Thrill of the Chase: 2. 2 The Captured King

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2. 2 The Captured King

The Captured King

Thranduil covered her mouth with his, kissing her with much need. He cupped her ears with his hands and gently fondled the tips. Raina moaned quietly at the feel of his warm touch. She answered his ministrations by running her fingernails down along his spine. She could feel him tense slightly as she dug in a little to cause more pain. She would not go easy on him this night. She was very sure he could take anything she had to offer him and hoped to be rewarded in the same manner. This elleth never did like sweet sex. She liked it raw and primal. She would hold nothing back.

As they kissed, Raina took his bottom lip into her mouth, playfully at first. Then she bit down a little harder. Thranduil responded by wrapping his long fingers in her golden mane and pulling, as if to pull her away. She clamped down and nipped his lip harder, enough that she tasted blood. She let go and smiled. He brought his hand to his mouth and touched the tender spot then looked at his fingers. A touch of blood was found and he looked at Raina, confused at first. When he saw her devilish grin, he understood what game this elleth meant to play. "So you like it rough do you?" he said taking her chin in his firm grip. "This is good to know."

Every hope and dream Raina had about this night with Thranduil just came true. She had heard that he was a voracious lover, but that those emotions were few and far between. She knew the first time his eyes met hers, when she was passing him by in the palace, that there was some truth to that rumor. Ever since that day a hundred years ago, she would always make a point to capture his attention in one way or another. Sometimes it was a stare that lasted too long or the brush of a shoulder as they passed each other in the library. If they happened to be dining at the same time, she would make a point to eat a piece of fruit in a deliberate fashion once she had his attention. Eventually, the King began looking for her as soon as he entered a room. Raina knew she had earned his deliberation. It was all rather innocent at first, but it had been building for years now. This is why she picked tonight to lure him away from the palace, away from his advisors and staff and out into the wild. For too long he had upheld his kingly duties and she waited. Now there was no more war, no more evil. He should be free to get back to his natural surroundings. She knew she was just the elleth to bring him there.

Raina moved closer to him still and licked his injured lip. "Some may see this as the blood of a King, the blood of a warrior. But I see the blood of a hunter. This is who you are Thranduil. You are the chaser, the pursuer, the huntsman and I am but a helpless victim who has fallen prey. But I do not give up as easily as you might think. There is much fight in me and if you are to claim my flesh, you must work hard for the prize." she said seductively.

At that very moment, Thranduil grabbed her wrists and spun her so her back was against the tree. He lifted her arms over her head and pushed his body against hers. The feel of their naked bodies touching each other was almost too much to bear. His arousal pulsed against her as he wanted to be inside her warmth. He began kissing and nipping at her neck, sometimes biting a little hard.

"Oh yes, that's it my King." she moaned and he sucked harder on her flesh. He released her hands and let his fingers travel down her upraised arms until they came to the curve of her breasts. His thumbs encircled her already erect nipples. Looking one last time into her eyes, he smiled impishly and lowered his head.

Warm moist heat covered her nipples as hands squeezed her breasts. Raina brought her arms down and let her fingers entwine in his soft hair. She caressed the tips of his pointed ears, making him moan. The vibrations resonated through her body so she stroked them faster. As she did, Thranduil took her nipple in his teeth and bit down, causing a delicious pain. Then he switched to the other breast and repeated his actions. Raina sucked air in through her teeth as the pain was almost too much. Soon she was comforted when his tongue flicked wildly across her sore nipples. It was a good way to start off the evenings events.

Thranduil once again brought his attention back to her. He gazed into her fiery blue eyes and laughed. "I like an elleth who can tolerate pain. You would have made a fine warrior."

"And what I wouldn't have given to see you at the height of your game. There is nothing more alluring than an ellon as he stands tall and proud, facing his foe without reserve." As she spoke, she noticed a scar just beneath his right breast that ran all the way to his side. "Is that from the war?" she asked, lightly running her finger the length of the scar.

"We were deep in the southern woods when we were rushed by spiders. It was the only time I was caught off guard. I was knocked to the ground and the creature jumped upon my chest. Just before I could put it out of its misery, the vile thing dug its claw into my flesh." he explained as he remembered that dreadful time.

"And were you poisoned?" Raina asked curiously.

"Unfortunately yes. I don't remember much of that time except that my dreams were horrible nightmares that did not end until the poison was reversed. It was my lead Captain at the time that saved me from this mortal wound. As soon as he found me, he actually began sucking the tainted blood from the wound. It was just enough that it gave me the few extra moments my army needed to get me to the healers. I owe him my life and I will always be there for him as he was for me."

Raina's hands traveled along Thranduil's chest until she came to the scar. Then she lowered her head and ran her tongue along the length of it, from his side to his breast. "I know of this Captain of which you speak." she whispered. "I know him quite well actually." As she finished speaking, she circled Thranduil's nipple with her tongue.

"And how do you know him?" he asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. Perhaps Thranduil was not her first victim of this game she was playing. "He left Mirkwood many long years ago to live in Ithilien where my son established a colony of elves to help rebuild those lands."

