What Paths We Take: 9. Love Lost, Love Gained

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9. Love Lost, Love Gained

Chapter 9 - Love Lost, Love Gained

It had been two weeks since Eomer and the others returned from Orthanc and he still hadn't said a word to Eowyn about his news of Faramir. How could he? Eowyn was finally happy. So long had she been miserable, first about marrying Boromir but loving Faramir. And then knowing Faramir no longer wanted her. Now his sister was bursting with joy as she and Legolas grew closer and closer. Legolas was good for her. Eomer had never seen her so convivial. To tell her now that Faramir's letter may have been false would throw her into a tailspin of emotions. He decided to keep his secret a while longer.


There was still talk of war. Sauron would strike again but they didn't know where. The Seeing Stone had been useless. Besides, it was dangerous to use. Gandalf kept it hidden from the others, especially Pippin. He was the most troublesome of the Hobbits and he took an interest in the Stone.

"It is not meant for your young Hobbit eyes, Master Took." Gandalf had told Pippin when he inquired about it. Unfortunately, that did not end his curiosity. One evening when everyone was asleep, Pippin snuck up to Gandalf and took the Stone. It was almost a fatal mistake as the Stone grabbed a hold of his mind. The Eye of Sauron had seen Pippin and mistaken him for the ring bearer. Gandalf released him of the wicked spell. After interrogating the Hobbit for information, they had the answers they had been searching for. Sauron would strike Gondor and soon.

Gandalf spoke to Théoden and told him to aide the White City. Théoden refused to go unless Gondor called on Rohan for help. Gandalf thought it was best to ride to Gondor himself and tell Denethor to light the beacons and call for help. He decided to take Pippin with him to keep him safe. The enemy would be looking for him now.

When Gandalf and Pippin finally arrived at Minas Tirith, they were met by Faramir. He introduced himself to the Hobbit and informed him that he had met and helped his friend Frodo.

"We were patrolling the borders of Osgiliath when we came upon Frodo and Sam. The creature Gollum goes with them. I do not trust him but Frodo insisted he go with them. Gandalf, I saw the One Ring. I could hear it speaking to me. It wanted me to take it to the Steward, promising me reconciliation with my father. But something deep down told me not to trust these words, that they were empty promises. So I let Frodo go and moved on to the city of Osgiliath where Orcs were invading. It was no use. We were overrun. I lost half my men before we returned here. I have yet to go to my father with the news. I was headed that way when you arrived."

Gandalf laid an understanding hand on Faramir's shoulder. "Boromir was faced with the same challenge and gave in to its poisonous affirmation. That was what lead to his death. You were wise to not take the Ring. You have proven to be much stronger than your brother."

"If only my father would see it that way." Faramir said with a heavy sigh.

"I know it does not seem like it at times, but your father loves you. He will comprehend this before the war is over." Gandalf answered.

Faramir turned to his men and gave them the signal to go about their business. Now he could speak freely with Gandalf.

"Gandalf, there is something which has plagued my mind for many, many months now. If you can tell me anything please do." Faramir said with a slight reluctance, afraid of what he might learn.

"What is it that troubles you?" Gandalf asked.

"My life has been torn apart since learning of Boromir's death. But the main reason for my anguish is Eowyn. I have not seen or heard from her since she was sent back to Rohan. It has been so long. Is she alright?" he said desperate for an answer.

"My boy, she is just fine. But why does her dissolution concern you so? Your message was very clear and final. She was heartbroken for a very long time." Gandalf said in a fatherly way.

"What message? I know not what you speak of." Faramir was very confused by Gandalf's words.

"You sent her a letter stating that you no longer loved her and never wanted to see her again. Did you not send her such a message?"

"No, no never, Gandalf. I would never send a letter like that. I love her very much. I have sent many letters of concern for her but I've not received a single reply. I thought it was Eowyn who rejected them. I have done nothing but try and contact her for almost a year now. When I heard of the battle at Helm's Deep I became deeply worried for her safety. I wanted to go and be with her but my duties bound me to Osgiliath and I could not leave. My father would not hear of if. As a matter of fact, after six months of not hearing a word from her, I found my own messenger to deliver my last letter."

