved to her neck, biting and sucking her. Then he once again took her breast into his mouth and flicked his tongue across the nipple. He took it in his teeth and bit down until she hissed with pain. Then he released her, blowing the cool night air on it and caressing the pain away with his tongue once more. He repeated this with her other breast until both nipples were dark pink hard nubs. Now, his tongue traveled down her stomach, tickling her bellybutton and making her giggle. Up until now, their play had been serious. To hear her laugh made his heart sing slightly. Raina was a torturous vixen. It was nice to hear her giggle. He thought it made her seem less tantalizing and more simplistic. He hoped to see more of this side of her, but not tonight. Tonight she was his plaything.

Without the use of her hands, Raina was at a loss. She yearned to wrap her fingers in his silken hair or rub them across his fine muscled chest. Now all she could do was let him make all the moves. Her need was great and she had already begged more than she wanted to. It seemed the King was winning this next round, especially when he made her laugh. She was not the type who liked to laugh. She was always serious. There was no room for feeling silly and laughing like an elfling. It upset her slightly that Thranduil had found her weak spot and forced a laugh from her. It was a side of her she didn't like. It made her feel closer to him and she did not like it one bit. There was only one thing she wanted from him and it was not friendship. But now, her heart had let in a little joy and she hated it.

Thranduil went to tickle her with his tongue once more, needing to hear her beautiful laugh just one more time. He felt her body tense as she resisted the urge. "Thranduil, please stop." she begged, stifling a giggle. When he didn't she felt her anger rise and yelled with force. "Stop this now!"

Taken off guard, Thranduil looked up at Raina who almost seemed to have a tear in her eye. "Is this what will make you give up the game?" he asked confused.

"I do not like to be tickled. I find it a waste of time and energy." she said in a pensive voice.

Thranduil smiled. "But the sound of your laughter makes my heart…"

"The heart has no involvement this night." Her voice was slightly raised.

Thranduil was taken off guard. So, there seemed to be some mystery to this elleth, some kind of deep wounds perhaps. Was this the real reason she lured him into the woods?

Raina needed to change the subject and get Thranduil back to what he was known to do so well. She lifted her leg and put it on his shoulder. "This is all I want tonight oh mighty hunter. Come and claim you prize."

Thranduil took in her scent and it brought him back to the matter at hand. He would continue to play her game… for now. But she had sparked an interest in him and he would find out more about her secret.

"I will decide what I will do to you, not you." he said putting her leg back down. He got back to his feet and looked deep into her eyes. "You fear something, I can sense it. I do not know what. Perhaps you will tell me before the night is through."

Raina licked her lips and smiled deviously. "The only thing I fear is that you will change your mind and leave me unsatisfied." she said trying to get under his skin. "Surely, the stories I've heard of the mighty King of Mirkwood are not just that, rumors."

He creased his brow and stood a little taller in front of the elleth tied to the tree. "You are in no position to challenge my reputation."

She laughed again but this time it was to taunt him. "Has it been too long my King? Have I not showed you how to get back to your roots?"

Thranduil was becoming angry. If she continued to tease him in this manner, he might just leave her tied up out here until the morning and send for his guards to come for her.  As he stood there staring at her, she began to gyrate her hips seductively.

He knew this was part of her game, but no one would ever say the King left an elleth unsatisfied. "You have said too much, elleth." he said getting close to her face.

She would not back down, not yet. "Or perhaps once is enough for you now." she whispered, pushing him and further angering him.

Thranduil would prove her wrong. Who did this one think she was, toying with him in such a dangerous manner. His breathing became heavy and his blood began to boil. He would give her what she wanted and then some. He grabbed her breasts roughly, biting her nipples once more. She cried out in pain but he only smiled to himself. His right hand made its way to her folds. She was very slick, probably had been for some time now. There was no need to prep her and his finger slipped inside her warmth. "Is this what you want? Oh… no… this will not be enough to satisfy you will it? You want something more, something beyond the ordinary. You are a temptress. Well, you have met your match and maybe more. When I am done with you, you will never again speak to me in such a way." He inserted a second finger and slid in and out of her moistness. Raina moaned as his thumb found her sensual nub and began making circles, further heightening her senses. Having her arms tied behind the tree made it even more exciting. He had total control over her, something she did not normally like. But Thranduil could be like a wild animal when provoked. It was dangerous move on her part, but that was what she liked.