Raina made her way to his other nipple and caressed it with her tongue before she answered. "I know him because… he is my father."

Thranduil quietly gasped and felt her smile against his flesh. She felt him tense and just when he was about to protest, she bit him, causing him to cry out in unexpected pain. Thranduil grabbed the hair at the back of her head and pulled her off of him. Again, she caused him to bleed. He took her chin in his fingers and tilted her head up to meet her eyes. "Ortherion (Ore-there-ee-on) is your father?" he asked, confused. His eyes wandered away from the elleth to glance around him. His brow was creased and Raina felt his anger. This was the first battle and she would not lose.

Thranduil tried to push her away. "This is not right. I had no idea you were Ortherion's daughter. I… I cannot do this."

Raina held him tight. "This does not concern my father. This only concerns you and me." As she spoke, she reached around and grabbed his tight rear, pulling him to her, making their bodies connect. "For too long have I wanted this Thranduil, my King. You deserve this night. Let go and experience what nature intended for us to be. We are free now, free to run naked through the forest, free to find comfort from one we have admired from afar." She captured his lips and plunged her tongue between his lips.

Thranduil resisted her at first, but soon he was lost to her taste, her scent and the feel of her naked body rubbing against his. Still, he tried to protest when she finally released him. "Raina, but you are the daughter of the elf who saved me from certain death. To take you here, like this would be to dishonor my fellow warrior, my rescuer and my friend."

He was pleading with her but she was not listening. As he spoke, her hand went low and wrapped around his now relaxed elfhood. Her fingers massaged him and he instantly began to grow and spring to life. He tried one last time. "Raina please, I… I do not… I… oh Raina." he moaned, forgetting why he was trying to stop her in the first place.

The elleth was now on her knees and wrapping her lips around the tip of his shaft, tongue flicking across the slit. Thranduil looked down and watched as his body disappeared into her hot wet mouth, tongue caressing him as she did. Raina moaned once she swallowed all of him and he thought he could lose himself right then. "Oh yes Raina." he moaned in answer to her.

"Yes." Raina thought to herself. She had won and was now enjoying her well earned treat. Thranduil was magnificently well endowed, but it was to be expected. She wrapped her hand around his base to cover the part that wouldn't fit in her mouth and found a rhythm that would satisfy both of them.  He started pushing his hips forward, trying to fit more of himself in her warm heat. His hands came to rest on her shoulders and sometimes, caressing her ears. He found when he paid special attention to the tips, she sucked him harder. He watched her work her craft, this naughty little elleth. It was what he'd always hoped she would be like and he was pleasantly satisfied.

The faster she moved, the more he relaxed and soon they found a comfortable rhythm. Every now and then, her teeth would scrap his swollen member. It was not unpleasant though.  It made him want to shove his length further down her throat.

Raina paid close attention to his movements and moans. She could tell he was getting close to completion. Oh to taste the King's seed would be her reward for her efforts. She quickened her pace and Thranduil went along with her. They were in sync to each other's bodies. Her moans became louder. Her tongue flicked wildly around his shaft. She would bring him ecstasy and then it would be her turn. Her body was on fire and she could hardly wait to feel his tongue on her treasured spots. Just a little more and the King would be satisfied.

Thranduil somehow ended up leaning against a tree for more leverage as this vixen brought him to the ultimate climax. A wave was building, rolling over and over onto itself, crashing upon him like a storm. His voice seemed to not be his own as low guttural moans escaped his lips. He grabbed the back of her head and held her in place as the wave finally crested so high, there was nowhere else to go but over the edge. "Raina." he yelled. "Oh yes Raina, yes."

She knew he was about to spend himself and took him as deep as she could, holding him there, sucking hard and rubbing him with her tongue. His seed exploded in her mouth, warm and slightly salty, but still sweet as was normal with her kind. She remained wrapped around his girth, waiting for the last drop to spill forth. She swallowed his essence and slowly pulled from him. His arousal pulsated as she did and his body convulsed. It was as if it hurt him and she was glad. Pleasurable pain was the best feeling of all.

Thranduil looked down to the fair haired beauty kneeling before him. She looked up with a wanton stare and licked her lips. "You are most delicious my King. You made my taste buds come alive. Mmm… your taste is forever burned into my memory."

"I do not like taking my turn first." he said trying to sound stern, but failing. "But I will excuse you just this once." Then he smiled and helped her to her feet. She moved close and devoured him with a needful kiss, letting him taste himself on her tongue. His breathing was still labored but he would recover quickly. It was time to tend to this siren, this creature of pain and pleasure. Just when she thought he was relaxed, Thranduil wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up, spinning her so that her back was to the tree. "Now, my naughty little imp, you shall know what it is like to be favored by the King." he said in a low growl, setting her already slick heat up another notch. He looked down and saw the belt from her robe, picked it up and gave her a dark stare. Lust raged behind his black eyes. Raina knew she had unleashed a side of Thranduil that had been kept locked away for centuries. She swelled with pride knowing it was her that brought back a side of Thranduil that never should have been kept buried; raw, primal, animalistic lust that needed to be set free.

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