Gandalf raised an eyebrow at Faramir. "What do you mean you used your own messenger?"

"My father insisted I use his best personal messenger to deliver my letters. The thought crossed my mind that my father could have intervened by stopping my notes from reaching Eowyn. So as a last effort, I sent my own man. But when I still had not received a reply, I gave up. I figured Eowyn no longer loved me and chose to ignore me."

"I don't know how to tell you this, Faramir, but Eowyn only received one letter from you. Like I said, the message stated that you wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Eowyn fell into a depression of sorts. Other things had gone awry in Rohan at the time. Eomer was sent away and Théoden's mind was taken over by Saruman. Over time, Eowyn accepted the fact that you were gone for good. She has finally got on with her life."

"Then I must see her and explain. That is not how things are supposed to be. I love her very much. I always have and I always will. To know that she has been miserable for so long because of me makes my heart ache. But I did not write that note." Faramir turned from Gandalf with clenched fists. "It must have been my father. He was against us. He wanted Boromir to marry Eowyn as much as he wanted the One Ring. He has changed, Gandalf. He has never been very easy to be around but now he is impossible. Boromir's death has clouded his mind. He cares not what happens beyond these walls. He still thinks Osgiliath can be retaken but it is folly. Can you help?" Faramir was desperate.

"Rohan will come but the beacons must be lit. Denethor must send word. That is why I have come, to give my counsel to your father." Gandalf answered.

"You can try but I'm afraid he will not listen." Faramir saw no hope of that happening.

"I must try. There is not much time left. Sauron's armies are on the move. They come to Gondor." Gandalf said as he turned to leave.

Faramir stopped him. "Gandalf, you still have not told me about Eowyn. I must get to her and explain."

Gandalf saw the love and desperation in Faramir's eyes. "My boy, Eowyn has moved on. She thought you were gone from her life."

"What are you saying Gandalf? What do you mean she has moved on?" The look on Faramir's face was too much for the old wizard.

"I'm sorry Faramir. Eowyn has… met someone. She has started her life over and is happy once again."

"Is she in love?" Faramir asked.

Gandalf could hear his heart breaking. "Yes, she is. I'm sorry, son." Gandalf put a hand on his shoulder. "I must go now. I need to speak with your father."

Faramir felt like he had lost his reason to live. He looked at Gandalf with much despondency. "I will go with you. I have yet to tell my father of my premature arrival."

They arrived at the citadel. Denethor saw Gandalf but would not listen to reason and refused to call on Rohan for help. Gandalf had another idea. He left the hall, leaving Faramir to deal with his father.

Faramir glared at Denethor. "Why did you send a fraudulent letter to Eowyn? For months I had thought she refused my advances, but she never received them. I know what you wrote. It was cruel and now she thinks I no longer love her. She loves another. I have lost her forever because of you. Why father, why did you do it?"

Denethor stood up and approached his son. "All I have heard for months is your crying over that woman. She was never yours to begin with. She was meant to be with Boromir. But that doesn't matter now. It was all for ruin." Denethor turned away from Faramir and continued. "I don't know what she ever saw in you anyways. You can not even retake Osgiliath. You are useless. You have not proved your worth."

"Osgiliath is destroyed. I lost half my men there. The Orcs are too many." Faramir yelled.

"Boromir could have succeeded." Denethor whispered.

"Boromir is dead." Faramir said with much anger in his voice.

Denethor once again faced his son. "Boromir is dead because of you and that woman. Now, you will honor your brother and go back to the city and retake it from the Orcs or don't come back at all."

Faramir was about to refuse when darkness crept into his mind. Maybe his father was right. Maybe Boromir would still be alive if it wasn't for his choice to pursue Eowyn. He had lost his brother and his heart's desire. He realized he had nothing left to live for. Knowing Eowyn was gone from his life put him in a deep depression. All he could do now was to try and put some things right for his dead brother. Maybe he could prove himself to his father. "I will go but I may not return."

"You will return in victory or not at all." Denethor had nothing else to say to his son. He turned and left the room.