"I need more Thranduil. Please, untie me. Let me feel you body." she begged, enticing him.

"I like you right where you are." he said, crouching down to his knees. He ran his tongue along her inner thigh, closing in on her sweet treasure. "Now, let's see what you taste like." His tongue darted out, replacing his thumb. Raina's body convulsed. He slid in his finger once more as his tongue danced across her sensitive nub. He inserted a second finger and covered the rest of her with his mouth sucking her and massaging her as only he knew how. Her moaning became louder and her hips moved in an upward motion. Thranduil moaned against her sex and the sound reverberated throughout her body.

Raina was smiling to herself. This was exactly what she wanted. He was licking her to oblivion and she was enjoying it for all it was worth. The King of Mirkwood, slayer of spiders and orcs, was well on his way to making her see the stars up close and personal. She could feel him set his rhythm, fingers sliding in and out, tongue flicking and teasing deliciously. Deep down she could feel that internal fire building. It would rise to the surface and she would scream in ecstasy. Just when she was comfortable with the way things were escalating, she felt an intrusion of sorts. It seemed Thranduil's finger managed its way to an area no one had ever tempted her with. He dipped his finger into her moisture and then rubbed it over her tighter entrance. She did not think much at first, but he was becoming more daring as his finger pushed into her slightly. She was not sure she wanted to go this route. This was something new to her.

Thranduil thought an elleth as brave and daring as her would not be a stranger to this form of erotic play. But when he felt her tense up at the slightest touch to her untraditional area, he realized that maybe she was not as learned as he thought. Well, this was no time for questions. He would not give her a chance to beg him not to. A third time, he moistened his finger in her depths. He brought his mouth to her nub, teased her with his tongue, got her humming and then inserted his finger into her tight entrance. She yelled out in pain but he only increased his ministrations on her sensitive bundle of nerves. Soon she began to relax a bit and let him do what he wanted to.

Raina had never felt anything quite like this. When Thranduil broke through her tight entrance, the pain was unbearable. She could not push him away and had to endure it. "Aye, Thranduil, please stop." she begged when he held himself inside her.

"Relax my prey. I promise it will not hurt long. It is a pleasurable pain once your body accepts it." He pulled his finger out some but not completely. He brought his other hand into play and began sliding a finger into her warm depths, at the same time pulling his finger on his other hand out of her tight cavity. He manipulated her in both entrances while his tongue paid close attention to her sensitive treasure. Soon she gave in and allowed her body to enjoy the new sensation.

She could not believe how good this felt. There were sensations running through her body that she never knew existed. Thranduil was an expert as he played her like a fine instrument. As he increased his rhythm, she felt an enormous wave begin to swallow her, starting at her feet. It moved up along her body, building speed as it went. Every part of her body was filled and she felt as if she was floating. "Thranduil, yes. It feels so good." she said, repeating herself many times. Her low moans became cries of passion as she finally felt the height of her climax crash over her. Every inch of her skin was alive as if she was exposed to every smell, every sound and every touch. Stars burst behind her closed eyes. "Thranduil… Oh Thranduil…" she screamed out. Her leg tightened around his neck as if to pull him into her further. Her body pulsated, hips gyrating still, even though the wave was slowly sinking back to sea level. Every muscle was tense.

Thranduil lapped up her sweet essence. She was delicious. She was marvelous. She was more than just a temptress. He had heard it in her laughter. There was someone inside of Raina that he could become used to. There was a kind of comfort hidden deep within her. He had felt it even though she tried to cover up her true feelings. He would break this tough elleth and make her realize she had more to offer than just a wonderfully passionate summer night in the forest. He would take her as his only if she would give in and realize how beautiful she really was on the inside.

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