Thanks to Pippin's help, Gandalf was successful in getting the beacons lit. All they could do now was wait for Rohan to arrive. They would stay in Minas Tirith. It was too dangerous to travel back to Rohan.

Word spread to Gandalf about Faramir heading back to Osgiliath. He went out to meet him at the gate. He had to try and stop Faramir. "You are making a mistake. You will get yourself killed if you go back there. It is no use." Gandalf pleaded.

"I told my father I would go. I have to try, for my departed brother. Besides, with Eowyn gone from my life, I have no reason to live. Everything I did, every decision I made was with her in mind. But she no longer loves me. It is too late. Promise me Gandalf, if I do not return, tell her the truth. Tell her I still love her." Faramir mounted his horse and headed out with his men.


Back in Rohan, they had received the signal. Word went out to all the surrounding areas of war approaching Gondor. They would meet at Dunharrow where they would set out as one army marching to Minis Tirith.

Eowyn was busy getting her things together when Legolas approached her. "You are going with us? But I thought it was your duty to stay with your people." he said.

"A few of the women travel with the men. Someone has to help with any wounded. Why, would you rather leave me behind?" she said sarcastically.

"I would rather not leave you ever. My soul aches when you are not near. You fill me with strength, hope, love. But I will not see you in harms way." Legolas grabbed her by the waist and pulled her near.

"We are riding to a meeting place. I do not think we will be in any danger there. Besides, you have not seen Dunharrow. It rests at the edge of a cliff. There is only one way up, a narrow winding road. Anyone who approaches will be seen long before they arrive. From Dunharrow, the Rohirrim will set out for Gondor." Eowyn said. Then she cupped his face in her hands. "You are going with them aren't you?"

"I must. I have made a promise to my fellowship. Rohan will need us." Legolas leaned forward and kissed Eowyn, seeing tears form in the corners of her eyes.

"What if something happens to you? I can not bear the thought of it. I love you, Legolas."

"I will do everything within my power to make sure that doesn't happen. But I have to go with Aragorn and Gimli. I swore an oath."

"Then let us make the most of what time we have left together." Eowyn said kissing him deeply. Legolas parted her lips with his tongue and entered. Eowyn brought her hand to the back of his neck. Slowly her hand made its way to his ear. She knew that would do the trick.

Legolas' body heated up as his desire rushed to fill his aching shaft. Suddenly his leggings became very constricting. He wanted her. He needed her. "Let's go to your room. Everyone is busy at the moment. I don't think we will be missed."

"I agree, but we are not going to my room. I have a better idea. I want us to go where you will feel more at home. Let us ride out to the woods. I know just the place where we can be alone."

It did not take them long to get their horses and head off to the forest. Once they were there, Eowyn jumped down from her horse. She did not wait for Legolas but instead ran off into the woods. Legolas jumped from his horse with little effort and went after her. He found her leaning against a giant oak, a wanton look upon her face. Legolas slowly walked up to her as if tracking his prey. Being amongst the trees made him feel more at home than he had in a long time. His whole body was alive with want for this beautiful woman in front of him. His hands wrapped around her waist and he leaned in for a kiss. His lips gently brushed over hers before claiming them hungrily. Tongues swirled in their seductive dance with each other.

Eowyn was on fire with a lustful passion. Legolas' actions were so much more unrestrictive being in his natural state. Too long had she wished to experience him wholly, as an Elf in his element. And so far it was more than she had expected. His kisses alone were much more electric than before and she could hardly wait to feel more of his closeness.

Legolas had a new found energy which derived from being amongst the trees. His soul fed off of their life-force. Wood Elves had a very strong connection with any and all trees.

"Let me show you the ways of the Elves, meleth nin." he said before he ravished her neck with his luscious lips. The taste of her flesh drove him mad and he wanted more. He was in a state of ecstasy.

Eowyn moaned and Legolas looked at her. She noticed his eyes were no longer the color of the sky but were now a dark blue, like the deepest part of the ocean. She knew his need was great and this excited her even more as she felt a moist heat envelop her lower body.

Legolas reached behind her and undid her dress. Eowyn shuffled her shoulders, making the dress fall down to expose her breasts. He held each one firmly within his grasp before sucking and biting each pink erect nipple making her moan with pleasure. As he brought his body against hers, she could feel his erection throbbing against her thigh. He was rock hard and her need for him was great.

Eowyn's hands reached for his tunic and began undoing the mithril hooks. His chest was heaving in and out as his breathing became more rapid with every inch of flesh exposed to the cool night air. Eowyn was successful at removing his tunic and shirt but she did not stop there. She let her hands explore his muscled chest then move to the ripples of his toned stomach. She moved even lower and caressed his hard length through his leggings. There she found what she craved. Although Legolas and Eowyn had made love more than a few times there was something she still had yet to explore. Her fingers fumbled with the laces of his leggings until they loosened. Her hands slipped inside and moved to the back where she squeezed his taut behind. As she did so, she pushed his leggings down until they fell to the forest floor. She looked into his dark eyes and slowly got down on her knees. She took off each of his boots, tossing them aside. Legolas stepped out of his leggings and was now completely naked. He looked down to see what she would do next.

Eowyn took his hard shaft in her hands and studied every bump and ridge of his large phallus. "You are so beautiful, Legolas. Now let's see how you taste." she said noticing a drop of his pearly essence oozing from the tip. She licked him and moaned. "Oh yes. It tastes as good as it looks but I'm still hungry."

Without any hesitation, she slid her lips down his hard member, taking him in her mouth. As she did, her tongue explored his rim and another drop flowed forth. She moaned again while she held him there.

Legolas leaned back against the oak, feeling weak in the knees. His hands gripped the sides of the tree as his fingers dug into the cracks of the bark, giving him a little more leverage. He pushed his hips forward needing to feel more of her hot, wet mouth.

"Eowyn, this feels so good but you will undo me." he said not wanting to climax first.

"That is the plan my Elf Prince." she said. She took him in her mouth once more and set a rhythm. Legolas' hips matched her movements as he grasped the tree even harder.

His moans became louder as Eowyn increased her ministrations, sending him to the edge of his desire. He could wait no more and felt himself reach his climax, spilling his seed into her awaiting mouth. He threw his head back and screamed Eowyn's name over and over while using elvish terms of endearment.

Eowyn licked every last drop from his throbbing member and looked up to see him smiling with satisfaction. He looked down at her and wrapped his hands in her wavy golden hair. He saw in her eyes her own need for release. She would not have to wait long as Legolas wouldn't need long to recover. As good as that felt, he still needed more. He needed to bury himself in her warmth. He needed to feel as one.

Legolas noticed she was still half dressed. "It is not fair that I am naked and you are not. Take off your dress so that I may look upon your total beauty."

Eowyn stood up and very seductively slipped out of her dress, tossing it upon his discarded clothes. Legolas' eyes explored every inch of her creamy white skin. She looked as beautiful as she did that night he stole glances at her in her tent. But now she was truly his and he no longer dreamed about what she would feel like, smell like, taste like. He knew and was anxious to experience it again.

"Come to me." Legolas said in a deep and tempting voice.

Eowyn looked down and saw that he had never completely softened the way a man would. He was growing full again right before her very eyes. He watched as her eyes widened in disbelief.

"As I said before, we Elves are quite virile." he said with that delicious crooked smile she had come to love about him.

Eowyn walked up to him and he spun her around so that her back was to the great oak. Legolas took her hands and lifted them above her head. She felt a branch there and looked up.

"I want you to grab onto this branch and not let go, no matter how strong the urge to do so. Can you do that?" he asked her, looking deep into her eyes.

Eowyn's heart raced as she thought about what he was going to do to her. She couldn't speak but nodded in compliance to his demands.

"Good." he sighed. Legolas ran his fingers down her arms. The feeling gave her goose bumps and made her womanhood throb and ache for his touch. He slipped his tongue into her ear and traced the outer edge before sucking on her ear lobe. Meanwhile, his hands had roamed down to her breasts and were caressing them. He loved the feel of her erect nipples on his palms. He abandoned her ear and moved lower, covering her breast with his warm mouth. He felt her back arch as he did and it excited him even more. As he sucked on her firm tit, his hands roamed down to her waist and around to her backside where he squeezed her firm behind. She moaned as he did so and began to twist slightly. Legolas looked up to see if she still had a hold of the branch.

"Remember, do not let go, meleth." he reminded her and she grasped it tighter.

Legolas' tongue traveled down her stomach, delving into her bellybutton before moving even lower. He had gotten onto his knees now, hands still clutching her round behind. He was close enough to smell her sweet essence, like flowers and honey. He let one hand caress the curls of her mound then down her leg and up the inside of her thigh. His probing fingers separated her folds and found her dripping wet with desire. He nudged her legs apart with his hand and she instinctively threw one leg over his shoulder. Legolas moaned and caressed her with his fingers before inserting them into her opening. As he did, Eowyn moaned in a deep breathy voice. She was lost in his seductive world and wished to never leave this place.

Legolas' tongue caressed her and she began writhing, clutching onto the branch even more, using it for leverage. Now she understood why he had told her to do it. His fingers increased their rhythm and his tongue flicked wildly. She moaned louder, feeling that tingling sensation begin to travel through her body. Legolas covered her with his mouth and moaned as he tasted her sweetness. The vibration of his lips and tongue sent her close to the edge. Then his tongue once again found that bundle of nerves and her climax burst forth making her scream his name as her hips thrust forward feeling as much of him as she could. He slipped his fingers from her and she watched as he sucked on each one, not wasting a single delicious drop of her essence. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed.

Legolas stood up and kissed her, letting her taste what drove him mad. "You are delectable. I can not get enough of you." he said. She noticed his dark eyes and knew the night was not over yet, not by a long shot. He gave her time to recover.

"There is a brook not far from here if you would like to freshen up." Eowyn said. Actually, she herself could use a drink of cool water. They gathered their clothes and walked hand in hand to the small stream. It was a beautiful evening and the air felt good on their sweaty bodies.

The brook traveled at the bottom of a rocky wall where it seemed quite secluded amongst the trees. They both dabbled in the water enjoying the feel of it on their warm skin. As Eowyn was getting a drink of water, Legolas' splashed her. She gave him a look mocking anger and threw water in his direction. Legolas was too quick and jumped with cat like reflexes out of the way.

"That is not fair." she said with a pout. Legolas walked up to her and grabbed her lip in his teeth before sucking it into his mouth. Eowyn sighed with pleasure and deepened the kiss. She backed him up to the wall, pressing her body against his. She broke from the kiss and studied his face. He was so handsome.

"I want you Legolas. I want you inside me." she whispered in his ear before nibbling on the tips. That sent him over the edge again and he spun her around so that her back was against the wall.

"I want you, meleth nin, more than I've ever wanted anything before." Legolas replied. He put his hands around her waist and lifted her into the air as if she were as light as a feather.

Eowyn wrapped her legs around his waist as her arms snaked behind his neck. He moved her so that the tip of his member rested at her opening. They held this position for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. They waited to see who would make the first move. Eowyn tightened her legs around him and slid down onto his hard shaft not being able to wait any longer.

"You feel so good inside me." she moaned as he entered her.

"Oh Eowyn, I love you so much." Legolas answered. His hips thrust forward as he set his rhythm. He filled her completely and she was again lost in his elven world.

Legolas could feel her inner muscles squeezing him and he quickened his pace, thrusting deeper each time. Eowyn moved her hips in small circles and moaned louder with every thrust.

"I am almost there, my love. Come with me, Legolas. Oh yes, now my prince." she cried. To ensure her lover would reach his climax, she drew the tip of his ear into her mouth and flicked her tongue wildly.

It was too much for Legolas and with one final deep thrust he cried her name into the night and let his seed flow into her. The ecstasy of their orgasms spread throughout each others bodies as they embraced. They did not move, enjoying the feeling of being one. Their rapid breathing began to slow. Legolas looked at Eowyn with love in his eyes. They had returned to their normal shade of blue. He smiled and then buried his face in her neck. He never wanted to leave this spot. It was here he wished to stay, joined as one with this beautiful, incredible soul.

"I wish to never leave you, my love. When you are near me, you fill me with such strength that I have never felt before. You are an incredible woman, so strong and beautiful. I love you, Eowyn of Rohan."

Eowyn caressed his braids. "You make me feel so alive. Up until now, I have only been going through the motions of everyday life. I am so free when you are near. I wish you were not leaving but I understand that you must go. Promise me that you will stay safe and come back to me. I need you, Legolas. I love you."

"I will do everything within my power to return to you." He looked deep into her eyes. "Eowyn, I truly think we are meant to be together. If we were not, this love would never have been allowed to happen. I don't know what path we are meant to follow but I am sure we were meant to travel it together. When I return from the war, I wish for us to bind ourselves to each other, in the eyes of the Valar."

A tear fell from Eowyn's eye and rolled down her cheek. "Legolas Thranduilion, are you asking me to be your wife?"

"In human terms, yes. I ask for you to bind with me and join our souls as one for eternity. I love you so much. I wish to be with you for as long as we are allowed." he said reaching for her and brushing away the tear.

This last statement made Eowyn think. "But you are immortal. What will happen to you when I die?"

"I wish not to tell you but you have asked." He paused a moment. "When one of us dies, our binding will be broken, our souls separated forever."

"That is not what I asked. What will happen when I die?" she asked with concern.

He remained silent, searching for the right words. "When an Elf loses a bond mate, the surviving Elf will fade."

"So you will die?" she whispered.

Legolas merely nodded.

"How can you ask such a thing of me knowing your fate will be sealed? You should spend eternity contented and not die of loneliness with nothing but your memories." Eowyn said.

He cupped her face in his hands. "I would rather spend one lifetime with you than to never have known your love. This is my decision, my sacrifice to make for our life together."

Eowyn hadn't thought of it this way before and she questioned her decision to ever let things get as far as they did. "You make it sound so easy, this decision of becoming your wife. I have no doubt of my love for you; it is strong. I just don't know if I can be the reason for your death. It is too much to bear." Eowyn couldn't believe she was second guessing herself.

Eowyn looked away from him, unable to digest this sudden turn of events. Legolas sensed her hesitation and kissed her lightly, brushing his lips along her cheek.

"Make no decision now, meleth nin. But when I return from my journey, I will ask you this again. I know how I feel and I know you love me. It is all I could ever ask for. I will not pressure you into a decision."

"I'm sorry I cannot give an answer just yet." she whispered into his neck.

Legolas realized they were still joined. He pulled from her body and lowered her back to the ground. Then he wrapped his strong arms around her and held her tight. "I am content to take this path. You must be sure you are too. If you should refuse, it will not change anything. My love for you will not falter."

Eowyn instantly missed their intimate contact. She rested her head on his chest and inhaled his scent. She would never forget his smell. It was burned into her memory forever.

They held each other for a while before they washed up, dressed and made their way back to their horses. Before Legolas mounted, Eowyn took him by his arm. He looked at her.

"When we get back to the city, will you spend the rest of the night with me in my room? I don't care what anyone thinks or says. I want to spend every moment with you before you leave. I want to sleep and feel your body next to mine. But first I wish for you to take me again." she said shyly.

Legolas smiled at her. "That is something you never have to ask for. I will gladly give myself to you anytime and anywhere." he said kissing her again.

She raised an eyebrow. "Anywhere?"

"Yes." he whispered in her ear. "And any way." He licked the outer edge of her ear.

"I may take you up on that offer. I can think of something which I've been curious about for some time now." She couldn't believe she was telling him this.

"And what is that, meleth nin?" he asked, his inquisitiveness getting the best of him.

Eowyn whispered her idea in his ear, not wanting to actually say it out loud. As she did, the grin on Legolas' face grew bigger as did another part of his anatomy.

"Your wish is my command. Let us make haste. I cannot wait to get you naked again, meleth nin." They rode back as quickly as the horses would allow. Soon after arriving at her room, Eowyn got her wish and it was surprisingly satisfying.

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